Issa Rae Stuns in Custom Vera Wang Gown at 2017 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

The “Insecure” star is killing the fashion game in a custom red Vera Wang gown! Plus, find out why she wants to meet show creator Shonda Rhimes.

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Issa Rae Stuns in Custom Vera Wang Gown at 2017 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

hi gorgeous who are you wearing this evening so they're weighing the maidens dress just for me really how did that come about tell me she one of her friends with my makeup artist and they were talking and they're like do you want us to design something like yes beautiful I love this the one-shoulder the sleeves so gorgeous thank you how does it feel being here tonight everybody that I watch you know and that it makes me realize how much television I actually do watch because it's insane there's just too much talent here if you could have like a insta story there one just one picture tonight with one person here that you admire I know or one person or one of them I'm sure there'd be a lot of people but who's one person people I mean I feel like Shonda Rhimes has really paved the way for so many women of color there's so many black women so that's hands-down a picture that I would love to think you are the new face of covergirl that is pretty awesome I mean it's an honor you know I ruin just being a high school watch it like the ads everywhere but you never ever imagined like someday I could be a covergirl and it's just it's a huge honor and I consider myself an awkward black girl so if awkward black girls can be covered girls than anybody can be thank you so much so good to see you have fun tonight you

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  1. FOR REAL, if slavery never happened! you wouldn't see all these black athletes making millions to bounce,throw or catch a ball….FACTS!!!! which do blacks really prefer??? it never had happened or the results???

  2. white people don't have to say it out loud bc they are the majority. "let's make a movie about Troy, ok Bob i'll get Brad Pitt" this trademark ideology still exists today in almost every major film. (insider secret) majority of major film castings are 1st weeks in January and actors of color get casting calls in February. reason for that is bc production crews hire all white actors then realize how "white washed" the movie will look. getting perturbed at someone for wanting/appreciating equality says a lot about you're way of thinking!

  3. "I'm rooting for everybody black"

    LMFAO, can you even imagine "I'm rooting for everybody white?" being uttered on the red carpet? Damn talent in their work, just skin color for Ms. Rae. What a blatant racist/racial supremacist.

  4. If i hear the phrase "woman of color"… one more time next time I'm voting Trump for sure. Who fucking cares about race except black people… I never hear Latinos, Asians, and middle eastern bitch so much…. grow a spine and stop playing the race card.

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