IMPOSSIBLE Minecraft Dropper Infinity!

Can we beat all of the impossible drops?
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Megadropper Infinity by Pixelheads
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is anyone scared of the sign behind us what's behind okay just just slowly look and read it okay I'll I'll look at the floor okay you ready for this mega drama infinity why'd you do this – I know I love dropper maps this map is the best of all dropper maps because it is awesome map by mega striker pixel heads and invite friends and play together I am reading them off wrong but yeah I was supposed to read this part but I guess I read those yeah there's no ending I don't like that well I'm not sure but it says make sure to read the book okay do we have to read the book we skim the book okay welcome to mega dropper infinity the map has custom music we might not hear it just because we have music disabled okay mat basics it's all about droppers collectibles there are twelve things that you can collect okay there's metals skip there's an arena where you can play with friends and see who is the best alright yeah alright well I like that upbeat positive attitude oh this must be the music center hello IU copyright-free I feel like not let's just leave anyways there's like an achievement showcase here let's see save all of your collectibles so this is where all of the trophies go why is this map so long and walking like alright the trophy room so we get our things insert diamonds papers paper when the paper become collectibles okay that's right don't recycle or throughout your paper keep it so connect great gate oh okay cool cool and in here is a tender chest this map really makes your walk we just walking all over main map all right let's do this oh it's so beautiful oh I'm scared I don't think we could do this guy's there you go hello hello hard mode middle okay you know what we should just go to that devil face we could go to the pink one since rainbow feels like dropper is possible for once on our channel they go what is this rainbow this is for babies it's called power rave oh there's a giving oh my and my favorite clear weather let's set it today actually no it said it tonight no day you guys ready alright on the count of three oh wait yeah let's unite it's just a race there's just such Souls I bet you Amy so easy pretty easy oh not easy Oh oh it doesn't stop honestly I didn't die yet so you guys can massage I'm not trying to show off or anything boy that was easy Drago both of us get high fives high fives men level completed press to go to the heart we got a really creepy diamond trophy digital to us it's easy oh that's sad Rocco for it to be more intense it will be dark okay well I can just play this like this that's right that's how pro I am show off bum bum bum I am super showing off okay I just like I must go back because I wanted to play an f5 mode which is not very smart in a drop of math I know Plus be quite dumb but it's okay this map is very easy I like it have map dropper maps are getting easier for us we used to be sad now we're pro hello we need another trophy for our achievement wait was rainbow I'm not having a greatest dropper day let's just say that so out of all of us rainbow is losing that's so sad she was like it's gonna be a good adrenaline core eight dive rounds we have no clue why rainbow is doing so bad it's kind of sad I believe yes that works you gave all of your power to us that's why you suck I wait that's why you suck we're ready to launch this thing okay that's where we really no one's gonna press the button it's closer to lunar press okay ready okay into the middle guys this eight dive round so you have to be careful back it up whoa oh yeah it's feeling a lot faster this looks so cool though nothing really there's nothing really to block us there yeah it's getting a lot harder okay we got this the first part is easy all you got to do is press back forward down rainbow are you far in it's my curse to jinx you why is there a meme face here okay threw over nice no no no no what is this part this was insane I know this is gonna be the death of us lunar we're gonna die here Haiti okay back to the same part where it's a no we're only on medium this shouldn't be hard for us we should be good okay this is the same part we lost that just got a poop swoop swoop knee oh no no no no oh it's getting insane Preston back to the same part you just got to go you know saying please like 5,000 times isn't gonna get you did it alright chocolate did it I mean if it does work last part yep and we just say drakul on which then makes us win no no no no quitting quitting is quitters full concentration well I'm not talking when I do that part it's guys I think dracco deserves this Jocko I think you can say you beat us on this one game yeah if I lose one more time I will throw in the towel wall okay cuz I've tried this thirty times already just got it how could a blue mat betray me it's so sad just got this I'm over Drock oh you win the blue area come here can I see your trophy the one trophy I can't have okay that's good well this portal and then hardmode I'm scared hard mode has a scared face it has a scary face okay this one's called rogue Road medium oh wow get ready to get dizzy this way or that way honestly I don't know whoa these maps are pretty but they're alive stop stop stop stop okay down okay I see something just go through and just like this oh my groove is back this way this way this way yeah first times the Chinese yeah I can't believe I did it I'm so proud that was tight huh yeah thank you let's just beat the stay in the checker part oh ouch you ready for this okay warning hard mode hub teleporter levels filled with gimmicks for hardcore players wait this is just a teleporter Luna turn around turn around while we're still young who knows by the time we finish this we might be eighty you know you know what let's just play the hardest one I'm assuming it's that one but I guess you can't unlock it let's see what is there to know this is the door to the final level to unlock you must complete all four of these find a hidden portal no it's not gonna work what why don't we just do these forms sure we can no you guys don't ruin maps like this don't copy us we just got a oh my god is so funny come on coming how far does this go no one knows four doors I do see something scary though I see some skull is on fire so that's not going to be nice and tada that's how you would spawn Saver yes it doesn't even say how much die browser is and clearly you didn't get any no no oh my god yes or no wait yes I've been watching you ever since the first time very impressive oh sorry we kind of cheated but yeah we hope you're okay with that boss okay the boss is triggered they threw me back to start the first dive here we go I like it there's like a story there's a story to this I will go into a tiny hole you know what maybe we should just turn back oh my gosh my legs are not going into that hole okay I got this I got this I don't know if I'm like surprised really yeah woah it's not working okay full concentration I am touching that hole – oh I have a feeling the map knows we change – you guys oh no what hello yes okay drop it II drop it II stop are you kidding me drop it II dippity ship it II oh why did I say no no what's a shame what oh do be back to start now I see my way back it well guys maybe we will return once again leave a like if you want to see us return Lunars very excited to return right lunar don't forget to subscribe if you're new thank you so much for watching and now it's time to see where rainbow is okay let's go check it out so did her luck come back to her what are you doing I don't know this is the last level there's nothing else but we just sit in this coding room no there's a floor does it float right here well I wish I went to this it's floater and you know how much we hate floater I believed I can't believe rainbow made it throughout the last one yeah we do we do we deserve to give for some class what is at the end I'm so curious I don't think you want to go up your rainbow no it's just more dropping after that just infinite trophy

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  2. Grabs Chips and Headphones and Cola
    This gonna be interesting..
    Edit: wrote the Covering ears part when i havent heard Draco screaming 😉

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