How To Wear A Peacoat/How Men Of Any Age Can Style A Peacoat

In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses how men of any age can wear a peacoat. He talks about why the navy peacoat is a men’s style classic!

Banana Republic PeaCoat


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what's up you too Jeffy style of G and in today's video we're gonna talk about how to wear that pea coat if you're new to the channel we releasing this video every day at 4 p.m. each day discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as style and dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us into my returning friends like Mike Riggs salute so one of the questions I often get asked on this channel are what are some of the menswear basics that I could weird now if I'm a younger guy and we're 20 to 25 years later when I'm a dad's age that's simple one of them the peacoat so okay now just got in the pea coat how do you wear it no problem on today's video I got a lookbook to help you do just that so I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to let you know and introduce you to the newest member the style Jeep family my nephew Brandon but more important model Brandon you're gonna see a lot more of this young man in our future videos helping me and so you don't have to see this old man all the time putting outfits on so say what's up Brandon I get out of here we got some work to do alright back to the video so with all that being said I got four looks in our lookbook today – one Brandon – one yours true hey so your Pico can be worn by both the young and the young at heart so without further ado let's get into this lookbook now for our first look today we're gonna go Beauty before age and show you Brandon's first look we starting out with the most casual look of the day as Brandon shows you that although you're a younger guy you can throw on a pea coat to jazz your age up a little bit he has on what I call a standard Philly or young guy uniform pair of jeans Tim's and a t-shirt in this case a long black t-shirt on top of it he rocks this simple navy pea coat a coat that I can wear and of course he can wear it and he doesn't look too old or look like he's trying too hard now for our second look at today we have myself yours truly and my casual look now of course I'm a little older than Brandon so a casual look for me might be a pair of gray slacks a great tournament and my favorite sneakers my Stan Smith but being though this is a look for me I need a coat that's a little spiffy but not too dressy of course I throw in a navy pea coat as you can see it's same coat that Brandon had on but I'm wearing a little more different a more mature respectable peak coat look for guys my age a little older or a little younger now for Brandon's second looking today we have something a little more dressier than the first time but not too stuffy like a suit and tie brand is probably not gonna wear that too often but he what he will wear in circumstances like he has a nice date with a chick he really digs what he want to take somewhere kind of fancy for him you can throw on something like this pair of chinos pair loafers suede loafers to give him a little kick his v-neck sweater over a white dress shirt once again of course he has the same Navy pea coat that's what we talked about pea coats of course but here you can see he also can wear this to a job interview that tech company or something like that so all I know if you're thinking about stepping your look up you don't want to look too old throw on something like this with a navy pea coat over it and last but not least for my second look of the day we have a more dressier option of course Brandon might not wear a suit and tie off someone my age or in the field that I am in they do but if I don't want to get super dressy an overcoat I can throw on a pea coat to give it a little bit more of a casual edge as you can see here I have my nice double-breasted lightweight wool suit on top of it the navy pea coat of course to go along with this suit I have my light dress shirt a navy tie and tonight make it too dressy I have a player of double monk strap shoes put it all together same coat and every look one differently by both guys but still is age-appropriate for both of us now before we end today's video I wanted to get you guys feedback did you like it I included Branden in the video would you like me to bring more people in so you don't have to look at my mug all the time I know I get tired of looking at me sometimes I so I know you have too so that being said let me and Brandon know how you felt you did in the comment section if you want me to mix it up okay so there you have it a lookbook oh hi guy young and a little older can both write a peacoat let me know in comment section what you thought as always I hope you the video so hit that like button helps the channel to grow and of course join a notification squad it's you missing individuals released every day at 4 p.m. Eastern and I see you tomorrow

41 thoughts on “How To Wear A Peacoat/How Men Of Any Age Can Style A Peacoat”

  1. He looks like a slob,that is really bad taste with your Timberlands open like that. You look like a little boy in aGrown Man body. When you wear jeans, Iron and press those pants. If you want to impress the Ladies ,step your game up so that stand out instead of looking like everybody else. There is nothing that interesting about a young Black who is supposed to be Grown wearing wrinkled pants. Where is your sense of style.There is none that I can see in that picture. That is very embarrassing to see someone who does not know how to put the most basic things together.

  2. It's good that you have incorporated a family member, hopefully it can give you a younger audience….I think that it a beautiful thing, just don't let him wear any of your biker leather jackets or you may have 3 divas to deal with. Lol

  3. Although I love ur swag STYLE OG seeing Brandon was cool too. I like the mix of age appropriate styling. Two thumbs up for Brandon but donโ€™t completely remove urself because ur the original. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. I like that you brought in your nephew because it allows you to not just talk about looks and styles that can cross generational gap but actually show that they can cross the gap. Keep it up!

  5. This was and excellent idea. I knew you were a smart man. Always thinking 2 steps ahead. Great addition to the team, and I too agree with the audience Brandon is an awesome asset to the team. Good Job and I salute the both of you. Happy New Years O.G. and Little B .

  6. Great video. I think its cool that you have involved Brandon. I think he would be good for modeling clothes, but You do a great job with your videos. Can You do a video on how you grew your YouTube channel so fast?

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