KIDS REACT To PARENT'S OUTFITS! *Bad Idea* | The Royalty Family

KIDS REACT To PARENT’S OUTFITS! *Bad Idea* Today Ferran and his Crush Sophia will react to Andrea’s summer outfits. if you were a parent, would you let kids react to your outfits? This was FUNNY!
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KIDS REACT To PARENT’S OUTFITS! *Bad Idea* | The Royalty Family

The Royalty Family

anything down are you doing how are you doing guys if you gotta be a member of these amazing fucking what are you doing did you guys do it already together in three seconds that's all make sure to subscribe so today's gonna be an epic video we're gonna be raiding Andria's summer outfits and she has some amazing outfits to show you guys but here's the catch who's gonna write your outfit babe you are done that came out with you said yeah true we did come up with this idea which is why we have a special surprise I'm not going to be reading your outfits this time for is gonna rate his outfits with Sophia another eight year old girls so you're gonna have to eight-year-olds waiting your outfit man they love you so much what do you guys think about Gucci's new outfit damn you're not to show off to the whole world let me know your wrist we get it I would that being said before I introduced the other girl are you okay with this idea I mean look how beautiful you look like how do you not yeah as I have an amazing office to show you guys so guys aundrea has some amazing outfits that she wants to show to you guys trust me you don't want to miss up on any of these outfits right right so are you ready introduce the special member we spoke earlier about this do you not embarrass us on camera we want you guys to give your honest readings if you feel like she deserves attend you put a 10 10 being the best if you feel like she deserves a 1 and the outfit is terrible then you give her a 1 you don't work yeah 0 you know what will do 0 to 10 that's fine oh my god guys guys hey judges we need you guys to get along you guys don't have to have identical scores but you guys are on the same team ok let's be let's be friends let's be fair ok thanks are we friends are we friends okay babe would that be insane go and get your 5 outfits ready what is this outfit number one or no no damn oh my god you are drop-dead gorgeous thank you to be honest if I was the judge hey guys guys hugging stop whispering ok to be honest if I was the judge no no no what are you guys whispering about ok cool let me go stop stop no whispering so what I was saying babe if I was I catch you again Gucci are you ok with this no me you know why do Chi so me today when I was staying babies I would give you a 50 out of 10 because you're so beautiful oh you guys will see family members we are doing a big air pot giveaway and we will be announcing the winner of an airport at the end of this video guys if you want to win an air pot all you got to do is make sure you hit the subscribe button turn on the bell and give this video a big thumbs up we're gonna be given one at the end of this video so stick around you don't want to miss out and we're gonna be giving away a lot of items so make sure you're part of the royalty family the coolest family on YouTube let's do this ladies and gentlemen it is time to introduce our two lovely judges just number one over here we have the beautiful Sophie oh you're the best judge and you have a pretty dog what's your dog's name princess oh you want to say something she loves her mom she's waiting for her mom are you ready to be the best judge ever what do you think about the other judge the other judge now he's not good right okay don't tell him we said that keep it a secret okay introducing judge number two he doesn't have good taste he says the most random things at the most random times he still farts in class and he thinks two plus two is 12 introducing four what's up bro you ready you got duty with you al yeah yeah are you ready to do this are you guys ready to judge Andria's first outfit yeah first you're gonna each need one of these there you go Sofia this one's for yours when everyone comes out don't show each other your scores okay because then you might copy each other please write down the scores that you think Andrea deserves from a zero to a ten okay and don't look at each other scores please don't look babe are you nervous like said that she doesn't you never know we'll see what happens guys no looking at each other's scores hey no lucky he's looking Sophia he's looking a score anymore okay Alisha we talk too much yes so these are feet is basically match up with my nails my nails on my foot too I figure outfit looks fabulous I mean damn it doesn't get any better than this but I have nothing for today we're gonna have to depend on to eight-year-olds hi eight-year-olds are you guys ready – thanks okay good guy good guy random question what's up with the glasses that's why you were there I fix it Sophia what is your first score for Andria's first outfit a 10 are you serious how are you gonna give a 10 on the first score that's the highest you know 10 is the highest right are you sure about the score you got a 1000 good observation I bet this guy wasn't able to observe that FIFA run what have you given Andre off for the first score three oh my god babe this guy gave you a 3 yeah give her a good reason why he doesn't like green hold on cut cut yo hold on what are you doing back here your technical difficulties hold on what were you doing over there I was looking for girl face alright babe sorry he gave you a 3 she gave you a 10 and that's what you get so far say something so wait he go says like green but she's wearing dream clothes you are wearing green clothes anyways enough is enough are you guys ready for round number two yeah well number two coming up babe babe just what I made it clear I think you look amazing he's not the animal five second I'll favor guys make sure to stick around for all five outfits you won't be disappointed and plus we want to get your opinions and we want to know your inputs on Andria's outfits number two hey guys guys guys guys guys stop arguing stop arguing oh my god hey guys hey guys this guy could show us judges you need to control yourselves please all right judges what do you guys think about her outfits what do you think Sophia what do you think and you came from round what do you think that look right there says it all go ahead and put it down here buddy okay are you nervous for this one honestly this outfit is wow I think everything fits well together to be honest and your makeup is on point why can't I be the judge what time will quick give me a turn one time oh my god you are beautiful what happened judges what's the deal are you guys ready guys stop fighting we love each other that's all be one big family all right why'd you give her for this one one in we went one and a half that's one in a fifth oh my god why would you give her one in a fifth what what's bad about her outfit can you tell us why you can you tell us why you gave her one in the fifth show too much right here in right here she's not showing too much are you sure about this no wait who hired you yeah this is as regular as it gets like you're not it's like the Bellas oh come on for a while you got to be nicer to join two more years right here you can't show any skin he's saying all right this is crazy Sofia Sofia we can rely on you what's up and a with hearts why'd you get ready you like your shirt much for right things to andreas showing too much do you believe that no right what are you guys in the same class wait hold on judges judges chill let's let's have some separation are you too heavy let's get to round three I know you have some amazing outfits coming up go ahead I know babe I know babe your outfits beautiful okay going on there for me then no babe babe don't worry about them Sofia has your back I have your back waiting to the royalty family sees outfit number three hey guys guys guys no whispering you guys are not supposed to whisper stop please open number three oh she likes it she doesn't know what she's gonna give you guys wait for me I'm on wait wait take a deep breath shit so she really loves her shoes because they're see-through you can see her nails stop these are beautiful colors just take some ideas panties there you go I mean look at you ladies if you're watching take this advice Andre looks beautiful guys if you're watching make sure your future girlfriend or your wife currently can have some options like this all right are you ready Sofia this is your last score make it good all right yeah are you ready yep then you're all in I see you so focused can I see what's on who wants to go first rock paper scissors god no no you guys are both too even do it again oh goes first okay okay you go first Sophia what is this zeroes you oh you give her oh she gave you a time wow this is so creative you gave her a ten with so many hearts you're such a cute girl – yeah go ahead do 1 ru Pennywise 0 – – – oh my God he's comparing you to penny wise guys penny wise and Aldrin comparison right here that's it she gave you a 10 she thinks you're beautiful I think you're beautiful right at the family he doesn't even at the shade that Tang that is spent picking this out rates come on number 4 oh my god you killed me with that baby will you be my girlfriend let me think about it oh my god she's adorable guys drop a like if you think Andre has fired judges enough whispering judges you saw outfit number four what do you guys think about this outfit don't call me dummy on television oh wait wait what's happening I don't know what's going on so you don't like my hair dawg oh the hair I mean yeah I noticed that too oh she wants you to put it all on one side I mean yeah I knew that I knew that okay okay go ahead sit down please judge number two pink fur on what are you gonna give your mom for this outfit this is showing that much weight oh my god you got Carl hold up you you gotta start cleaning your outfits babe oh wow they're roasting you all right guys now that you know this David Dean what do you give Andre on her fourth outfit so what's your score Sophia okay okay you deserve a 12 but a nine is okay though Sophia Sophia no look II know again yo what what is that all right why'd you give her a zero because of the stain you gave her a zero look at this look at these oh my god you do have stains all over nothing no that's enough around for go back to your seats but back to your seats sheesh this is getting out of control guys we got one more outfit and I can't wait to see it I hope you guys can't wait to see it as well are you guys ready to see it let's go number five [Applause] go ahead write down what you guys think hey there's no way anyone's gonna give you a bad score on this one my gosh you are beyond blessed more importantly I'm one lucky guy guys look how beautiful she is oh my god how did I even get a chance to be with you okay tough decisions in life you thought being an eight-year-old was easy huh where you got to make these decisions let's go what you got for I nice earrings what do you got you guys ready yeah all right who wants to short first okay do you want to go first Sophia you guys have been fighting so much today like what's going on I go hey hands off the merchandise don't touch him anyway Sophia what do you got for Andre uh um what is that like there's so much going on and I've no idea Oh ten are you serious Wow you guys both give tens babe you hit it hard with this outfit you guys copying each other and all don't copy each other okay one of the family you guys choose what were your favorite outfits because now it's time for the air pod giveaway and family and the first sheriff is gonna before Analia 9/11 I wanted it for me I will stay right at the I love you yeah only that I'm all the way from Lebanon I'm happy right there they haven't helped them have but a lot of a shocking act ii article she I'll be muffled waiting for we're going to announce the winner of the giveaway we never give away this amazing air force can you show it to the camera thank you so much they will reserve it Jojo Muhammad Muhammad yeah I hope you win my comment and thank you if you did I would love to win the giveaway thanks for everything forget it yeah the winner of these amazing everybody's don't forget to send me a PM or my Instagram with all your contact guys we have a lot of air pass to giveaway keep participating hit the subscribe button give this video a big thumbs up and one last thing that my son would like to say royalty yeah

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