Innovation Factor with Celebrity Stylist Nikki Chu-Episode 3

In part three of our Innovation Factor video series, celebrity designer Nikki Chu continues her work with the Rogers family, discussing smart tech solutions to transform their home. This series was sponsored by The Home Depot.


A Steed Media Production
hi I'm Nikki Chu and welcome back to the Innovation factor as you know I've been working with the Roger's family to create that next generation smart home we've already taken care of the Comfort and their security but now we're gonna take care of that mood and lighting okay Darren so this is where we're gonna install the Levitan dimmer what I love about this product is that you actually going to save a ton of money in your energy bills right so you can turn the lights off from any room imagine being downstairs watching a movie and all your lights are on one click and they're off all right this is gonna be great for you especially if you have dinner parties or watching a movie with your kids how perfect is that whether the family's settling in to watch a movie or mom and dad are having a dinner party the Levitan divorce smart Wi-Fi dimmer kit has a voice control so you don't have to walk all the way across the room to turn the lights up or down thank you for watching the innovation factor shop the home depot to find these products so you can try your own do-it-yourself projects at home you

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