So guys, some coin was spent and I’ve gone to a store called everything 5 pounds basically everything costs 5 pounds I dont know how they did it but they did! Here are my honest thoughts!

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no the neighbors cut out on this hello beautiful people welcome to my channel I hope you are doing well I'm clearly holding a bigger box again because we're about to do one of y'all's requests okay and multiple of you guys have mentioned this store to me which I had never heard of and it could everything 5 pounds now to my audiences from across the pond hey for those of you in u.s.a hello and 5 pounds is about $7 so basically let's just call it everything $7 and basically it's this website where you can buy every single item and they are all priced at 5 pounds now that was kind of mind-blowing and then I watched the advert and the adverts got an account of what this lady's name is that it's got this legend and she's like this top five pounds OMG you're not gonna believe this oMG you're not gonna believe this these dreams 5 pounds ripped jeans and then it states in the odd videos that on everything five pounds calm everything's 5 pounds I thought it was a bit crazy like how can everything be 5 pounds but I'm doing a little bit of digging and doing a little bit of research when it comes to the website that what it seems they update daily they have new clothes on there daily but it isn't actually new clothes I think basically it is clothes from other brands I'm not gonna say which brands I think it is because I'm not gonna try and get sued but I think that they get items from other brands who have got leftover stuff all lines that they didn't end up selling all that kind of stuff and they give it to these people who are basically wholesalers and having worked in retail if you don't know I used to work at owaisi's I worked at Kostal it's in Selfridges and I know that certain lines just that you don't sell everything and you often have loads of sizes left and I never thought what did they ever do with that but I have a feeling that they go to places like this so I haven't had a look I haven't had a look at inside this box and because everything was suck was so cheap 5 pounds I suspect it was hard large dollar but we can find out how much I spent my Oh Lord well it's quite nice it's got pictures I've never seen pictures on the receipt before everything five pounds oh we forgot a bra yes I think I spent about a hundred and seventy pounds on the website and I got a ton of items it came really quick obviously it's a you code website I don't know if they ship ship internationally let me have a little quick look oh wow they'd ship in the UK and they worldwide who knew that but you might end up paying some kind of customs it came really really quickly the site was really easy to use none of it was all like coordinating but the models look nice and you know it was a tidy website and I'll be honest with you like when I see five pounds as much as I do these that she in and all these websites I prefer highly quality items that cost a little bit more and but you never know listen if I find a bug in I will wear it and if it was five pounds up yet yes girl that was five pounds I'm the first person to tell you if I go for a bargain trust me so yeah I'm excited let's see what we have in this book the good thing is I don't have to keep looking at the prices because guess what five pounds this is millennium – – is Tesco clothing if you don't know that I might be exposing brands right now am I allowed to do this I'm doing a gonna do it anyway whatever oh oh this is a nice little summer like fur me piece yes come on you guys see the detail it's kind of like cute and like fluffy minutes quite simple it is quite simple it's not it's nothing really special but I like it like like this like an all-black outfit and might even wear this today this is very me with it all happen let me show you with that one yes cowboy cowboy realness cowboy illness this is – okay this is a you are gold okay this is a little tassel skirt it doesn't look great doesn't look great I thought it could be Beyonce but let's try it on you know what that isn't my these are so Ashley right now I'm so sorry no what is crazy this is really nice this is cute this is a nice little holiday number look at that doo doo doo dude whoa come on that isn't a bad skirt although we say look at that yes movement knife movement yes I'm just going to stand here doing this I love the stuff I think it's nice and guess what it's five pounds oh oh that's cute can you guys see that it's kind of like a mesh see-through like little biker jacket Lee code four I don't know what that is let's try this on this is giving me very much over like at Ivy Park vibe this isn't bad at all look at that it's really really nice I like the colors I like the detail I like the feel that that's really cute and see the thing is though is that there might be one or two sizes of an item but there won't be loads of them so it's almost like you go one time we find that out in one time but you might not be able to find it again but that's really cute right what is this every single label on it is a different label this is give me grandma Doris grandma Doris on holiday I hate these I literally hate these why do they put these on clothing you know this is Oh am I in this on camera I'm not hating it but maybe that means I'm turning into a grandma Doris I would just chill out in something like this especially at home and something like this but I never want to be this woman but I kind of like it so bad it's but it isn't something fancy these items are quite casual you know I've picked up some denim I'm scared these are prime ah these are Primark they say denim and Co it says denim and Co denim and Co is Primark demo code is definitely Primark let us see what these bad boys that like on I lost the nail I lost in these are what these look like on there they're no bit tight they're actually quite a not so stretchy denim which I don't hey there's something about the the crotch then it isn't quite short enough so it's kind of hang in there's a lot of space between vag and crotch so it kind of gives you that kind of diaper diaper thing there but they're not they're not bad genes they're not bad genes at all they're bit long on the leg is on can you see that so these are very long legs so if you're sure there's a lot of extra material here I'm liking my middle-aged housewife top where I like it this has to stop I know I didn't pick it this out geez I'm not even I'm not gonna wear it I'm actually not even gonna worry this is just giving me bran sack it's comfortable but it isn't flattering I kind of feel naked I feel kind of free and naked babe but I don't first stylish at all oh but this this on the other hand is giving me bondage okay this has got no labeled no nothing on it he's this piece of bondage let's try it on I do like this style soon hold on how do I do that Beckett I practice this the other day and I looked great listen this is giving me bondage bondage the way it's just criss crossing over here yes well no needs a little bit right now you know oh no we have that we have to do the Instagram stand yes yes come through shape loving this I've had chocolate today so just excuse the pouch from being extra big look my bum is looking good in this I am here for it the the hell is this well I thought it was a jacket but it is some kind of hooded poncho Wow okay I get it I get it I get how to wear it this is not gonna in high I kind of like it I'll go I don't kind of toasty I'm like sweating in this right now and I'm shouting because it's like well it was like a cabin in there there's elements of this which are kind of cute is it just me is it just me but this isn't going to keep you warm your kidneys are gonna be so cold and like the way my hands can appear this but this is not a real crime this is not a code for life like on a day when the weather couldn't decide what it was doing I just put on my like my puffer Cape coat ooh you can get like pajamas and underwear I think this is a pajama set I picked up and it looks off oh yes oh my god this is so cute look at this yes little sexy boy shorts late nights and pillow fights tell me that's not cute tell me that is not cute oh so look the neighbors cut out on this but I can turn some new look because I can see there em and I can see okay it was on you look there's some new look that no that is adorable oh I can't wait to try this one on no this is the most gorgeous little that I go to bed say ever like the short shorts are so cute late night I wear this in the day this is when you know those Instagram photos you like paint now you got the sheets and pillow fights hashtag so cool – go fetch hashtag this is how I feel it means it's oh I'm itching I've done with the video I'm gonna go to bed now this isn't here I feel like this is a great spot where you could get Christmas so people this is five pounds I love it I got loads another dress says luster on it very flimsy not nice material at all try it on though this is so yeah I find that some rounds that like a poo brown on me okay so this is this dress on which the style actually isn't awful but it isn't doing anything for just the lumpy bumpy region it's just in doing anything for it and the shade of brown is a poo brown or but the fit isn't awful but I just hate this kind of brown like no pull okay sh k classics looks like some fake varsity jacket could you just see that it's molting on me I have allergies I will have allit no it's just molting everywhere because it's very ill fitting it's weird it looked good on the model but on me look struggle it says experience quality but this is not quality this is bad and we're back in Doris territory those an outfit school Doris this it with the pearls pearl watching Doris I've got your top wow this is the Doris top if there ever was a Doris top please just look at that this is me Doris for the moment to be completely honest I like it I feel like I didn't choose the Doris life the Doris life chose me but I feel comfortable it's real cozy I thought oh nice yeah this is middle aged woman oh that I can tie it up to just become a cute or no no no no more Doris in the bosom yes okay here we go this is a little body this is nice from eight Paris was eight Paris I don't know who that is but this is cute Wow I'm wearing a skin tone bra it is you guys I've got no Vera underneath is this skin so bra I think if the way this is a black I've literally gone from flipping Doris to blac chyna we China this is nice though but look I have got a nude bra on it this is my nude like skintone bra Nubian skin bra look at that I love it you guys know I love me like it any little mesh top or something like that and this is a nice woman I would work with a black bra because this is a lot in it she looks like my breasts are out so I would wear a black bra or a black tank or something or vest underneath but this is you yes bringing sexy back cook yes this is a look Oh clearly I liked it a lot because I picked up him white as well oh I love this and I think that the nude bra doesn't look so bad under the white one I'm really like this I don't know the lyrics I'll be like we're trying it then we change that risk for Chinese I like this this is gorgeous I got myself some accessories well a little cream hat I'm autumn winter Betty oh these are so cute I have to bring this thing up close so you guys can see this look at this you know those little fur little faux fur Russian hats as well like I'm doing that thing where you're so excited then you put all your outfits on at once to be completely honest with you right you can buy these anywhere whenever I go to a Christmas market I always pick one of these up I've never had a cream one though and it breeches this on we need to look really to look reach these hats I love or hate some people love them some people hate them but what I do think is that they genuinely keep your head warm and this was two pound fifty actually they do keep your head warm when it's cold you don't even care this stinks this smells and it says this says poof hmm guys a hilarious work this is so ugly this looks like we've gone back to pensioner its stinks I did it smell it's looks like a scarecrow out for you know when the SCAF grow they have a top on and they're got all this drawer like hanging out this side this bitchy looks like a scarecrow outfit no bueno this is a particularly sexy red dress thin material it's made of quite flimsy material I'm not gonna lie but the triops is one lady in red dress it's quite thin so everything is on show I love it to suck him so hard right now this is very very sexy probably a little bit too sexy for me I like a little bit sexier than there's like high woman over it's cute though okay this is a varsity jacket I think was it jump off young district is this young district and it's got some Asian writing on it again it's a little bit fake varsity the sweater material isn't great on it let's get this on right so this one this jumper looks like on it's not ugly design but I don't know there's something that's not kosher about it it doesn't look right oh my gosh I picked up this bra it's a new look bra but it's cute okay yes little balconette you look bra there I'm not gonna try to browse the you guys I might do a underwear haul if you want to see me doing underwear or let me know I'll keep balconette it's even got the new look like badge on it so we know it's from new look it's made of a nice material eight Paris I've got a top that looks very very similar to this um I'm gonna try that on it's just a nice little casual like top then it goes so casual too like swag that Oh miss expensive yes but I was only five pounds look at that I love that little button detail on there sometimes it's just the little details that making a lot of difference it's literally a really basic top I get stuff like this on a box that's quite nice there but we want a bundle do you know what I saw it on why do they have this this is just a synthetic ponytail it's kind of shiny though and that's a decent piece size if I do say so myself well that isn't even bad hair you know for a little synthetic for five pounds this was two pound fifty as well you're looking for synthetic clip-in you might be able to go to everything five pound this is like one of those half head ones that you put in just the back or just the top oh bad at all it skin and it's quite full I mean I'm not advising going by a human hair we from everything pride pounds if you're looking for some extra body or volume for a night out but then finally I've got this little black dress let's try this on this is very nice this is not made of right great fantastic amazing material but it's the same kind of stuff you can get on pretty little things so 15 to 25 pounds so it's for this being firepower this is a really nice style wow that's cute though this is a little going up slinky dress not thick material not like yay and you know wonderful but it's not it's not bad at all listen I love showing a little crab oh cool you know little caracal goes a long way if you don't have cleavage you have clavicle I'm done I'm going to give you my final thoughts right so that's it that is my review on everything 5 pounds I'm still wearing the dress and nothing it um I do think this right is great to go to for like casual home wear and it's obviously from a lot of mainstream more affordable stores and they're sending it for 5 pounds which is great and that stop that would have probably you know they got went to landfill or maybe been set on fire or some I don't know I don't know how each store works but I feel like it's quite a nice place to go to not for like styling your whole wardrobe you might want to just go over there because you're looking for some pajama sets so I thought I'm not I'm not mad at it I think the site is cool it's not a curated style there's nothing amazing about the side of the items some of them are quite cheap and thin material some of them are quite nice and I do feel a little bit more comfortable knowing that a lot of the items are like offcuts from our high street stores although it was like from Primark I don't mind new look but yet it's affordable for those of you who are looking for something it for a bit more of a bargain everything 5 pounds and in total I spent 170 pounds so yeah I think like I got a lot for my money there for sure ok guys I think that's it from me if you're not following my social make sure you check me out and if you're not subscribed do subscribe you can just press the red button and yeah oh no you're not I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it cause it clear out and organized actually if you want to see that let me know give me a thumbs up cuz I'll I'll film myself doing that so you guys a lot of people are like what does your room look like what does your closet look like I got bags actually bags of clothing but I plan on giving a lot of way to charity and also trying to sell some to raise some money for charities so keep your eyes peeled okay guys thank you for watching and I'll see you later bye you


  1. I styled my whole wardrobe on everything5pounds when I was a size 14/16 and made good money back when I lost weight and sold the items back. You just have to have a good eye for fashion with these stores .

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