I Frank Ocean in #mycalvins – Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Global Campaign

Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the Fall 2016 Calvin Klein global advertising campaign spotlights an evolved cast of talent that encompasses actors, musicians, cultural icons, athletes, fashion idols, social media heavyweights, artists, and professional and street cast models – often paired together to create a dynamic and artful mix of visuals.

Read more about the cast at ck.com/mycalvins
welcome back to your show please welcome our special guest run Oh if you start a habit like and keep it up for four or five weeks and then you stop you feel like you're missing something in your day that's what music is for me feels like a necessary uh act it takes a mind to worry a conscience to feel ashamed but there's no place to hide out here these skies are filled with planes you just sort of like romanticize something that's in the past which is fantasy because it's not exactly how it went down fantasy plays like the role of almost like a supplement drawn fantasy to make things a hyper real I guess saturate the colors oh boy

49 thoughts on “I Frank Ocean in #mycalvins – Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Global Campaign”

  1. With hindsight, this was such a great teaser for his album rollout. The Mitsubishi Sony bed, the blonde woman, the early 90s aesthetic, romanticising and fantasising about your past.

  2. Frank, you gotta hurry up & drop somethin man time is tickin you gotta keep building on your legacy. Even if you don't drop an album just drop SOMETHING. We need that crack music you sell we are all drug addicts for that shit lol. Until then Ima keep replayin this ad…

  3. He must be talking about listening to music because the self-centered taking-himself-so-fucking-seriously motherfucker keeps postponing release of that 2nd album.
    His fans are getting REEEEEALY tired of it.

  4. I mean, can I at least get a five second clip of new music? Seriously, I don't ask for a lot of things in life; I pride myself on being simple, but this is just bananas.

    Me and my crazy ass has literally been going to this man's Tumblr page just to see if I missed anything.


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