I should be studying right now… (Fashion Kart) Episode 15

I should be studying right now… (Fashion Kart) Episode 15
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Baby Mario gameplay.


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what's good I'm gonna suck it welcome back to res new video listen welcome back to fashion place episode 15 which means it's Baby Mario Stern shelfs told people on the street right about now for something that codes for Mario or baby more and actually in the last episode and if you wanna shower the next episode on all you gotta do is leave your best lugar stuff for Luigi down in the comments and I mean they will read you obviously right don't submit your course Luigi I've um pathos in the video or bit more or actually gonna go with it's all the way down here I can't believe it go to base we'll go with the standard score sort of real strange and go into normal blue nf for the glider which is kind of pick the regular one and as you can see I've created a little red and dark blue cards which I think looks very good on baby Mario and then it's all set up right there so let's take your line I see you bigger win some races as I'm making this video right now I should maybe be studying most of you guys probably know by now that I have a test week next week which is also I didn't swim last Saturday I just really want to focus on like getting good grades there it's not like I need the grace because I'm already looking very good with all the grace this year but I just wanna like ant a year on a good note I still wanna talk about at least something right then I wanna like you know as a whole week without any uploads or stream source or flight so I just miss the stream I sacrificed a live stream and I I didn't study yesterday yes but not as much as I wanted to I think it's kinda it's so hot outside to the point so I don't have enough concentration and I get the strength it's quite easily then so just trying to study and again I was in London this last week so I couldn't study then so I have to do all the study work in this week and try say I've got to test tomorrow and a very good video it's not a small idea I know but I know that if I would have tried to studied right now then I would probably go distract anyways and I'll do too much so I decided that I don't want to run a video today and just you know try to study in the evening when it's a bit cooler outside I under nearest route it's gonna work you're gonna see it next week when I rant about how bad the test when tomorrow probably no I thought I school I go to yeah that's like three semesters each year the first second the third and each semester you can you can redo two tests right if you've got a bad script on the test you can just redo it a few weeks after and I never done better on a test this semester yet so I can still retake or redo two of them so even if I do choke this test week I can still read through a few of them and try to get the grades better but it's gonna be alright I really have to try my best to like not make this year again my grades are all looking very good I just want to like end it on a good note I don't wanna like choke the end here like even though I will still get this and I was so fast yeah I don't wanna like you know I don't wanna make it worse just because I can I don't want to still try my best and actually you know maybe try to actually get my grades up even more but if you still got a test to go now when you're watching this video then just get off this video may just stop studying right now you probably need it honestly just don't waste your time on YouTube when you should be studying and if you reach you have summer vacation maybe you already have summer vacation and then you can just relax and watch as many videos as you want probably so you know just take this time you have for now into you know studying a few White's less for me out there you go oh no wait nice place makes it a better school and YouTube almost like creates a paradox for me because I've always said I always say that school goes over YouTube and that is what it is oh so when I've got a test coming up then I just don't want to make a video because I will feel bad because I know that I'm not studying for tests as I should then if I got a bad grade 10 I can I blame it on making a video what ends up happening is I do get a good grade on the test but instead of making a youtube video I just watched YouTube and for like an hour or two right so I could have spent those hours into making a video but I didn't because I would have felt bad for not studying so it's like a paradox I'm still not doing studying work even though I should but I kind of shooting because I will get a good fit either way I just can't figure it out and so like my school's really suffering from it either like the lowest grade I call it wasn't an out-of-time for German and I say anything happens I say I didn't want to make a video for the next day because I want to study but I could just watch you – because it's like yeah I could watch your own video real quick and it's just like an infection and so I guess but I'm just really sure it doesn't really hurt my school mostly just hurts my youtube channel it all comes down to just terrible planning to be honest though at the end of the day I just gotta like make sure that my planning gets a bit better I should probably watch less YouTube and spend time into making YouTube content instead of again watching YouTube because my grace will still be alright a 100% change next year s I will get more study work and more homework in general but right now I'm just talking about this here okay it's almost over Sean you know coming pretty late with this also as I'm making this video my boy Simon is child sure and he's been spectating now for about three races already so it just calms get in oh there you go so I'm actually going okay also by to say if you I suspect that once more then I would have been devastating right David Knight he actually managed to get in the lobby yeah luckily it actually is almost summer vacation because it would just give me a lot more time to it spent on YouTube I welcome on a holiday this vacation I should go to South Africa I'll try to probably vlog their song for nominee with sure what but yeah it's always just so dumb how school or explains everything at the end of the year it doesn't work that way like a test week I can understand that but also going to London and then having Cambridge English exams on the same weeks it's just very stressful almost over so I can almost relax and just make videos all I want but no the final weeks or two because all through this test week actually got another week which I'm not even sure what I'm gonna do that we probably do nothing at school I still school I for one more trying to chill chill I and we're not gonna do anything whatsoever in those weeks just like keeping you there you have to do nothing but it also gave me time to make videos and stuff so I can't complain too much but it's just them yeah okay Stoke if you test the swab this test week but not really important tests they're still somewhat important today don't count as much to wash your final grade s the test in the test week I actually know some of you guys from the US or already like out of school or they have some summer vacation house so let me know that's you down in the comments this might be fun for you guys to know us all tomorrow I've actually got a physics test and a history test when am I gonna choose physics next year and I will choose history so I probably got over and it's really a bit more for the history test and again my grade 4 history it's already better than a my grade for Phase six so I might be a might be better off studying for the fifth it's just very confusing okay I don't like this and I'm gonna make sure what I should have heard on Tuesday because I've got the Cambridge exam the first exam the first two parts of the three paws exam I think I have to like take those two tests in a week off to the test week it is very confusing I know it okay I'll stop explaining this because just not going anywhere to be honest but it's going anywhere though it's this call service they should be working out quite well Lucas is I had a best artist reinstall this car that actually works quite nicely we've been done arrives like we've been doing a rightness old video if I do end up getting a bad grade I actually got a pretty valid excuse obviously being in London a few days for having the test week means you can't study and it's not even shown by the way it's literally it just you know an excuse is a reason why I can't help affected school plans out this way I'm not gonna make it to London because you know I like going to places but to be honest oh I thought you already master we should even think about that stuff and I'm getting sniped all around here okay I still think this game kind of sticks can you play why so you know you guys can give me some feedback on this as well do you like me to a should just be silent for a few like race and try to get some highlights or do you guys prefer me just talking about stuff if you like a more Goodreads more skill-based and it's more interesting with the custom sex and stuff and on this game is so it's boring it's always so it comes down to to be honest this game literally has online rubber-banding which is so sad like I don't even know why but they gave this name online rubber-banding and it's not even with speed though it's actually items and I'm really sure if it's called super abandoning but yeah it ever gonna fall in touch if you're in the last place it's not even in like lost but like oh it's works is you guys already noticed for at least a few of you guys notice the game gives you items depending on how far away you are from first place so you could be second you can be second and it's super far away from the first place and you can get like bullet bills and lightning bolts okay maybe the lightning bolts but you definitely get stars and stuff like that so it's kind of like rubber banding it just destroys the skill gap whatsoever and it's no fun oh oh no no like that dude is place I keep loosing the finish line that's bad also easy it's like right around the corner at least Nintendo Sparta v3 it's coming very soon a few expectations I have for III obviously Smash Brothers will be very for sure but I'll tell you see some more create a large DLC you know it's gonna happen most likely I know I'm not counting on that it's already in there an expectation but it's a hope at least I do expect that they were actually gave us some more information about Morocco tool which will be coming next year I believe so hopefully that will give us some more information on that that's probably all you can only form Oracle twice you know more go to the next more a card game comes to the phone studies so we're gonna see how it goes I'll maybe make a view tomorrow talking about Smash Bros at e3 that I'm not quite sure so yeah let's go so again I've got a test we can all that stuff this video is kinda about my test week and I kind of want to see how I'm gonna do this I must have time to make at least one video here we go can I make slow come back here the end maybe fifth place no please oh man again at the end right there alright that's gonna do for this video if you guys enjoyed please make sure you leave like them learn also subscribe more more card videos on the channel and all the more your games like I'll see you in the next episode which will be probably tomorrow crying about our best test so and again I'll seal like our self goes I already go and study right now in a Nissan cleaner and it's edit this video I'll see you guys tomorrow or maybe not enjoy your stay

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