Brequet, Hublot, Longines – these watches brand names are widely mispronounced. Let’s ask experts and learn the right way to say these names, and try on time pieces worth $400,000!

Thank you so much, Tourbillon Boutique for letting me shoot in your San Francisco store! (

1. Tourbillon
2. Brequet
3. Blancpain
4. Omega
5. Swatch
6. Jaquez Droz
7. Cartier
8. Mont Blanc
9. Bvlgari
10. Hublot
11. Panerai
12. Breitling
13. IWC Schaffhausen
14. Jaeger-LeCoultre
15. Vacheron Constantin
16. Piaget
17. A.Lange und Sohne
18. Rolex
19. Longines
20. TAGHeuer

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hey guys so welcome to my channel today is another class what I'm gonna teach you how to pronounce luxury watch this name correctly we're going to this very very expensive shop and they're gonna teach me how to pronounce the brand name and they would also let me try some of the most luxurious washes they have so if you're interested continue watching this video so Robert is gonna teach me all of the pronunciation today I wanted to start with your shops name will be on I think the most expensive watch as they have turbulent I yes most of the time pieces that have a torii on movement retail over every classes so that's the average cool so can you show me some of those washes what I'm sure oh my god it looks so good this one retails for one hundred and thirteen thousand oh my god this is the most expensive thing I've ever worn in so the manufacturer of this brand is pub Greg a mm-hmm Oh break gay Greg a pre-k very good yeah your French is so good and you have you studied French no no just because you work here yeah but I speak Spanish so that helps when people get this washes will they wear them everyday um probably not I knew these are mostly where to go out yeah when they go out and do you do you get insurance for that I would say yes but yeah how much would insurance cost I never I honestly I don't know most people do it on their homeowners insurance oh I don't know how much it would be for the like jewelers insurance oh my god but it has more diamonds this is the diamond it was designed up for the first wristwatch ever made and then it was this design this oval show was designed for the queen of Naples so it's called the queen of Naples watch oh wow this watch retails for $300,000 is the most expensive watch that you have I like your eyes you know 300,000 it's not but a lot of it is the diamonds the tiny do people take a loan to buy them or normally what people would just come with us oh they just purchase it yeah they wouldn't take a the cheapest wash from here how much would it be you mean in the ladies room yeah in the ladies pirkei in this section we're in just enjoy in pleasure in general like the cheapest pre-k for like this but without bindings it's I think it's about eighteen thousand eighteen thousand blah blah upon in English but in friendship wavy blond blond thing which means white bread translated oh yeah yeah it has a moon phase a date the time the seconds and you'll feel the weight of the ball wow it's so heavy yeah it's a lot of paint it's good like for a businesswoman mm-hmm for a firm lager every classic yeah sign in the end we're gonna show you washes for four hundred thirty seven thousand dollars so keep watching this is the brand is Omega oh my god in some countries they pronounce it Amiga but Omega but it is yours it from Switzerland Switzerland so there is no correct way it's Omega or Omega but weeks call it Omega Omega is a very unique piece because the diamonds are really more of artistically designed on this watch sixty thousand six two thousand diamond here yep diamonds we are so beautiful yes I'm gonna just forget that we're actually shooting a video a mess very high spec hope that I was like haha so beautiful that's what I do yeah because I learned German sounds pretty easy for me glass cutter it's a little like ooh hooter you have to pretend so this is solid gold it has also diamonds that sort of start out here and they sort of trickle off them on the bracelet it's very popular very very popular a here in America with collectors with Oh okay guys I found something thank you goodbye they have swatch here oh no my okay it's no because they cannot afford others I just like the friends I used to have I think this was my first watch back in Russia for $100 I know how much they cost now but they're really popular the retailer they start out $50 $50 awesome very comfortable silicon yeah I like the touch the swatch one swatch yeah Chuck get a shot kid that off yeah you said it quick it's French or French French okay this company is Swiss company all this artwork that you see on here it's all hand done so it's all 18-karat gold mm-hmm the birds are hand-painted the background is paint and painted and we have mother pearl in the background on the time baby burger a little baby burn this is a watching you may have in your house you like in a box yeah show your friends yeah so this is really me it's more of a piece of art than it is a watch well you know what that is a watch yeah but people don't do loans right for watches loans yeah like finance like car – oh you'll finance we do we do 30 yeah so it's like a car yeah Oh in house we do the financer let me know what guys in comments below which have the voices that I've tried today you like the most you definitely know what I like the most 32,000 632 almost guessed in the shock Tarun doesn't have all of the voices they only have six friends but I wanted to walk around San Francisco and teach you some more brand names so this brand name is very popular for watch is called Cartier Cartier hi so cute it's the first time I see a cat walking around so I have a quick question what's the right way to pronounce the brand name Oh Mont Blanc you actually say the last cake or Alessi Mon Blanc yeah okay thank you thank you so much always always double check the information I just went in he said Mont Blanc so they pronounced dear French people come below Mont Blanc or one lung there is this awesome resource called Google Cove there's just Google mum's lung it's a mountain between Italy and France so if I were in friends I've probably seen one blunt but the company itself is German that's why they pronounce Mont Blanc because in Germany I would pronounce every single letter that's the thing yeah good thank you I just wanted to ask you guys was the right way to pronounce the brand name block with no H and no T right thank you so much I'm filming a vlog I'm teaching people how to pronounce brand names correctly and today's topic is watch so it was just some just walking around and teaching them all of the brands yeah it's lingo marina it's my youtube channel you can go ahead and subscribe okay so the right way to pronounce this brand name is blog no H M no t the right way to read it is bulgar e with you little gray i just find a shop that has so many luxury of rents we're gonna go in and you're gonna have a crash course in two luxury watches brand names let's do it okay Panerai Panera Italian Italian open-air a Breitling it's a German type link cuz it's German I like Turman Schaffhausen this is something I can breathe on my own Gisela quit Gisela called Russia home constant tongue home constant our piace notes here a piace ah Langa point Cerner aloneness British German it's so easy okay and then we have brawl X and longji lunging okay this is the end of the squad guys and I hope everybody who watched this video has an opportunity in his life to buy some of these amazing watches or maybe just another amazing thing because humankind produces so many awesome things so many awesome inventories and we only live once as I already mentioned and as you may know and it's great to try different things in this life both luxurious and no luxurious if you enjoyed watching this video please like it I wish you all guys to find something that you truly love make a lot of money you become successful and we life that you want if you're not yet subscribed to this channel hit subscribe and I'll see you in the next edge occasionally see you soon bye bye


  1. She is so awkward and bimboish. A loan … embarrassing. The affluent do not consider the cost, only the quality. She perpetuates the lowest denominator.

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