International Fashion Model, Pritika Swarup

International fashion model Pritika Swarup is the perfect combination of brains and beauty, as a successful industry player who is using her influence to change the scene and put a smile on people’s faces – All while studying economics and psychology at Columbia University! She is visiting Expresso while in South Africa, and we’re going to pick her brains about the industry and her passions. Please give Pritika a warm Expresso welcome!

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welcome back to your field good breakfast share its expresso right here on s ABC three international fashion model predict ur swore up is the perfect combination of brains and beauty as a successful industry player who is using her influence to change the scene and put a smile on people's faces all while studying economics and psychology at Columbia University she's visiting expresso while in South Africa and we are going to pick her brains about the industry and her passions so please let us give this international fashion model model Pritikin a very warm expresso welcome you the boys have never looked at this happy on a Friday so it's clearly not me it has to be you welcome to the show good to have you here I always love finding out how people first got into the industry that they're in and I think something that's quite interesting is that you originally wanted to become a medical professional and then you were scouted in a place that I don't know many people are kind of found at tell us more about that story so I was on vacation with my family at Disney World and I usually like model Scouts we'll be in malls and just places where they can you know see more like a diverse group of people so I remember when it might he's my manager now Darrell he had approached us and my parents are kind of shocked because coming from a place like Virginia you don't really expect like modeling to be a profession that it is so yeah it was a little bit I mean it was very surprising and you know we spoke to him for a while and next thing I knew I was like moving to New York at the age of 17 and starting my career there that's amazing I absolutely loved that I mean we read of stories like that every single day but to meet someone who is actually just on holiday with her family got discovered and is now having one of the most illustrious careers I mean you've been featured in publications like Cosmopolitan Vogue Elle magazine what does it take to be a high-end fashion model like you are I would say you know when you start a career in an industry like the fashion industry you aren't exactly taught like you're not exactly taught anything really you kind of just like dive into the deep end and you know through those experiences you pick up things but I would say a dedication and commitment to your craft so you really have to work at it and just stay true to yourself and keep going because I think a lot of people will you know always try to bring you down and tell you like you're not going to be able to do this so you're kind of the one that's like I am gonna do this you know what you could be one of those people that just looks out for number one you could be about yourself you could be about just focusing on your own career and where you're going but you decided to be a voice as well you're part of the model Alliance which is all about you know being someone who is for equal opportunities and practices within the modeling industry why is this so important to you well I think that the model Alliance is an amazing organization and because in the industry there can be some gray areas and so many different areas of society is exposed to this industry and so it's up to us to hold ourselves to a higher standard and set that example so that's one of the things you know whether it's like reflecting the diversity globally which is something that's like really prominent now in the industry where people are really trying to like expand that but I just feel like that is something that we should all set ourselves to like that higher goal so I really believe that that's what the industry does I know that's something else that I love is the reason why you're in South Africa at the moment you are an ambassador for Operation Smile yes tell us more about how that partnership came together oh gosh so I I started with Operation Smile when I was in Middle School it was I was just you know in the student programs Club and throughout that time I mean the mission always resonated with me and I you know I built up and grew with the organization and when I was scouted as a model it just kind of you know I my whole life changed I went back I mean I went to New York and kind of lost connection with the organization but fast forward to a trip to India I ended up meeting a bunch of orphans with cleft lips and that made me go back to the organization and next thing I knew I was their ambassador and since then I've just been traveling and trying to promote their mission and the organization and really just about Cluff conditions and raising awareness so that's been one of my main goals and what is it like being in South Africa and of course experiencing the country and hopefully all the talent that we have to offer as well I mean it's incredible I've been here since Tuesday evening okay oh three days okay yeah yeah mostly sent at the hotel recovering from jet lag but at the same time even like just having the different like the indigenous food I mean I really love it and I think coming from my hometown India – I just like there's a lot of similarities which I found really interesting and I'm just really excited to like have a weekend and experience the culture well it's going to be a beautiful weekend weather-wise I think you're absolutely gonna get enjoy it but thank you so much for joining us and lending your voice to an important important platform like Operation Smile making a difference every step of the way being a part of the model alliance fighting for equality for all models and people and I think that that's why you are absolutely stunning we've got international model predict a swap and I'll feel good breakfast show and she has been absolutely incredible one more

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