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Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. In this tutorial we’ll show you it’s primary features and a few bonus features like some stand out Extensions and Apps. Note: PC Classes Online is now Tech Talk America.

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hello everyone david a cox here with and today we are going to be discussing the web browser called Google Chrome now Chrome has come up in discussion in our past classes several times usually when we're talking about new to Windows or new to Mac when we start talking about web browsers the of course windows comes with Internet Explorer and the Mac comes with Safari and usually at that point in our class is where I would recommend to people that they not use those web browsers but instead go with Chrome and recently I was teaching one of those classes and someone raised a point which is that I'd never done a class on why and also to go over the different features of Google Chrome so that's what we're doing today now one of the things I want to mention before we really begin here is if you are on a Mac we are going to be creating a version of this video for you right now I am teaching this in Windows 7 they're very similar but there are just a couple minor differences so here we go this is Google Chrome on Windows 7 so I started using Chrome years ago and part of the reason there's a few different reasons what makes this stand out in my mind as the best web browser out there the first is that it has a feature built into the guts of it where it will automatically synchronize between all your different devices so if I add a bookmark to my computer and I want to now go to that bookmark on my tablet there's no button I have to push it automatically synchronizes with all those different devices the second feature that I love is that if you've ever been on a website especially something like YouTube and you go to pull up a video and it says to you oh I'm sorry your flash player is out of date and then you get that annoying little pop-up well that doesn't exist in Chrome world because flash is built into the guts of it in terms of how it so you can do all those things without worrying I should probably note that if you try to access a flash website on an iPhone or an iPad it obviously will not run but in that case there's usually apps that will allow you to access the same content like YouTube the app not the website let's say third feature that I really liked is you have tons of different extensions and apps that you can use within Chrome that's also a lot of the appeal to the Google Chromebook which is their own laptop that came out a few months ago and has had mixed reviews I kind of like it but there's a few things that I think they still have to do to improve the overall user friendliness of it so let's go over the basics and then I'm going to show you a couple of the advanced features so let's start up here at the very top of the web browser of course we have our back button so if you're surfing on the web you need to go back a page that's your back button of course followed by your forward button this little icon in case you are not familiar familiar with it is the universal symbol for refresh so let's say you're bidding on something on eBay and the timer is ticking down and you want to see if you're still in first if you're still the winner of it if you click this button it'll refresh the website by the way hotkey to do that ctrl + the letter R so if you hold ctrl tap R that's the other way to do it on a Mac same thing but use the command key next here we have the home button now this is not necessarily on every version of Chrome you can add it back hopefully we'll get to that feature later on today then of course we have our website address bar but it's more than just an address bar it's also Google so let's say I want to research puppies and kittens for whatever reason that always seems to be the example that I use instead of having to go to and then typing it in I can just click right there and type in puppies and kittens and it will Google it for you oh isn't that cute moving on now some of the other things you can do here by the way I always like to mention this because not everyone knows this on any web browser out there Chrome Firefox Safari you name it you don't have to type ww that's a thing of the past you can just type in the website so in the case of let's say you don't have to type wwg IPC classes online comm hit enter and it goes there eventually over here on the right hand side you're going to see a bunch of little buttons that are not they don't come standard with chrome those are extensions that I have added to my web browser but the one that you will see is this little star now by default it's actually hollow so let's uh let's go to a different website actually I can just do that so by default this star is hollow for those of you who are not familiar that's how you bookmark a web site so if I want to go to this website frequently hint-hint you can click on this little star icon and it will add a bookmark automatically little tip for you usually when you go to bookmark a site it has more information in the actual name than just the website address so in our case PC classes online also has this little word here called home it has to do with how we built the website so one of the tips is you might want to go into your bookmarks and just edit them a little bit so you can delete that word home make it nice and simple some people will even just abbreviate this with PCO so that's another way to do it and down below it it says where do you want to save this bookmark now most people are going to save it to the bookmark bar which is right here it's underneath the web bar it's all these little shortcuts right here now the other thing you can do is you can create a folder for example I've done that over here so for example when I go to my different tech news you know I'll have a bunch of different items listed there under tools I'll have a bunch of different web tools that I'll use so you can create those as you want the way you do that there's a couple different ways I'm going to give you the easiest just right-click in one of the great empty grey spaces right here so when you do that you can hit create a new folder add folder and then just name it whatever you want it to be so if you want to be News you can call it news if you want to call it anything you can do it right there and then to add in your different websites if you've just created it one way you can do is you can just drag it and drop it inside of it so now when I click on new folder PC classes online is right there if you ever want to delete a bookmark all you have to do is right-click on it and hit delete and it goes right away now the main place where you're going to find your various options and settings is going to be right over here at the top right you'll have these three little lines and a lot of the various Google products they use this symbol so you'll see a pop up if you have like an Android or Android tablet and for example here we can go to create a new tab a tab is just a really easy way to have multiple websites open without it clogging your screen so when I do that I get the second little tab that opens up here at the top another way you can do it is clicking this little button right here that opens another tab as well and of course because I have to give you three different ways to do it the other way is to use a hotkey so if you hold the control key on your keyboard and tap the letter T as in tab it'll do the same thing Mac users same thing but command let's go back here if you want to open a new window that's the next option here which is control n is the hotkey a new incognito window basically what incognito means you can probably guess is it's the same thing as private browsing for example on Safari it doesn't track your data it it won't show up in your history it's anonymous below that we can go into the bookmark manager which will just give you kind of a large layout another nifty feature is if you look right here we have import bookmarks and settings so if you've downloaded chrome but you've used other web browsers out there if you click on that it'll import all of your data including not just your bookmarks but also your saved passwords from other various browsers like Safari Firefox etc recent tabs that you've closed you can go there we have a zoom and this is for this particular page I'm going to show you how to universally zoom in just a minute no one really does save page as because it's saving the actual HTML code of the site it's kind of pointless these days you do have a print option here the tools I don't think we need to go over history and downloads you can go over there and then we have settings and that's the next feature we're going to start to focus on now one of the things I like to go over is this right at the top where it says on startup you can tell chrome what to do one thing to be aware of if you are on a PC one of the the fault ease in how Windows works and generally speaking with privacy is that you've may have noticed when you go to install a program it'll give you 50 other things that you can install at the same time like a toolbar or this other little app that you don't care about this is one of the ways that you can places you can go to eliminate that a lot of times I work with clients and they start using Chrome and even just adding a couple basic extensions or applications suddenly now when they open a new web browser a new window it goes to Yahoo or some strange version of Google that I've never heard of so you might want to check this out here and it says open a specific page or set of pages when you go to your web browser so you can click here to set the page now most people out there either use Facebook Google or a website news a news website of their choice as their homepage and so you can do it by just going right here if you have what I just described where you have that thing where you start using it and now it's a different website just click the little X up here to remove it and then you can type in the website address of the site that you want to load and hit OK below that we have the appearance options so you can choose different themes to give it a little bit of a different stylish look if you go with one of the apps that I'm going to show you in a minute you won't actually need that because it's going to override it going Oh home button remember I was mentioning that just a second ago if you want it to show up you just click right here I always prefer to use that feature if you don't like Google for whatever reason you can change it by clicking right here under search options and change it to Yahoo Bing asked or god forbid AOL if you want that information I'm sorry dude what's that my personal opinion somehow squeezing into one of these classes that never ever happens you can choose to make default it your default browser you can see here that I've already done that and then we get into advanced settings and let me scroll down just a little bit here okay um privacy of course you can go into change your different privacy options here good thing to check out another really key feature here is passwords and forms so if you choose to have your web browser save your password information it's important that you know where that data is so that if you need it down the road you can get it and it's right here you click manage autofill setting I'm sorry manage saved passwords rather and you'll be able to see a list of all the websites that you have that have saved passwords by the way one feature I want to throw out there more than anything for Windows users is this right here back in privacy send a do not track requests with your browsing traffic it's just a good way to not give out all of your information we scroll down a little further one of the things I mentioned just a minute ago this is where you can go to universally across the whole web change the way it looks for you so let's say you have a smaller computer or maybe your vision just isn't quite what it used to be you can change the web content and tell it every time that there's a font don't use a medium sized font use a large font or if you really have trouble with it you can go to very large then here we have page zoom so that's everything not just text by the way if you go to large here on font it can kind of start to distort some websites just be aware of that so page zoom if you want it to be just a little bit bigger maybe bump it up to 125 or 150 and all these settings will save and move across all your various devices below that we have of course languages I don't think we need to go over that downloads if you want to change the location where your stuff downloads to for example sometimes people instead of saving it to their downloads folder they might save it to Google Drive or Dropbox that way they have that data on all of their devices that they've downloaded go down further we have Google Cloud Print options if you have a printer that uses Google Cloud Print basically the key feature of that if you decide to use it if you're able to use it is I can be 100 miles away hit print on my computer and it will print something out on my printer at home but you do have to have a special kind of printer to do that feature if you want to reset all the browser settings occasionally when we recently uploaded the brand-new version of PC classes online people who went there right after we launched it couldn't see it they saw it like an ancient version you can go in here to reset browser settings and tell it to research various types of content I'm not going to do that now that's the basic settings right here but the other thing I want to talk about our extensions and apps and yes they are different so extensions are right up here okay and just to refresh you on how we got to this page in the first place is we went to the little three lines up here at the top right and we went into settings okay now extensions are little programs that run in the background while you're browsing the web so let me give you an example two of my favorite ones are coupon helper which is free most of these are free by the way and invisible hand let me give an example of how I use this the other day just yesterday I bought a new TV for our home and I went on Amazon to take a look at the various models and I found a Samsung model that I really liked had all the features I cared about and because invisible hand was running in the background it gave me a little popup and said I found this TV for less at Abe's of main calm so it then shows me where I can get the same gadget for less money I ended up saving $300 off Amazon how many times does that ever happen so that's a nice little app then when I went and got the TV before I actually hit pay cope on helper kicked in and it said hey I found a coupon for $10 off so I enter in that little promo code and I got it knocked down an additional ten dollars all kind of cute little things that run in the background that can be really handy more than anything for those of you who are Windows users make sure you check out adblock plus it's a great way to prevent you can check this out you can prevent video ads from running on Facebook and YouTube excuse me you can go into the actual guts of it and find out the different options you can use with it but it's a great way to improve your overall web browsing experience and again it's free actually of all the different apps that you're going to see and extensions I only have one that I actually paid for which is this right here most of you will never need this but Facebook invite all friends Pro is a way that if you have let's say you have an announcement and you want to send it out to everyone to do that through Facebook would require you to individually click each person's name in a list and send it out to all of them and if you have a lot of friends it can take a really long time Facebook invite all friends Pro gives you essentially a select all feature so you can just click it and boom it highlights everyone moving down one of the apps that you'll see I'm sorry I keep saying apps and I mean extension is Fox tab speed-dial okay and what that one is is that's this so when I open up a new tab I see all of the websites that I frequent fairly often whether it's Facebook or the awesome or great blog if you've never seen it 9 to 5 Mac Amazon com of course you can see the others there that I use and there's a bunch here that I don't really use anymore another fun one is photo zoom for Facebook what that essentially does is if you are on Facebook and someone post a photo if you roll your cursor over the photo it'll blow it up so without having to actually open it you can see a larger version of that photo now let's talk about the the actual apps themselves to get apps if you go up here to this but here at the very top left that will take you by default to the apps that you have installed these are kind of the sort of like programs that run in Chrome this is a big feature in the Google Chrome OS which we're going to have a video on shortly so if I won't have a for example those of you who watch our videos who are in the United States you're probably familiar with 60 minutes well using this 60 minutes app I can watch it whenever I want it can be on my schedule I have a little Pandora app that I can run in the background okay and the others that you can see on my screen now to get more of them what you do is go down here to the very bottom right of your screen where it says web store and click now there are thousands of apps for Chrome this is probably the overall best feature now like most app stores out there whether you're on a tablet and iPhone whatever it is most of them are crap and I don't mind saying that but there are a few out there that are awesome and I'll just give you kind of a little sample of a few of them overall I'd still recommend that you go through here and explore on your own and see what what appeals to you the big one I tend to go into is under collections they have one here for your desktop for whatever reason a lot of the ones that appeal to me I've always found there so let's say you want to have easy way to check the weather you can click on weather bug right here by the way this version of weather bug so much cleaner than the version that you many times get with a PC when you buy it that version can really slow down your computer this just runs when you want it to which is what most people want scrolling down here you can see there are tons of different apps here one where you can DJ from your web browser it's kind of an interesting concept can't say I've ever used it we scroll down here let's see let's go into popular apps maybe that'll show a few more that I have used if you want to have something to kill the time you can install Angry Birds or bejeweled okay force many other games on here Google Maps you can see I do have installed it's just because it's one of those things I tend to pull up quite often notetaking application we have here tie-ins to Gmail Google Drive that kind of thing Google Drive really nice feature if you have never explored it before Pandora cut the rope another game Spotify we've done a whole class on that that's handy and you can kind of go through at your own pace Netflix and find whatever apps appeal to you and I found that about 99 percent of these apps are free there's very very few that they actually charge for and this is something you can go and explore all day you can check out which ones are popular as you start to download more and more of them it's going to learn your taste and then you can go here and to recommended and so based on what you have downloaded it'll make a few suggestions and that's basically Google Chrome for you I've been a big fan of it since it came out and just really reliable and heavy in features so I hope you'll check it out if you have never heard of PC classes online by the way you can go to our website we are a completely free service open to the public we currently have members in a hundred and sixty countries and by the way if you happen to be watching this video on YouTube please subscribe to our channel we really appreciate it and that way you'll be notified when we come out with new videos and of course if you give us a little thumbs up that you liked it we appreciate that too this is david a cox with and i hope all of you have a wonderful day thanks everyone take care you

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  1. I have Windows 10. I know this is off topic but I thought you may be able to help me. So far I have not found any video on this topic. I used to have the three horizontal bars at the top right, then I got the verticle dots but now there is nothing…zip! What happened to them and how do I get it back? Please help, thanks

  2. OUTSTANDING class!!! This is the first video of yours that I've watched, and I am SO thankful for your time, energy, your presentation style, and information that you've shared. This is a fantastic resource for someone who doesn't "live" on a computer, for a senior, or for someone trying to compare one product to another. Again, thank you!

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