Jean Paul Gaultier

This enfant terrible of the fashion world needs no introduction. He launched his first collection in 1976, the rest is history.

This creation transforms 1 Eastpak Artist Studio bag and 3 authentic Japanese embroidered vintage jackets into one garment. The beautiful bomber jacket with original dragon embroidery can transform into a backpack and vice versa.

A message from the designer:
“I believe a condom is the best piece of clothing and my message to everyone is “Protect yourselves”. I have been involved in the fight against AIDS for many years now and will continue to do so as long as I am needed.”

Bonjour my name is Jean Paul Gaultier I am a French designer in Paris Rossini Aparri I do clothes since many many many years and I am also Kukui so I'm very pleased to introduce to you to what I did for it but it will be completely unique because I will use I will recycle you know like old bumble jacket from pilot from the 40s you know with embroidery or they will make an outfit that will be a bag at the same time so it means you can worried that bag you know as a bomber jacket you know but truly with the embroidery and very beautiful and after you can turn it it's become a bag and you can wear it on your shoulder so it's easy like that you don't lose it is very good for me I did that collaboration first because I love the work it's bad and firm it's very also be closer to profits go to the charity fighting against AIDS you know which real form is very important the most clear is that we are doing bad which is a kind of protection you know protection for the protection against AIDS so that's perfect

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  1. I noticed when I was in France last fall. Every school children, their parents and college age students all carried Eastpak on their backs. It was their brand of choice. Pretty much anyone who didn't wear Eastpak was a foreigner. I remember growing up in Korea late 90s it was a popular brand then but haven't seen em since.

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