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This week in Lingokids, we’re heading to the laundry room! Help our friends wash, dry, and iron the laundry as you learn to clothe in English! Enjoy this song by Maple Leaf Learning with Teacher Meredith, Lisa, and Bobby!

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Lingokids is an English learning app for kids ages 2 to 8. The best way for kids to learn a new language at this age is through fun games and exercises that not only keep their attention but also allow them to learn more effectively.

The Lingokids curriculum has been designed by experts who specialize in early language learning. Furthermore, it features teaching materials from the esteemed Oxford University Press to provide a quality education experience.
Lingokids is specially designed for kids and offers a safe environment that is free from distractions and ads.
Watch your child become bilingual as they have fun and enjoy engaging lessons!

Lingokids provides this experience through videos, activities, songs, and games in English that adapt to your child’s level of difficulty and the speed at which they learn. In addition, it offers a special section for parents where they can find weekly progress reports, profiles of each child with their corresponding level, and activities to print out and enjoy at home.

-Numbers: Learn to write and pronounce numbers in English
-Letters: Writing games that teach the sounds of letters and how to write them in English
-Shapes: Describe the shapes that surround us
-Animals: Names and pronunciation of their favorite animals
-Food: Names of fruits, vegetables, utensils, and verbs used when cooking
-Colors: Learn to write and pronounce the colors they see around them
-More than 3,000 English words to learn!

Many more exercises, videos, and interactive activities in English that your child is sure to love!

A previous knowledge of English isn’t required to learn with Lingokids, as our approach is adaptive and interactive.

-Mom’s Choice Awards
-National Parenting Publications Awards
-The Lovie Awards

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Hi Lingokids! It´s Meredith , your English teacher! This week in Lingokids,
we´re learning all about clothing. Today, I´m with here with Lisa and Bobby, Let´s sing about what you´re wearing. She is wearing a pink dress,
a pink dress, a pink dress, she is wearing a pink dress… How about him? He is wearing a blue coat,
a blue coat, a blue coat. He´s wearing a blue coat… How about me? I´m wearing a grey shirt,
a grey shirt, a grey shirt. I´m wearing a grey shirt,
How about you? This week in Lingokids,
learn all about clothing. I´ll see you next week! Bye Lingokids!

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