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hey guys in today's video I'm gonna be filming an unboxing there's minimal random unboxing and I joined what to expect from this package because it's something rather unconventional for me to purchase a lot of you don't know this unless you follow me on Twitter you will do this I'm kind of obsessed with baby clothes and babies I'm really broody at the moment I don't know why I just want a baby or at least I just like enjoyed by I just want to buy baby clothes because all these plans like Gucci's your van cheap I mean I know everyone is coming up with the most adorable baby clothes and obviously like I've always been fond or the wrap around kids action because I'm this so cute and preppy and I think all my life well no not all my life but like recently I've been thinking right really I don't know what I'm gonna get married now kids but by the time I do have kids well they still have cute stuff like this out or should I just like stock up and like you know keep it on the side I know kind of weird if anyone else things like that let me know in the comments below because I don't want to feel like I'm the only one I'm pretty sure there's nothing about that but as just as crazy about baby plate as I am there's just something so cute and so endearing about miniature adult clothes I would never be that mom that doesn't they cared and I think that's imposing those ridiculously tacky like just don't do that that's embarrassing I would not do that no but my kid is gonna be dressed to the T being in baby clothes I stumbled across the kids section of there's one online store and so you have designer baby clothes and I wasn't I wasn't looking to purchase baby clothes I was just looking they thought it was really cute like everything was so miniature and I like we have campaign images and then I found an item of clothing I really liked and I was like I wouldn't they have my size because they're you guys know this I'm five foot like 151 centimeters 252 on a good day and I was like I wonder if they do this and like one of the biggest size and kids clothes is so I looked and it was like like age 12 and then I pictures of measurements and I was like apparently I'm the size of a 12 year old the average 12 year old is my height when it is become a thing like I was considered above average when I was 12 and I was 5 foot I'm growing size 12 just so you know so I was like back in the day oh my god it's nearly be 10 years as I was 12 I am old back in the day when I was 12 I was like the third tallest in my class I'm not joking I was actually considered tall above average now I'm considered below average so getting to the point of the story I purchased kids clothing I did that I you know people always joke about it they're like oh my god you shop in the kids section I never actually thought I could do it but I did it I shopped a lie my passion the concession so I want to show you guys what I purchase I've been dying to open this box but I don't actually know if it's going to fit I would purchase this item if it came in the adult section I'm not joking I didn't purchase it because it was in the kids section I just didn't find them in the adult section I bought issues want to track pants from the kids section they actually did really small they're probably gonna be legging with off me oh god no actually no what they actually don't look too bad the side like lengthwise I think it's a perfect length that's so dope like how could you say these are not cool like and you could fit into these you would buy these they do come in black as well just saying it says any other midget self I like myself and I don't use that term derogative Lee or like an offensive way because I am very small everyone calls me a major and like a lot of people say like a lot of people they're like my god you're so small yeah thank you for saying the obvious I know I'm small there's nothing wrong with being small I'd rather be small as opposed to like extra-large you know like extra tall extra small skirt there's more options for men I just okay if you told your last option button you can wear very high heels and I didn't feel insulted when people call me some more they say it like it says like like an insult like I never small thank you very much I actually appreciate and enjoy being well I'm gonna take my pants off and put these pants on if they look around us I'm not going to show you guys if they look you I will show you guys so as you can see they do fit they are slightly slim fitting however I think with a bit of where they'll probably loosen up a bit become more comfortable and baggy I am slightly thicker than the average 12 year old evidently what I've also realized is that they are slightly long so I have had to cut them at the bottom I just turn them over a couple of inches there for realizing I'm not actually the height of an average 12 year old I am in fact shorter than the average 12 year old I don't know how to feel about this I'm cool with that I like being small so if you've been eating all four more people your entire life and you've always wanted to our designer clothing but you can't afford out I knew was I can't wish I could buy kids clothing because it's cheaper this is called pint-sized fashion TV for a reason compared to the adult prices you have to pay it for a pair of Gucci watching sweatpants it was a steal it was like less than the price on sale and they're dope you know what I thought I think I'm gonna get them in black as well I'm actually really appreciating being small right now so thank you the car dirty sheet and you know all the other creative directors out there that are creating clothing for kids you guys are doing a great job keep keep it up please I beg you keep it up keep it up for the 12 year olds out there and there's more people much like myself because we appreciate what you're doing for our community oh I just take so much money I never have really dope sweatpants no one's gonna know their kids sweat pants I have always suffered finding this is like a revelation to me I've always suffered like trying to find a pair of like trousers or like bottoms in general from designer brand you could just never buy them like that's why the only pair of like sweatpants are like pants I bought from designer brands I've had to get tailored like my Balmain sweatpants my Gucci sweatpants everything has to be tailored and there's a real bother links to these sweatpants and other cool like stuff for 12 year olds will be down the description box I do apologize if your two tools for the kids section I genuinely feel sorry for you like my sister can't wear these sweatpants she probably could but then look ridiculously short come back for more pint-sized fashion where I'll be discussing kids clothing this is a new segment guys I'm so happy we have to serve in these segments pint-sized clothing pint-sized holes for the pint-sized people because this is pine – TV I'll see you guys in my next video if you want to shop these pants link so down below and I'll step out of like a dull alternatives if you're like a buff I third thank you guys for watching don't forget to give this video a thumbs up like and subscribe you know what to do I'm not gonna force you to do it if you'd like me do it if you hate me obviously don't do it don't even bother comment down like there's like no point converting your hate I hadn't even read the comment section or but I'm so happy right now I will see you guys in my next video like I said thank you for watching

45 thoughts on “I WEAR KIDS CLOTHES”

  1. Don't care ur crazy i like ur hight, never forget to say driving a super car is cooler than being really tall in a Lambo. And driving that huge car is cooler than being really tall.

  2. "pretending i dont like being able to fit kids sizes just to talk about how 'tiny' i am' lmao. Also, due to vanity sizing/people being bigger on average alot of size stuff is arbitrary now.

  3. Hay I'm only 145 cm tall and I'm 17. I haven't grown since I was 12 and it has been confirmed by multiple doctors that I won't grow anymore. I enjoy being small but honestly… I'd love to be at least 150cm….

  4. yeah TBH I love when I fit in kids clothes because it's cheaper and just as cute and sometimes even better quality. I don't do it to be quirky but I occasionally fit 😂

  5. Please do a lookbook with these sweats xx I literally just ordered myself a pair and would love to know how to wear these without looking straight out of gym ahha ❤️

  6. Hi I recently came across your YouTube channel and I really like it.. I am in my 30s and and honestly your video content is fun and honest I also to watch your videos to see life from the rich kids view.
    Hey there are thousand of ppl in would who are your age and your height so chill about it. and if you shop in kids section so be it.. You are beautiful and young to see so much in your life.
    Good luck !

  7. I am 4.11 so small but I used to be size 0 and let me tell you that I had used kids clothes as well😂😂😂 I remember when I was single use to have very tall boyfriends and now my husband is 6 feet tall always love tall men you are gorgeous with a great body pretty sure there's a lot of tall man who wants to date you I don't know why but they think we're cute 🤗 how tall you are?

    there's a ton of men who love small women you are gorgeous with a great body

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