Thanks for watching! I’m Sonia Castaneda and today I am going to share my most recent TARGET kids fashion haul for my son Jude. He is in his first weeks of school and thought I would share what he will be wearing!


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[Applause] hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm Sonia in today's video I'm going to be sharing a small little target haul I'm starting to build a nice good pile of clothes for you to wear back to school all the sales and new stuff is starting to come out and thank goodness all of the clearance stuff is all of summer stuff which is still happening here in California and it's gonna be hot attack for a while so I'm gonna get some really good deals at Target but right now um I have been really loving art class which is a line from Target for little boys and little girls and Jude is going to be eight years old next month so I'm just excited for all the new style but he gets to wear um I feel like we kind of graduated in target now if you guys are avid choppers like I am you know what I'm talking about the kids section I think it was like um infants until about 12 months no not 12 months I'm like it's like infants until maybe 6t and then you graduate into like the big boy section so Jude is currently a medium because he is growing like weed and we cannot be any more excited about like all his new adventures that he's gonna be going on soon so anyhow um the first thing I'm so excited about I cannot wait to see him walk away from me so I can see them on his back this is a little backpack it's a camo print with a little face on his you see little eyes and the zipper here is the mouth it is so freakin adorable I head on the floor I like facing out of my office so I could see it cuz it's so stinkin cute but I refused to let him use it yet and he's already asked three times because right now he's in summer camp and I just don't want to lose it or destroy it you know everybody has to have fresh clothes on the first day of school bite a roll this backpack is good size too it's not too small and it's not too big so it's still going to carry enough stuff and he's going to be able to carry it on his backpack without complaining this is actually from cat and Jack so art class is another line that target has and cat and Jack is I think is for more of the younger crowd so dude is right on the cusp and he gets to wear both because yeah I just fit so this one is $70 1699 essence backpack and I thought it was super duper cute the only thing I was like right there's gonna be five hundred of these so I'm gonna have to make sure that I invest in some more name bubbles if you guys don't know what I'm talking about I'll leave a link to that in the description box down below I'm not affiliated I actually got it from another blogger or mommy and it's just like name labels that we put on everything you can stick them on water bottles or a sunscreen like we do on his lunchbox on the inside of his jackets things like that so I would definitely stick one on the tag here the loop of his backpack or maybe even on the arm just so that people don't get it twisted and they know exactly who's cute little backpack this is Mike hi now if you guys follow me on Instagram you might have seen the tops at Jude whereas and he wears like Pink Floyd Def Leppard all these really old 80s 90s rock bands well they're not my knees right they're like 80s 60s 70s 80s they're their own really all bands and so cute vintage tees that I would get from Zara which can be kind of expensive or hard to get your hands on depending on where you are in the country but Target got the clue got it hit and yeah started to carry these in their stores as well so here's one from Pink Floyd really cute the soft cotton t-shirts of really hopefully doesn't shrink too much on me and this is only $10 so ones from sorry 20 bucks so definitely it's still FY how to get two of them the second shirt this one is from Nirvana this is 90s band and this was also 10 bucks now this was the cotton is a little thicker than the Pink Floyd shirt but it's still super cute it's like a red dark red tie-dyed kind of situation but so cute and this was in a size medium you guys are wondering I also got him this cute little plaid shirt even though it's like 5 million degrees outside fine totally fine wait until the Sun Goes Down because I guess now I don't know why the sun's going down like 8:30 you're like but that can go away so Mike if you can go to sleep so I got him this button-up adorable okay well that color it's really nice color pattern as far as like a plaid situation goes and this is also from Kat Kat and Jack and this was $15 and I love to layer his screen tees with a flannel on top or just the button up all the way up to the top and wear that for church there's ways around it you can definitely mix and match those tops and I really really love them and you like them too because they don't look like church shirts they don't look like he's going to go door to door and knocking and talking to you I also got him a pair of pants and these are from art class and these are their super skinny jeans which I is look the only reason that I shop on Zara calm is because they're super skinny jeans and Jude is starting to get a little on the chunky side so his jeans are getting a little bit snug so I have to make sure that I am shopping the deals and the clearances because he's growing so quickly that it's getting really expensive so these genes were $17.99 and they've got a really cool edge to them as well because of the knee there's like a cool stitch here and it's a nice wash as well it's not your typical denim jean so I would pay a little bit extra considering that they're just a little bit different the pockets are really cool in the back as well I really like them and they're really stretchy so when you wash them you don't have to worry about it because they'll will stretch them out after breakfast and the last item that I picked up was also from art class and this was just a pullover so it's something that I would either fold up and put into his backpack just in case the weather changed on him or send him to school wearing in and he can take it off and put it in his backpack really easy this is like something I love because I would put this in my tote bag as a mom and I'd be prepared for him at all times and I got this in a medium and it's just a little distressed pullover so I wouldn't really say it's a shirt or sweater because it's a mixture of both because it's too thin to be considered a sweater and too thick to be considered a shirt so it's like the perfect medium so if he was wearing a tank top or maybe going to the pool this is great to just throw on as a layering piece and it slightly distressed so you can see there's like little rips here in the collar it continues on the back as well and also on the arms really light nothing too crazy where you're like hold on it looks like my kid got attacked by a chihuahua no you're fine it's super cute and I hope it's not too big for him but um if I have questions about the sizing I always go one size up I never want to go one size down because you one time when you wash it it's gonna be over your kid's gonna take a good nap and grow during that time and then you're gonna have to donate your clothes so um anyhow that's all I got for this small little target haul but stay tuned to my new videos that are coming because I'm going to be doing some more shopping for him and I like I know a lot of you guys like to see Jude I'm wearing the clothes so make sure you guys follow me on insta because I like show off there and I know he's like usually not looking at the camera because I have to catch him off-guard because he does not like to pose for pictures so ya have to be mama Roxy I'm sure you guys understand but until next time let me know what you guys think in the comments down below if you have found any deals or new shots that I maybe need to check out myself and review for you guys let me know down in the comments and that's always don't forget to Like share and also subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next one

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  1. I love how you always choose affordable options for moms on a budget. I'd love to dress my kiddo in high end but its not always feasible. I loved your last video and this one as well. 💕Jude is absolutely adorable and super well dressed.

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