Jennifer Aniston's Secret to Perfect Summer Legs | Celebrity Style | POPSUGAR Fashion

Jennifer Aniston is known for her clean, classic style, and one of the linchpins of her Summer wardrobe year after year is her favorite Stuart Weitzman “Alex” wedges. See how she styles these neutral espadrilles with a variety of easy, casual looks.

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there's one item in Jennifer Aniston's closet that she really loves and joining me now is fashion and beauty director Melissa Leeds and Goldberg to talk all about it hi Melissa hi Ali so jennifer aniston has really been relying on one piece over the years for five years we've been seeing her wear this one pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges and they're classic like you wouldn't understand why Jennifer would like them she is such a clean easy classic style and these are really the linchpin of her summer wardrobe for these Alex wedges yeah we've seen her wear them with so many things she can wear them with anything which i think is so great to see how versatile once you can be so let's start with the shoe itself which is 299 dollars normally but since it's the end of summer you can actually snag them for 120 and they come in a range of colors Jennifer's is actually the swamp which is a really nice neutral khaki which I think it looks great with that raffia wedge and she wears them a lot with this really easy sundress shape that's kind of a little bit bare on top move through the body and hits just below the knee and she wears them and prez she wears them in solids and what's so great about this wedge is that it gives her that height too even though it's you know not necessarily the easiest hemline lengths in terms of flattering your legs this actually looks amazing on her she's getting that height and the way that the straps cross in front that he actually really lengthens a leg it's kind of an optical illusion because it's pointing down a little bit so always looks great off with our legs and that's such a great thing people always say about nude shoes in general that they lengthen the leg and Jennifer shows that you know neutrals really do kind of go with everything they do and you know she wears these wedges a lot with shorts which I think show the power of them that they can go with dresses and with a pair of cut-offs and look just as good the raffia and that webbing that's such a signature of this shoe look really great with more casual pieces like drawstring linen shorts or a cuffed khaki that's a real classic but you get that you know several inch but people really love but it's not like wearing a pump where you feel like oh I don't know does this really go like it's still a casual enough sandal that you can really pull that off but it does look more polished than a flip-flop yeah and since it is so basic you can kind of you know press things up through other accessories that's right I love that the way she wore it with a pencil skirt actually where she mashed it back to her straw hat and this really gorgeous chocolate brown Tom Ford bag nice Betty huh it looks so great with the pencil skirt it's a very easy kind of day to casual night cocktails look you know it's just amazing the way that she can kind of mix and match these shoes and I love that she found something that she really loved yeah this is a great testament to keeping something for a long time and making it last from season to season in your deer that's right great lesson from Jenna

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