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Hey guys, this is a HUGE HAUL of all of the clothes I got for my kids to go back to school. Some of the places I shopped at were Old navy, Kohls, Under Armour, Target, and Shoe Carnival. Hope you enjoy and if you do please give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe 🙂




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hey guys welcome back to my channel for today's video I am going to be showing you a back-to-school clothing haul this is going to be for Austin and corner Jackson will be starting a Mother's Day Out program at the end of this month so I'll do a separate video when it gets closer to that time talk about things that he needs cuz I don't exactly know what all he needs for his program yet so this is strictly gonna be Austin and Connor and for this video it's just clothes and shoes I'm going to do a separate like haul of like backpacks and school supplies and stuff so that will be up later this week but for today I'm just doing clothing and shoes I'm gonna get started I just don't happen to have Austin in front of me um now I didn't go to several different places I went on during Tennessee's tax free weekend so I saved a ton of money places had all kinds of cells going on so um I have found I went last year for the first time um during the tax-free shopping season and I fell in love they have not only do you save money on taxes but places really do have some great sales my kids were out my parents house this weekend so I was able to make a plan of what I wanted what I what kind of stuff I knew I wanted to get for them and stuff like that so you know just that oh wait that always is helpful for me to go into it kind of knowing what I want just I usually just get the basics for them I have boys they typically only want to wear comfy clothes and stuff like that so that's kind of what I go into it with I try to get inexpensive inexpensive clothing for the most part nothing I bought was over $20 so keep that in mind um maybe a pair of pants no I don't think I spent over $20 on anything except for the shoes so the fact that I'm considering some of these items to be more expensive tells you that I tend to shop cheaper and I did get a couple brand items for my kids but I tend to shop at like Target Carter's Kohl's where else start shop Old Navy I got some Under Armour stuff so I'm just gonna go through and I do get um certain kids certain things at certain places because each of my children are built very differently so I'll explain that as I get into it but and it'll make more sense so let me get started with Austin and the first thing I have is so this is just a pair of sweatpants but I got these at Target and these are the art class brand okay and these were not on sale they were 14.99 which is not bad they also had this super adorable top that goes with them it's a thin like sweatshirts sweatpants it has this really cute like zipper detail on the side on both sides I had him try this on and I thought it was so adorable the pants are kind of tighter down in the leg but baggy around the waist and he looks so cute in this so I got him that but that'll be perfect for like the fall when it starts to get cooler it's cooler in the mornings and stuff but it's still lightweight enough that it'll be okay for in the eat um the afternoons and he can just wear like a light jacket with it in the morning I also got him these pants at Target these were 17 I believe they were $17.99 I don't think these were on sale but they're just like this burnt orange they're skinny jeans I just thought these would be super cute for the fall they're joggers and they have a flexible waist drawstring waist oh and then I got him these blue jeans at Carter's art Carter's in Oshkosh or in the same store so but these pants don't even feel like blue jeans they are so soft and stretchy and so these are just a pair of blue jeans that got for him this is what I think he'll want to wear to school on the first day I got a pair of Under Armour's shorts at academy they were on sulfur 14.99 and if you know Under Armor clothing you know it's pretty expensive it's normally like $20 a piece $25 apiece I got him those gray shorts and this red top so I think he's gonna wear that on the first day both of those were $14.99 a piece I got him this t-rex ash cause sure it was on clearance for $4.99 because you can just never have too many t-shirts the rest of this is just t-shirts for Austin I got him that target had all their t-shirts on sell for $5 piece so I got it that t-rex one at ash Kosh I got this when I argot it says always three steps ahead because Austin is he is extremely clever and we always joke around about it so it just fit him perfect this is just a little video game one this dinosaur one just cute all of those were $5 and then this one was eight I got this one at Oshkosh as well and just a spider-man one so that is everything except for I did get Austin a pair of socks or a pack of socks at Kohl's he loves these adidas socks I got these last year for them and they love them because they're very thin so I got him another pack of these and then I'll show you the shoes he picked out their Nikes and we got these at Shoe Carnival they're a buy one get one half off plus I had a $10 off coupon if you spent over $74 plus I had like $10 in shoe perk so that's a great place if you go there you will get coupons and stuff and they always have ways for you to save money if you have multiple children so that's a great place to go plus I went on tax free so I didn't have to pay for tax either so these are the shoes but they don't have any laces they're just super stretchy so soft and comfortable so and he loves them he loves how easy there to slide on so in there black so they'll go with everything he loved these okay so that's everything for Austin now I'm going to show you Connor I'm gonna start with Connor Connor is built differently than Austin so Connor is much more petite and slim so I get the majority of his clothing at Old Navy so you'll see a lot of the things I bought him are from Old Navy the first thing I'm gonna show you for Connor I got him this sweat suit set and it's a t-rex Connor is obsessed with Dinosaurs I'm sure I've mentioned that like a million times on here but I saw this and I had to get this for him but it's a sweat sweat hoodie like sweat suit set it has a t-rex arm with spikes and then the pants look like this they're just sweat pants with t-rex on the knees and I thought these were adorable I knew this is something he would love got this shirt to go with it but he can also wear it with other outfits this little dinosaur shirt it's again it was 1099 but I know it was on sale so Old Navy has these leggings for boys and Connor they just fit him so well he has such a straight like petite frame they have these little leggings and he loves these things they're so comfortable until I got him a pair of dinosaur ones and they're perfect for fall like I said when it's not super hot and not super cold I got him those and I got him a pair of camo did get him a pair of black skinny jeans and I just know he is gonna be so cute he looks adorable in skinny jeans because he's just so tiny he's gonna be so cute um but yeah these are stretchy comfortable and I just love their jeans so Connor is 6 years old but he wears a 5 T so that tells you how tiny he is Jurassic world's he I believe this was six or seven dollars at Kohl's and he said he wants to wear this on the first day of school he's got they guys have tons of shorts to wear so I didn't really focus on buying them shorts just because I bought several before we went on vacation over summer so that wasn't anything I was concerned about buying I also bought him this shirt this is a little t-rex from Toy Story so cute I got him these neon yellow shorts he can wear with that shirt or he can wear with oh this is another shirt I got an old Navy I knew there was one other so I got him this shirt he loves you know the Avengers and Hulk and Iron Man and all that so I thought this was just a really cute little shirt he can wear so these shorts will match several of their shirts and then he loves the Hulk so I caught him another Hulk shirt because you can't ever have too many so I just got him this and you know Tennessee doesn't ever get like super super cold in the winter and they can always wear a really warm jacket and I just feel like you can never have too many t-shirts so I do focus a lot on the t-shirts they like to wear a lot of sweatpants my kids do so these are the shoes that Connor picked out he picked out these Skechers these Skechers lights is what they're called and they're velcro now see these have a little button that you can turn on and off so and they're pretty bright I don't know if you can fix this so they're pretty bright but Connor loves the color green and so he picked these out but they're it's kind of nice because they're they are adjustable so even though there's this they you can't adjust so but he saw these he was in love it was a really easy shoe shopping day they both went in picked out their shoes and we were done and then also I did get him a pack of socks at Target I got in the cat and Jack brand Connor doesn't have as wide of feet as Austin so it doesn't bother him to have thicker socks these socks are thicker he actually gets colder tends to get more cold than Austin does so it's better for him to have warmer socks in the winter and stuff so that's all I have for now if you like this video please give it a thumb and if you're not already make sure you subscribe and ring the notification Bell and later this week I will upload another video showing you guys some of their school supplies backpacks lunchboxes all that kind of stuff so I'll see you later this week in the next video bye guys

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