Going over all the pieces that are dropping this Saturday September 8th at 11am est



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what's going on guys my name is Roscoe thank you again for tuning into my channel so in today's video I want to cover the kit and Tommy Hilfiger collaboration that's going down September 8th 11 o'clock Eastern Time this Saturday so that's this Saturday now I just want to go over some of the hype pieces of this collection tell you the pieces that I think you know I would be going for some of them ones I think you're sick and dope or just some of the pieces too that will have the best resale value cuz I know a lot of you guys out there try to you know make a little extra cash on the side so I'm gonna just tell you the best pieces to go for so you can kind of flip it that'll have the best you know the least the highest private profit margins so we'll go into that and you know I just want to give you my overall like feel of the whole collection it's totally different volume in it's a totally different vibe than what we're used to it's it's just different pieces man you're getting different pieces in this collection that you normally don't get like with supreme and all this other types of all the other brands I mean you're getting a rugby Jersey you're getting a trucker jacket jeans rocker jacket you're getting you know a windbreaker you're getting a you know there's khaki pants khaki slacks a button-up shirt it's just a whole different type of vibe it's more of like a dressy up you know preppy type you know feel to it but they still has that street wear swag to it I feel and it's like I think you'd see that you love it or you hate it and it's just I know a lot of people are already turned off about it because they're not huge fans of Tommy Hilfiger I always was I think his you know his clothing this was always dope but it's got kind of got that you know like I said that preppy boy that jock swag to it but but Ronnie kind of hits it out of the park with his you know his designs on it and his take on some of the collections especially the hoodies killed it so without further I got I will just dive in some of the pieces and we'll just go from there so let's go now I just want to mention real quick that there's going to be two drops so this collection is split in half you were getting the first one this Saturday and then we're getting another drop of this collection later on down the line that's going to include like the puffer jacket that you saw in the lookbook and know so the Tim's there's a couple Tim's that he's that he did for this he always does Tim's every year but those are gonna drop later on down the line so we'll help further let's just talk about the pieces that I think are probably going to be the best the most hype pieces will say and first of all I want to start off with these little hoodies he always knocks it out of the park with the hoodie and he did it again this time now I love they'll put a picture here I love this hoodie I think this hoodie is sick so you what you're seeing is this crest this crest design that he that he came up with he has it all over all over the hoodie which is super sick and it's just a simple kit box logo hoodie so you're the kiff box logo on the front but then you got the split man got the white hood one sleeve is red the other one's Navy it's so second he dug he's done that a lot with like the patterns of his hoodies in the past where he split whether the colors and everything like that so this hoodie is fire the only disappointing thing about this hoodie is that it's retailing for 230 dollars that's that's expensive that's an expensive hoodie I mean this one's not even reselling for that much so but it makes sense because I guarantee you everything probably is embroidered on that so all those like crests are all probably embroided that that patch is probably nice you know kids patch right in the center so but that's the main hoodie so that one's in a retail for 230 dollars but if you're not if you're if you're you know if you want to pass and that's too expensive for you he has other hoodies that are not like that that's going to retail for about 160 it's two hoodies so I'll put pictures here again with the same the whole split but this time there's no Keith's box logo I believe actually it's just the crest but the crest might be over the box logo so they could be a kiss box logo here and then the crest over it and then that's it and then you're still getting a split I think one sleeve is gray one's red and then the kangaroo pouch in the front is red as well so that's definitely a different option for you if you don't want to spend that high tier figurine off you still want to hood II this one's definitely sick as well like I said I love the split colors I like that style that's super sec another piece I want to talk about is these win man these windbreakers are fire when you think of Tommy he'll figure you think of like the rain jackets and the windbreakers man because dude these things are fire and the reversible they're reversible which is so sick so my favorite one right off the bat is definitely this one right here it's just green and you have a tummy flag right on the front with the red and the navy blue but then if you reverse it it turns into that you know that cream color which is so sick I like the whole vibe of it I think it's dope definitely it's definitely great quality this is gonna retail for 250 bucks so again this is like kind of like just going through some of the pieces this is expensive collection too so usually with the higher tier prices just think about this the higher tier part of the problem you know sometimes the resale isn't going to be on it especially when it comes to clothing so you know that crest hoodie might not be reselling for a might not resell for a lot because it's already retail at 2:30 and so with this windbreaker so at 250 I probably won't see this one you know reselling for a ton of money even though I think it's dope so it's coming in two colorways the other one is just I believe it's just navy blue and then in for the Tommy it's just blue the white in the red for the flag and then the reversible side is that royal blue which is really really nice definitely I like this piece it's one of my favorite pieces out of the collection like I said it's like the epitome of Tommy Hilfiger is you know windbreakers man another piece I want to talk about I don't think it's gonna be a high resale value is definitely these varsity sweaters now there's the sweater it's you know it's either you rock sweaters or you don't I personally have some sweaters but I wear them like you know this is for like different occasions man so if I gave like if I go on a date or if I you know if I want to dress up and look nice and look sharp you throw on a sweater with a button-down you know underneath or something like that that whole vibe so these ones a pretty dope it's got the kid one's got K one's got aged so it's pretty doping then you get the flag on each side I think it's dope I'm gonna pass on it it's a hundred and eighty dollars but I do like the piece I do like it I think I like like I said I like the whole vibe of it it's definitely that light you know like I said like the preppy boy like you go to like a like you attend a private school type vibe you know I mean I like it I think it's still we're in general I don't see people rocking polos but in this collection there's polos so again it's just that it says Tommy and then the bottom says Keith the whole flag you get it in green the end and blue it's pretty simple those are gonna retail for 110 that's steep for a polo but again that's a Tommy Hilfiger polo so that's kind of like the average price to be honest for for a Tommy Hilfiger polo you know so that's actually it's not a bad price it's not a peg prize it's obviously gonna be great quality so remember that another one I talked about is these rugby jerseys I think this is one of the better pieces of this collection is this rugby Jersey I love this one that's navy blue and then Ken has like that American flag on the left side I love the split design of it this one's gonna retail for 145 I don't think there's gonna be resale value on this piece in general only because like rugby jerseys isn't really in but yet I'm starting to see them more coming back you know but this collection and I've seen other brands trying to like you know incorporate more rugby jerseys in their collection so it could be coming back but this is like I said it's more like it's different vibe I like it I think it's still I like this one I would cop it if I could another one that's kind of weird it's kind of funky though but I think it's kind of sick as these you know these crest button-ups so it's just the khaki that's coming in khaki Navy and then a split color Sudan's just the crest all over them I'll post a picture here it's coming with pants too so you can match it up if you want with the cat with the Chino pants and the button up again it's a whole different vibe these won't have any resale value on them I would be surprised if these sell out to be honest but I like on my thing either dope I like the whole like the crest I'll go from I think I think that's a sick I think it's sick I think it's like I would clop I would cup of shirt you know good then I wear it for work you know what I mean I couldn't wear it like I don't know weird for going out but I wouldn't wear it like you know hanging out but then the best piece I think by far from this collection and I'm not even talk about the sneakers yet the best piece of this collection is definitely the truck or jacket the denim trucker jacket is just screams that 90s Tommy it's definitely the best piece it's the best piece its retailing for 250 I definitely see this one having probably some resale value at least like 50 bucks I can see reselling for like 300 to 325 it's just the denim talking trucker jacket is just you know it's the epitome of the 90s like I said and it's it's very simple man it's like it's it looks like kind of like a rugged skirt you know dirty denim blue denim but then you get the big Tommy Hilfiger flag on the back and it says Tommy then kiff on the bottom super sick super clean it's definitely my favorite piece on the whole collection is this jacket now you can call me a basic dude it's alright i like jean jackets i think it's i think it's dope i like jean jackets are like rockin jean jackets i always kind of find them at the thrift i've you know i i buy him i buy a lot of jean jackets from the thrift because you can get them good deals on those because people always get rid of them and they last they last they're good quality a good quality jean jacket can last you a while so that's definitely my favorite piece of the collection now as far as like little things that the best stuff to resell to be honest is like the long sleek tees these long sleeve tees super sick super simple 70 bucks definitely see it on flippin for 135 the backpack the backpack is so sick i forgot about that this canvas it's a canvas bag dude it's so nice it's retailing for 120 this one will have some resale value it's just the crest on the front the tommy hilfiger in the back says that tommy hilfiger patch on the top to this backpack is sick it's dope and it's probably really really good quality for 120 bucks I can definitely see this flippin for around 200 possibly maybe I might be outrageous maybe 180 but it's definitely might one of my favorite pieces from the collection too as well is this backpack like I said toy different vibe man I think it's sick the beanies are only retailing for 50 bucks you can definitely scoop some of the beans up I think they're dope again it's just simple with the crest on them and then the regular just plain Tommy Hilfiger beanies those are for like 50 bucks I can see them reselling for like 80 bucks easily those sweatpants to do the sweatpants and the crew necks the definitely if you if you're not like if you're not sure what to pick up I would to go hoodies or the the crewneck or the sweatpants the kiss sweatpants are sick I have a comparative kit the champion sweatpants super comfortable really good quality the sweatpants are 135 so I can see those Reese element for about 185 till 200 to some definitely simple basic but falls right around the corner if you want go for more cozy vibes man dude I definitely in the fall I'm definitely rockin in sweatpants and hoodies and you know crew necks you know definitely just keeping it cozy especially you want no Sundays when I'm watching football just you know laying around but the crewneck the crest crew neck is sick those are retailing for 150 those are dope I like the just I like the UM the cream one the cream ones really really nice I really like that in the Navy the Navy is really nice too on those those are definitely a cop if I could and now the basketball sneakers let's talk about the basketball sneakers so there's two basketball sneakers that are dropping the cone one the lux and the column the white pair the og the cone both they're both retailing for 150 it looks like I don't I don't know I don't think these are gonna I won not be surprised that they sell out within seconds and I'll be surprised too if they're reselling like for over 220 I mean at 150 you can move around with that price point because people spend 200 and 220 on sneakers easily so maybe there will be resale value on these sneakers however I just don't think people Brock and Tommy he'll think your sneakers to be honest I think the quality is gonna be fantastic on them I think they're gonna be really dope because if you notice – you can't weigh notice in the pictures but it says kit Tommy Hilfiger written on the side and I'm sure there's gonna be little details that you can't really see from the pictures but once you get them in hand you'd be like wow these are nice this kit on the tongue it's just all suede it looks like it's not shoe you would actually play basketball in but again I'm thinking – basketball sinkers are not really in you know as far as you know legit like basketball sneakers people don't really rock on them like they used to with like the old school LeBrons and stuff like people pass them that now everyone's buying like you know running shoes and Easy's and stuff like that so I don't know I'm not too sure on they said I'm not too sure if they would if these are gonna be reselling a lot and if they do it's probably gonna be like 200 bucks so I'm not pass on them I'm not a huge fan of them to be honest but I can definitely I don't know I'm not even sure to be I don't think they'll sell out well don't sell out but I don't I don't think they'll be high in demand as far as resale so if you buy and try to flip them I think you might be sitting on them for a little bit to be honest but that's just like the first part I just want to do this really quick go give you some of the you know some of the pieces that I like I'm definitely gonna be trying copying like I said so here we go I'm gonna try to try to cop the rugby Jersey the rugby Jersey because I think that's a nice vibe it's definitely a piece that I can wear you know like I said I'm gonna go out meet some girls some date nights you can definitely rock something like that or you know even that denim trucker jacket I think that's I think that's the best piece of the whole collection but the hoodie the hoodies set too as well so those are the pieces but guys that's dropping again Saturday September 8th so let me know down in the comments if you you know just let me know what you feel about this whole collaboration do you think this is a whole drop completely or you like some of the pieces as well like me now I want to just want to mention too right away I doing a 1 K sub giveaway so once we hit 1k subs I already bought a bunch of stuff don't worry I picked out some of the stuff already so once it comes in I'll show you guys but once we hit 1k I'm gonna do a video we're gonna do a big giveaway it's gonna last like a week and then we're going to I'm gonna give send all that stuff out so I'll be on the lookout for that so guys that's my video for tonight I appreciate you guys watching and I'll catch you in the next video peace


  1. Tommy Hill is cool . If you go sail boating on a regular basis. Alert the ladies Roszco will be wearing the rugby. Peace good luck. Do you wear Palace?

  2. I like the vibes and colors of this collab, but I can’t get behind all of the copious amounts of symbols and stuff. Like the block color hoodie looks sick, but it’s super busy looking (in a not so good way) with all the crescents all over it. It might be because I’m a younger kid and didn’t grow up during the Tommy Hilfiger time.

    Great vid!

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