Lauren Conrad's Fashion Rules to Live By | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

The former “Hills” star and designer reveals to “E! News” which celeb’s closet she’d want to raid, her go-to daytime outfit and more!


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Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Rules to Live By | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

fashion rolls by Lauren Conrad are you ready for this I think so okay one piece of clothing you cannot live without is a good pair of denim do you think that jeans are really important they're transitional and you want a good fitting absolutely and once you find a man you just stick to them you marry them get them another color I do your number one style rule my number one style rule wear what makes you feel good I think the you know it's it's important to have fun with trends and kind of you know take chances but at the end of the day you just want to feel good about yourself yeah I like that if you could raid any celebrity's closet who would you pick I think I would raid Sienna Miller's closet yeah actually always looks good and like kind of effortless yes all right what's your go-to outfit my go-to outfit is like for a date I'm sure okay it's a pair of high-waisted jeans a flat of some sort and right now it's I feel like there's so many fun tops I'm really into all these like ruffle tops you know whether it's like you know a sleeve or a shoulder ruffle or kind of sew something something frilly frilly I feel like I got dressed out yes exactly and you always have a girly touch I feel like a little bit yeah details your favorite designer at the moment and you can't say yourself even though you might very Elyria ly love Zimmermann right now okay yeah nice one thing every girl should have in their closet oh I don't want to say jeans again but I think you know it one thing every girl should have in their closet is like a go-to outfit that's transitional so they can throw it on they you know cuz ever everyone gets in that situation where they're like oh my god I have to get dressed immediately and they look really good whether it's you know running into work we're going out to dinner I feel like you should have just like a go-to outfit it's a go pro for all yes that's a good idea I like that worst trend you've ever adopted oh no credit touched on them uh I guess we could go rocket dogs I don't remember rocket dogs you don't know rocket dogs no there's like foam sandal oh yeah and one wrong step and you twist an ankle I never did the rap oh I did the rocket into the rocket I wore them with my juicy velour booth sexy girl yeah one that heavy the one trend that you love right now you know I feel like everything got so fun right now but I think that right now fabrication is so great it's you know it's it's the furs and the Velvets and the sparkle everything's so shiny and fun if you like for a minute fashion was a little bit safe and now people are kind of you know playing dress-up again which I love yeah that's it's more fun and the secret to putting together a great outfit is knowing silhouettes the flatter you I think they you know over time you kind of start to gravitate towards short silhouettes that you know you feel good and and they flatter your shape and I think that once you've got that down it's it's easier to dress yourself you

24 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad's Fashion Rules to Live By | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows”

  1. She looks very different I guess life changes our appearance as we age where used to watch in there on the hills when she was a teenager and in her early 20s now she's in her 30s and life changes you .her voice has completely changed

  2. Lauren? Is that really you? She seems so tired, mature, and dull. Even her voice. But I still think she’s very creative, I guess she’s just matured and I’m glad she lived and had a lot of fun, now that she’s a mom, it’s a different kind of fun and life!

  3. To the people who are commenting "she isn't aging well" or "she looks different" 1. She was 19/20 when she started doing the Hills and she is now in her 30's… I wish I looked the same as I did 10 years ago but that isn't realistic. 2. She just had a baby! Babies CHANGE your body and they make you tired, make your weight change and your hormones do a lot to you. Lauren has always been a natural beauty, so slathering on makeup to make herself look completely different and make her look "younger" has never been her thing… Not to mention she works her butt off… and did I mention she just had a baby? Guys, just give her a break!

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