I went into labor during this Fashion Nova try on haul

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what up fashion Nova's here hi guys welcome back to my channel we are doing another fashionable hot no but this time is going to be different because we picked out a lot of the clothes and I have pregnancy brain so I kind of forgot what I think I picked out a couple things but I totally forgot so we're gonna do like a legit unboxing first impression raw Tryon just whatever I'm so I'm so scared to see what he got me do because I don't think he takes into consideration my pregnant belly and just things that would be comfortable so we'll see but you might have known a good job you don't know yet but let's just get right into it let's do it don't forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe and stuff I already know what that is that's something beautiful right there that's a nice dress no oh it's a maxi dress okay this says a hand in glory floral maxi dress the fabric does not go stretchy so good luck to me what in the world babe it reminds me of something like that – oh is this supposed to have one sleeve yeah okay do I ever try this on right now right now no I mean it's up to you he wants me I feel like should we open them and then try it on yeah let's just do that let's just get through it and try everything okay and we might just post clips over trying yeah like over over the clip you think okay but yeah this doesn't feel like it's gonna be that stretchy but we'll see wait this is the back but you're having me out here exposed that's beautiful see knowledge to trial yeah I might have to try it on bow on it I wanna see you in the morning crop job so these are cropped okay these look comfy yeah these actually feel really great really stretchy and really good quality so you know we got our nice little crop ladies situated only approach money and I'm pregnant Doug didn't I'm not really I thought we went through this in the last video do we when I caught you lo s Riding Hood and I said I'm like oh my god yellow in your belly oh I love when she got her really oh yeah okay and shout out fasting over men by the way of saying y'all see the fashion of man joggers you know ain't doing too much today just ICT though faster than only man's joggers see that won't already looking good what do y'all see her this is number one do you see my tummy first of all it's got like cut off so it's called to see you in the morning three I feel like I'm gonna go work out with this so yeah definitely definitely can work out in this I like this though me too a lot and it definitely has my belly out I feel so like hello hi I'm pregnant thank you I like this so this is a good situation it's comfy barely has a any clothes so babe only got so much oxygen in her video okay open the next one and show me i blend into the ball so this is another dress not a spot on me midi not spot will be video dress yeah it's like it comes down to the Midway I'm gonna try this one you got – you've gotta try this on right here this looks comfy oh it's so soft that's an understatement up and it's really pretty this is like very soft okay this is in size large so this outfit the video getting off to a bang is like the see like she came through Windham jumpsuit the maxi dress be for yourself as soon as she popped baby out there's no me so we're not gonna be over yet ago there's no good address for a nun pregnant I just say we get active in that dress together that's all from geez Louise it's so soft and stretchy it really is why is one sharp thinner than the other is this supposed to be time to run me turn towards me oh yes both of you okay so this is the I got my time covering my boobs because I don't have a bra on but this is what does it call babe this is called the not a spot on me MIDI I like this though yeah it was very comfortable it's hugging my bump I really like this it's gonna be cute non-pregnant to love it all this is so I don't know if I thought it was gonna be really comfortable song the only thing to that I think is weird is that one strap is thicker than the other but I don't know it's probably just said that or it looks like that I'm wiser but I can't breathe but this is a this is a good one you did great what's the next one so this nice job now right here we got a bathing suit it's called the euphoria bikini what a bikini before we ever candies all like I mean top speed for us so why this anymore okay let's try this one on No cheeky oh whoa oh you don't you so that's like a thong great let's try this one yeah hold especially but we will sing you like because of like your belly being away right yes so we don't need much we just need your breasts as hell there anything else can be like out and free I'm not bad person got a little slippage coming those stay if they like oh my when she be not pregnant when you not pregnant this is going to be very cute they're not staying at like how I need that's the vacation bikini right there I want to try to represent so look we don't we just gonna leave it up did this per game to bleep table it was too too x-rated way to say you do the right where this is freakin snail don't mean like what and it's gonna be too cheeky be able to cut yeah okay we just go put pretty sensors we don't censor the whole screen so let's not put your regular clothes back we gotta eat Robo I know very to be making him 15 seconds of fame say hi to the people what do you guys say to the people wait see shakes my hand every time into the boy take it back all right yeah we better so that's we got I believe we got another set it's called the top-level active jumpsuit that you go ahead what in the babe where am i thought this is no soon so yeah where am I gonna wear this babe where was your idea why you can work out in that oh my mother is a ninja yeah that's the point isn't it alright let's just be honest what baby's body when she put this on this is showstopper later yeah I'll try this on is no space over here is fine space so I will try this on but I do like the Pops of green I know you like me on those generally because you love the last neon situation but this is what it looks like and then I'm gonna try a nine and I'm gonna see how it fits it's kind of stretchy too so with that crops hoodie I like that because these feel even more soft or stretchy to so that's gonna be hella comfortable I might even wear these home from the hospital or something you know so you need hello hot crazy I like these hey no need to go get that see you in the morning this is in the size large and I got it cuz you know she going on tour best mom in the world so we got her daddy's world tour catch the dates on my back the video like to do some nice are you sure yeah in each order Michael Schwartz yeah terms of microfiber shorts that's hard I like this of course this is gonna fit so sorry large to so it'll be he make you oversized not pregnant you know but we got a heavier bikini just caught the Summer Sun oh I love this colors it's like the mob you did good babe it's like you're gonna tie it around here and it has cuffs in it too so that's pretty good but this actually looks like it's gonna be too small for my boobies right now yeah nobody tie around so you could like yeah so I'll try this on and then the bottoms if it's not too x-rays seen the bottoms these are X cheeky as the other ones other these are like a thong for real but these with sizes is this is a large this looks very small for a large but maybe this is supposed to be cheeky to so I'll check out of these clothes okay sweet okay next one alright next we got the look at me now software if jumpsuit love so we already notice what I saw oh it is did you pick this out of the night I think you picked this one out oh yeah because the strapless oh I love it is it's softer on the outside than it is on the inside but I like it and I think this is gonna be very straight stretchy so it is hella stretching look at that so that's not really comfortable to wear that's pregnant my due date is on Sunday today is Wednesday so I would be pregnant at the max what to week two weeks back where we anticipated so this will be oh he's just kicking this will be really comfortable and hopefully useful after pregnancy too cuz I'm like getting bigger sizes and what if I just drop all this way oh well but this looks really soft and cozy next we got a special item a shout-out cardi B Sarah offset I had to get something from up the card collection I'm very curious so we got the drip-drip biker shorts Oh Byron shorts basic about white bike for short yes I did where am I gonna sit down this is must just be for pictures right I mean they're actually I gotta give it to you they're way softer and way stretches but I thought I'd you know something baby look like you might be able to do something with things these are actually kinda cute fishnet there's none at the bottom these are actually kind of cute I like these you might even win a t-shirt yeah this is like a pitcher your stuff is like white this was like eggshell I music or like a ivory or so yeah boom this is a cute though they're actually way softer they look like they're gonna pull me and at the right places I like these young pleasantly surprising things I didn't know what to expect when we ordered oh yeah Santa MIT person that's cute I don't know how I would wear these or what where are we where these two because all I do is go to Target but that can be fun so stop target everything you know all right what's next Buenos Aires oh I like this lavender color I think I picked this out at first and then you agree to you it was just a no-brainer for us yeah this is so cute oh it's not even showing up as lavenderish as it is as it is on in person but it's really smooth it's like soft it is very soft it's a smooth color it's gonna be very seamless when um when my belly I can't wait to try this one on I think you did great with the ring to me and this is the last thing definitely not least but this is the most likely to succeed polo dress and we all know kimono they definitely mostly so this is really bright neon pink okay like hi hello I'm pink that's what this is saying to me this is giving me like a sour straw yeah it's giving me like I mean we could we could do a lot of things with this dress maybe throwing like some white air maxes or something oh no no I like this a lot I do too though I think it's really stretchy and it'll be really cute with my mom again it's like accentuated my mom and the lines are going down I don't know if you guys can tell but it's like the lines are going down so it's not gonna make me look wider like I've noticed that with like wearing the white stripes but I like this one a lot though you did great you did excellent a you have chocolate pillow lips you

38 thoughts on “I went into labor during this Fashion Nova try on haul”

  1. I AM SO SHOOKETHHH….. where have I beennn???? My face was like 😱 when I saw this video! Lol I had no idea you were preggers!!!!! Wtf 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ but CONGRATULATIONS 🎊🍾🎉🎈

  2. i can still remember watching her first videos with the filters 😭😭 her college vlogs and when she first got Diego now she’s having a baby 😭❤️❤️❤️ i’m soo soo happy for you and your little family Ess 💛

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