How to trick people into thinking you're good looking

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hello there friends and welcome my tutorial on how to trick people into thinking you're really good lucky if you were born really ugly like me have no fear there's steps you can take to be good looking kind of I've already taken some steps before we even start I bleach the absolute shit out of my hair and I tan my skin because if I did it would look like an albino if you don't want to tan your skin you can use fake self-tanner that way you can ruin all of your clothes and when it washes off you can look like you have been alive if you're blind as a fucking bet like me make sure you get contact lenses glasses are for douchebags I also have a retainer now that you've got all that down it's time to start getting ready step 1 take a shower because you're probably dirty oh that probably took a while cuz you're one ugly mother now it's time to do make literally take a bunch of makeup on your face meat out now it's time to do your eye makeup I like to use colors like black because it says I'm a whore the goal is to make yourself look nothing like yourself perfect if you're thinking about going with a more natural look let's be serious you're way too ugly to pull that off now it's time to put on some fake Whore lashes and drawings and cartoon eyebrows super duper don't forget your Gucci lipstick I like this one because it makes me look like a streetwalker now it's time to infuse your hair that was not good for it now remember since you were born ugly you're probably pretty weird that means God forbid you ever go in public you're probably going to embarrass don't do any of this or this especially not this Emily a little bit of this the next step is go out and get yourself a job that's super degrading I picked dancing in my underwear before I go to work I like to pump myself up by crying over my master's degree now remember there's no cure for ugly but you can make yourself into a human optical engine I like to leave all my old facebook pictures on Facebook so that everyone can know that I really am an ugly motherfucker so there you have it tricking people and just thinking that you're good-looking when you're really just a fucking weirdo I realized that this video is not helpful to men you're just gonna have to find a girl that thinks you're funny

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