Jimmy Choo Ice Cologne Fragrance Review

welcome to heads to my thoughts on Jimmy Choo ice a new release this year and my story with this one starts off with Amanda coming home one night from her job at Ulta with a different fragrance on each arm and she asked me to sniff them and she asked me to pick which one I liked the best and she wouldn't tell me what they were there and I kind of had a feeling she was going to surprise me with a new fragrance which she did and the one that I ended up choosing that I said oh I like that one was Jimmy to ice a couple days later my gal showed up with Jimmy Choo ice for me and I was super pleased thanks darlin now the fragrance that was on the other arm that wasn't too thrilled with was Prada Luna Rossa sport another lavender vanilla fragrance that is really not in my wheelhouse if you know me so that one is a pass but all the girls that she works with and I don't know like why they think that they would know what I would like but were betting that oh Dan would like the Prada one and Amanda was like no I know my man he's gonna like this one and she was right Jimmy Choo I so I'm glad shame ho with that one and Jimmy Choo eyes why wouldn't I love that a lot of comparisons to G are on cologne for sure the citrus that's going on in Jimmy Choo ice is very similar to dr own Cologne so yeah fantastic I love that oh my god ice is a great name for the scent because it does when you spray it on it does have this cooling effect with it so I absolutely love that fantastic fragrance for summer it comes across as quality so many times in the designer shells out there you know when I met Alto or wherever sniffing them out there's a lot of times a lot of them out there come across to me it's just like synthetic crap and this one Jimmy Choo eyes does not at all come across to me that way beautiful man the citrus cocktail is mouth-watering comes across as fresh-squeezed lemonade also reminds me of margaritas you know because there's a salty vibe with this fragrance with the unboxing so I love that the fresh salty sea air that's flowing with this citrus cocktail what sets this fragrance apart from your own Cologne though is the manliness factor is owed up just a little bit because we have notes in here cedar vetiver and patchouli and when you're on fragrance acai let's talk about Fred Gregg pick up for a little bit Klaus so when you look this fragrance of entre grafica I'll show you now boom look at the dislike meter or what in the hell is going on this fragrance does not deserve that much hate I don't get it man it's great juice the only thing I could see you know picking on this scent a little bit would be its performance this stuff I get about six to eight hours out of it but the projection is soft if you like your fragrances softer this would definitely be one to look into it's not a bomb it doesn't really jump out and screen off people have to get closer to you to smell it but you know what with extremely hot summer days I'm excited to check this thing out because it just might be the perfect set for that type of weather where I don't want something that's gas and yell and getting overbearing in the summer heat this thing just might shine so I'm looking forward to someone's checking this one out for sure but in the cooler leather this one does hit closer to the skin and I know a lot of guys out there are a fan of fragrances like that they don't like to be boisterous they don't like to be you know everyone's eyes on them in the room going who is taking up the joint and this scent definitely is not going to do that no matter with how many sprays you go because I mean there were some days that I just literally just sprayed the out of the bottle I mean and went to work and no complaints and you know my people that work a little complain if I guess them out but back to the set if you're reading a spray read2go as well a couple of people a few people say why are people voting on patchouli I don't smell patchouli in here and I don't know how you could mess it you know the patchouli in here is not loud and proud in your face the manly notes in here that overran cedar the chili they're not BAM you know in your face but they're definitely there they bring up the masculine vibe in this scent for sure if you compared your own cologne with this one side by side you definitely feel that masculine element in this fragrance and those notes are just done lighter and fresher but beautiful I love them when they're used that way and they should be used that way in a summer freshy like this I think it's awesome man yes that awesome lemonade cooling crisp factor you want for summer and then just a little earthy woody masculine touch to there as well beautifully done I think projection could be a little bit better but I don't know we'll see like I said when the summer months come when the heats up there we'll see just how well this one does but you know some people say this one lasts longer on them and your own Cologne I find it to be the opposite your own cologne actually the performance in that scent actually works just a little bit better for me then this one does so to wrap this up which one works better for you for those of you who have checked these VOC out which one do you get the better performance up do you feel the manliness and Jimmy Choo ice do you feel the patchouli the cedar the vetiver like I do especially the patchouli you know I just loved that fresh patchouli let me know in the comments down below always very interested to see how these fragrances work for others out there and I'm sure others like to read the comments as well but that's it guys hope you've enjoyed my thoughts Jimmy Choo ice it's been fun and we'll see you soon

14 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Ice Cologne Fragrance Review”

  1. this smell reminds me of when my dad would shower/shave. I remember walking in the bathroom after my dad would go throw his hygeine routine. it reminds of that. I know he wore an "Extra Fresh" or something like that deodorant from Old Spice.

  2. Have you tried Decleration L'Eau? Recently discovered summer gem that is a little brother of DH Cologne. Loving DH Cologne and went with this one too because it was a third of the price of DHC and smells almost the same, that lemonade, classy feel. Btw, knowing you love Sauvage ADG Profumo, BdC just like me… what are your thoughts on Dylan Blue?

  3. A little off topic… I feel the same way about Prada Luna Rossa Sport. (Pass). It reminds me of JPG Le Male which I'm not a fan of at all. And slightly a blend of Prada L'Homme, I love Prada L'Homme but that Le Male vibe in there turns me away from it. And it definitely isn't a "Sport" fragrance.

  4. Have to check this one out.. I could use a super fresh summer scent. Thanks for the heads up on it. As far as performance. for me the more the merrier.. You can always use less. and with a fragrance that lasts and decent projection that little bit you put on will just stay more solid.

  5. that's strange because every time I wear mine I'm usually getting compliments for at least the first two and a half maybe 3 hours it's definitely no Beast but for the price it's worthy of spraying a second time halfway through the day if you know what I mean it's kind of like Versace Pour Homme performance

  6. hey Dan great to see that you're back in the swing of things with the vids Love The Shirt By the way and I've got the original Jimmy Choo man and I love it I'm glad that you did this video I will check out this fragrance soon not enough people talk about Jimmy choos fragrances

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