Letting my SiBLING Pick out my FIRST DAY of School OUTFIT!! *Bad Idea

We made the kids pick each others Back to School Outfits for thr First Day Of School! Who will have the BEST Outfit!? WATCH MORE:

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DAD- Benji

Kenn- 22 yrs old
Kass- 20 yrs old
Bridger- 20 yrs old
JourNee- 20 yrs old
Trey- 18 yrs old
Jaine- 16 yrs old
LiLee- 13 yrs old
SaiDee- 11 yrs old
NayVee- 11 yrs old
Luke- 10 yrs old
PaisLee- 7 yrs old
DeLayNee- 7 yrs old
PresLee- 5 yrs old
ElleCee- 5 yrs old
Beckham- 4 yrs old

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yeah fresh bet we always get busy everybody it's a new title report to the dance floor this minute hey guys and welcome back to not enough Nelson and today's video we are letting one of our siblings decide what we wear on the first day of school why is it studded make sure you like this video subscribe down below alright guys you heard what's going on today okay raise your hand if you're still in school you see it's not everyone makes out if you're not in school we and me the people who aren't in school are actually gonna be the judges of this challenge that's right so we will judge who has the best back-to-school outfit you guys each gonna pick out who's ever outfit that you get on watch out the mystery all right so let's see we have everyone's names and we'll find out who gets who who gets to choose whose outfit [Applause] all right our first spinner is Luke let's see who Lou will get all right who is gonna oh my gosh this thing is going for my tag on the loop gets to choose your outfit oh yeah all right back and let's see you you get to choose their out before all right ready okay let's see Sadie back up let's get a chioce cds outfit I don't know about that right baby spin the wheel who's he gonna get Oh city chooses Delaney's outfit all right gonna come spin the wheel Oh howdy bah-bah-bah kinda nervous all right Danny spin – well it's your turn here she goes oh all right all right guys who's else you gonna get results again oh maybe you are getting you up a pick five okay all right Lily spin the wheel here we go Oh oh she got a little alright time for you this big Paisley come over here Luke Gordy spun here we go Paisley who's it gonna be oh it's Oh Janey it goes man here she [Applause] comes oh wait there's only one person left you have your go get lit up in the park all right guys you know Delaney she is going to be looking for who Navy's close around come on okay all right she's gonna take navy out an outfit all right she's found some cute jeans outfit Navy and then what's this I think that is going to be a really good outfit could win I'm thinking of getting her earrings for shoot whoo it's our true true true all right she's got her back okay here done whoo I was a nice outfit but you might still need some shoes I don't know we'll see see if I can find any good ones all right guys it's Navy's turn who are you picking out before Elsie who you thinking doing this challenge yes let's see let's go all right he's looking around it's a hard choice it's having a hard time deciding okay she may I found something that she likes she says she besides let me see the 7-6 that's really cute though yeah draped a little over all dress shirt that's cute okay I think she's going up this outfit now she's trying to sigh – wants but shoes with the accessories hmm this is the hardest part to like I think they're gonna get her some lace shoes cuz she doesn't really have any or like earrings or something like that I don't know all right you look around I'll find something maybe all right what did you find her I found her a dress shirt and some shoes I think yeah we got it yes here we go all right she has her bag I didn't get her the shoes because I think that vans would look better yeah you think she want man's more yeah all right let's go find something okay I love him all right she found some vans she like seasons with it you are those are those winners yes all right looks like when I go with a Velcro van all right guys it's Jeannie and I am in H&M right now I am currently shopping for Presley and I found the cutest see these these little dresses right here how cute are they this is totally my style and I think I'm going to get it before to sleep with her first day back it is the cutest thing ever so now that I found the main thing I'm getting her I'm going to go find her a shirt to go underneath and then some accessories to make it jazzed up I think I found the perfect shirt keep I'm gonna go this one because it will talk good it matches pretty good it's super cute together I saw there's gold accents in the dress so I wanted to get her some cute earrings and there's a ton of really cheap right here um I think I'm gonna go with these ones because I could keep the little flowers are you asking like asking these yeah no you can ask me if it's cute I'll give you a nice okay guys as you can see we have Presley she is looking for him they're cute there's tons of cute stuff this is me tricky all of these are kind of hard to do we could have ready that's cute stuff all right show me what you got so far in total and you light sure but you skir pink jacket oh that's not is so cute so your white shirt with that and then you're good all right without a white shirt and then she is done with Paisley's outfit yeah alright guys it is Sammy's turn what do you look oh are you lookin at so I got my whole outfit it's the wood who are you delight Delaney okay jeans and then I got this really cute shirt oh that's cold it looks like her and then these yes Oh that'll be so good I think she'll love totes like a tomboy skater yeah hipster yep that looks really good nice job Sadie go get it all right guys we have Lilly next she is shopping for and Luke so we're in the boys section alright it looks like a Lily got Luke figured out okay so I got this striped shirt yes and then I got sure nice love those and then this pink hat Oh was it like a snapback that will look so nice oh my goodness yes that is a good outfit you'll love alright who do we have next alright I'll see who do you shop for it Lily should we go find something yeah alright let's go all right I'll see let me see what you have oh you like this that's cute what do you think gonna go with it like some pants or some shorts or something some short alright you keep looking all right you got it alright good job we're gonna keep working out some more stores to see if we can find some shorts and some shoes all right I'll see build some biker shorts that is a look yes she likes this corn scrunchie that goes at the shirt you are good outfit picker alright Luke you have some clothes for pickup back down cute shoes and I got this shirt and I just got these dude oh that was a good fine rocks nice alright guys now I'm over here with Paisley she's already got her outfits out for Jamie I just mean yeah I just made a shirt did you copy this outfit let's look around we gotta find it yep what are we getting Lilly right now hey man do you have the same ones with me these nice little do I know across the mall they found a friend's shirt we had one last nice work all right who do we have lost what's your name that gum okay who do you shop for Sadie all right you look around oh I'm excited to see what Beckham's gonna find Sadie he's jogging along this jacket I think he likes this Jake that jacket cute should we find some shorts or something yeah okay he's playing hide-and-seek this is not the time back on that gun I can't play hide and seek in the mall Becca why are you trying to play hide-and-seek with that we're gonna stay right by cats yes hold hands I Bart alright guys we are back you have seen everybody's a new outfit kinda guys like them alright we have our three judges Trey no journey and we got Bridger alright so we are going to see who's going to win this challenge alright who's ever outfit they pick whoever picked it out is all word okay alright guys it's quiet alright come to a conclusion wait a minute one more minute no no okay okay looks like they have decided all right guys do your drumroll right now conclusion your outfits were very outstanding very gorgeous so my team and I decided that we work on a pic say not you Ralph it [Applause] oh yeah that gun has make sure you subscribe down below and follow us on Instagram

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