Kohl's Rant I'm Mad As Hell Lauren Conrad Candies Simply Vera Wang Shoes

Lauren Conrad Yarrow Women’s High Heel Ankle Boots
I called them and they said bring them to any Kohl’s store for a refund.
Said it happens all the time.
hi this is urban sweetheart Teresa I'm coming to you with a rant a complaint about a purchase I made from Kohl's department store online I ordered it about a week and a half ago it got to me a couple of days ago so I went to open the package parachute I'm gonna try to insert a picture of what the shoes it's supposed to look like but this is it right here's like a sandal high-heeled sandal and it's by Lauren Conrad in a size nine and a half this $59 and $0.99 price tag of course you know your girl did not pay that was on sale plus I had $10 Mother's Day coupon plus extra I think it was 20% off all right so I went opened it up this was what was in the box look at this shoe again this was the shoe I was supposed to get and like I said I hope I can insert a picture of the shoes I opened the thing this is what I got this is no way no how a pair of high-heeled sandals on the toe sandals this is a pair of candies I don't even know what size it is but this is not what I ordered then the other shoe that was in there it didn't even look at their name but as you can see it's a different brand again in a suede it shoe this is the biggest joke it's a the shoes are both for the same foot for the same foot two different brands and this is what I was supposed to get you have got to do better coals this is absolutely unacceptable ridiculous beyond ridiculous maybe I could have been like if it was a different pair of Lauren Conrad shoes and a nine and a half I might have been like well damn these is cute too let me keep them this is a joke not only was it two different brands but two shoes for the same foot I'm done I'm done I'm seriously thinking about never ordering from them again so I will be calling them first thing in the morning and seeing how they're gonna remedy this situation thank you for watching please subscribe if you would like I do a whole wide range of subjects comment has this ever happened to you and um like like my video sharing thank you for watching bye

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