Kourtney Kardashian Is a Hot Mesh?! | What the Fashion | S2, Ep. 13 | E! News

From Cardi B’s super sexy slip to Kourtney’s see-through top, find out which celebs are classy or trashy in mesh. Morgan, Justin & Zuri dive deep on “What The Fashion”!

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Kourtney Kardashian Is a Hot Mesh?! | What the Fashion | S2, Ep. 13 | E! News

which stars are a hot mess who is roughly our feathers and what look has a saying what find out on what the fashion what we've noticed stars wear a questionable trend like mesh it's our duty to the side of its classy or trashy first up is cardi B and a mesh dress and it just met these and no D sandals this is good mesh I'm about the mesh she's so sexy whatever she just recovered from looks amazing yeah she was cleaning her ass and she poked it with her nail see I've always wondered that how does she wipe her butt just get up a day you're rich party bad a result she looks hot I love it she has a cocktail on the go that always means you're a good time I love a good sidewalk soda it's the best kind of trashy everything looks real one I call it traffic traffic that's next is zoe kravitz Inogen yell Frankel dress she looks fantastic and that is not a big little lie this is her wedding reception look she literally just got married did this outfit change I love that she's a great biker shorts with mesh on top I think it's fun and trendy I love it there's not one thing I would change about it it's the classiest version of mesh you can do it's like I'm Lenny Kravitz his daughter this is what you're gonna get huh no my god Lily Jarawas dong fell out this is classy this is classy finally we have Kourtney Kardashian Anika look for G on top and redone jeans it's like when you go swim with sharks you go where that chain metal typically you think of mash and see-through it has to be super sexy or a lot of skin showing she's covered head to toe so yeah I think it's a really effortless way to pull off the tricks I love it too I think she looks really good I think this is the best corn he's ever looked I just want to keep thinking that she's swimming with sharks her sisters that is I think this look is classy there's nothing trashy about it I think it's cool some of those looks ruffled my feathers whoo and speaking of feathers let's fly into this week's trend report here we have Selena Gomez in a saline dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandal she looks fabulous so good this is one of the best look she's done in recent memory I love the feathers I like that it's a little sexy – she's giving us some cleavage even on City juice some 2d juice oh my gosh I just wished the hair was off the face because it looked like she has feathers around her face i canta don't mind that the hair is falling in her face cuz i feel she's so heavy on the shoulders the dead don't die but those ostriches on our shoulders dead you know what is dead my soul next is Celine Dion in the top and Effendi she's having more than a moment I feel like this is the new Celine she's having fun and she does not give up what do you think about it I'm here for it what is it what the one leg so this is the second coming of Celine I mean the bitch is killing it only Celine Dion can get away with wearing a bathmat around her and making it a thing last step is Liz Oh in a Christopher John Rogers dress and Gucci sneakers I think she looks fabulous and feathers are having such a moment right now they really are I love the dress I love the color she rocks it I like the feathers around the neck she looks confident in it I'm into it she looks confident in everything which is why I just like Liz oh can pull anything off I like that she paired it with sneakers I feel like you don't see women a lot on red carpets feeling like they can just rock a flash she looks like Slimer from ghostbusters is haunting a lady footlocker sorry truth hurts oh hey we were just getting started but it's already time for a week oh this is no she's gone too far in a direction and it's not necessary so she's wrapped in a green screen for me it's all about the hair in the makeup I just think both are too harsh the hair is just too severe it is a little sir she's almost like cheers ladies to being back in being neon point hey everyone Justin Martin oh here thank you so much for watching you can just click on the subscribe button to see more of what the fashion and the rest of all the latest breaking headlines for me news we have new Clips every day

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