Jean Paul Gaultier: Madonna's Eurovision 2019 fashion designer

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has designed outfits for Madonna and Dana International at Eurovision 2019.

Interviewer: Etienne:

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hello Jean Paul Gautier hello [Applause] you are and here at your vision yes and you are also attending the matinee show it must be the best evening for you in the air of course the thing is that I am a little it's a little special because III was also for the real self so I know what will happen I will not tell you you will have a surprise you have to get to surprise and accept of Madinah what is your favorite outfit tonight the international of course which I dress to know she's fabulous and I see is better and it's like a good souvenir because you know she win in 1998 so with my clothes and I was so happy you know to see her again and she still fabulous and for the preselection you know she's seeing a beautiful song which is like love of each other it's beautiful you know so I am very happy and she's marvelous and very very last word in French because we are French readers so on properly on encephalitic telecom your name de la la a la possible what I all my support to France too much super affordable massage

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