HOW TO: MOVING TO NEW YORK NYC Pt 2 | Apartment hunting, JOB Search, Cost of Living, ETC!

MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY VLOG PART 2 !! In this vlog I show you how I moved to NYC for a new teaching position, NYC cost of living, Why I moved to New York, and explore the city searching for NYC apartments. I will tell you all you need to know before moving to NYC. I will explain more details of how to move to NYC, how to find a job in nyc, and how to find an affordable apartment in New york City + MORE! COMMENT BELOW for any questions!



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hey guys so in my previous video I showed you guys my New York experience so today in part 2 on voice explain the entire process hello guys welcome to my channel I'm just kidding I speak American English finishing hello everyone welcome to my channel I'm aunt Aegis also known as a more impatient on YouTube so today I'm going to be talking about my move to New York City go see our city actually um I poured all of the borough's except for seven islands as far as like apartment searching in this video I will talk about you know moving to New York the cost of living in New York um being a freshman at first career moving to New York and also I guess city life and stuff like that so um first I start with saying um I moved to New York last year but I think like what was it October and September October yes at ember so for those of you don't know I am a science teacher that is not where I went to school for I made a team ology but I wanted to be a doctor at the time but I got married and divorced and life just happens and I just decided to change my career I want I've always wanted to own my own business so I did start that on the side but um as far like my main career I just chose to teach because that honestly was my only option as a biology major for those of you guys who major in like Sciences if you're not planning on going to grad school to do like left or research work or either in the hospital then you probably won't find a job honestly in science unless you're doing those um sometimes you can do jobs like engineering but they require you to have experience you know so I'm rather than going back to school I'm already like I don't know like 30 or 40 K in bit like it's hard mycelium arose from undergrad because I was a school out of state I want you Tennessee State University though you know I didn't want to keep building a bit more bills so I did I actually doing a master's program in counseling but that's something separate from what I'm actually doing a teaching so anyway I guess you can visit or through here but last minute I decided to resign and then substitute teach to build my youtube channel because I have a lot of things that want to plan on doing in the future so I felt like it was just a great move to go ahead and do YouTube full-time and then substitute teach which is also an option for all of you guys no matter what your degree is if you do have a degrees you can substitute teach and sometimes the paid like a hundred dollars a day you know and you don't have to go every day so that really allowed me to be flexible with my youtube channel last year um you guys can watch my video if you want to know about that YouTube thing but it basically allowed me to build more money also every month for you know finances and I didn't have my hair cut the other side so fast forward I just I just I don't know why I didn't wanted to move so growing up always want to go to New York but like I never thought about living there and so I was applying for a job a teaching job there and I got it like it was crazy for you so I hadn't saved any money well the money that I had already it was for my rent I was in the middle of the lease and so unfortunately I had to all my youtube money and business money had to go to that so I just Ultimo's to New York I love everything here I did go through Airbnb I do I would recommend you to live somewhere like a nice Airbnb area before you just um try to get any kind of apartment there because that was my situation I couldn't find good housing um in the world that I wanted to live in technically my job was in Bronx but I wanted to live in Queens because Queens was a better area specifically a story it was a really nice upcoming area I had a road map I found a rough him out online and please look at it but it did say that the areas with the least roaches were Astoria and Lindbergh I did not want to live in Brooklyn because Brooklyn was just too far as far as I train ride and I did take my car to New York so I do have time for you know all of that 13 feet of snow and you know so okay so let's go ahead and talk about the move to New York so of course I thought I didn't save money but I you know I favor the Airbnb and they were really sweet know the law and I stayed there now the issue was that my my salary was awesome awesome it was almost $70,000 but in New York you have to make 40 times the rent so that kind of your salary and basically where you're going to stay like so for instance I found an apartment in Astoria which has been clean for about 1650 well that was fine for me because I would be bringing in five thousand dollars a month so and YouTube so you know that was fine but um I didn't get that apartment so I wanted to live in luxury I do not work through it and walk-up building pre-war building and pre-war buildings are older buildings without elevators you have to walk up two flights and normally there's like two 300 people in those buildings I am NOT for that I'm too busy for that understood I am NOT buddy but I mean it's New York but I'm not from me or I didn't even have family there I have a few I actually had to go so like one or two there but like they just move here themselves so I was there by myself I did not want to be in a situation where I'm next door to like for real like I really went to Harlem I did I had a realtor he was doing it for free though but he just helped me out for free to help me look for some and we went to a pre-war building like five or six was I think five or six and they actually did have an elevator but it when I say I walked up here and this guy was I all tattoos neck yet Hispanic guy he was like a rapist girl that whole thing looks like an episode of SVU line orders seriously so I don't know I cannot live here I'm not doing that I'm the type of girl who would like to go bring all the groceries and I don't have time for men's yes like the treatment in New York are real they will hit on you they will follow you that kind of thing is real I don't know about white men because they're different and coaches sometimes but like Blakeney yes so alright so Harlan Harlan was an option for me but I just wanted to make it clean it was a story is but it's a smaller neighborhood and it's more so realistic you actually had parking you have garages you know I'm saying like they it just looked more like home to me um that's something else New York is very small for like 1550 I think this works feet square foot was like 600 650 you don't think so be prepared like when you're moving to New York you're going to be living in a much smaller space in you're used to now if you're not making that's what I was saying about the salary situation so yes I could afford to live in a place in a luxury apartment for like at the least 1800 for studio I wanted a one-bedroom so I would have had to pay we fight mm but parking in those hopes rebuilding are an extra 150 or 250 dollars on top of your rig so you're looking at 20 to 50 already so and for like 750 square feet that's a lot so I mean I was willing to do it but at the same time you have like I said you have to make 40 times the rent and I did not want to pay upfront like the whole years whereas because I didn't know how the situation will turn out so I just decided to say in the loft place and then I eventually just live because like my boss like they really the school they really want me to say they offered for me stay hotels my principal actually when she actually offered me to stay with her in Brooklyn but I just I didn't want to do that I could have lived in New Rochelle but I want to be closer to this beauty like you know because on weekends with I think I think I had to work some sedet to but I wanted to already be in the city so that I could explore New York City I think the city life is nice but it is like I said expenses if you have your own tape and keep the mind I do not want to do a roommate situation so it was going to be more expensive for me but I would definitely encourage you to we save up five or six thousand dollars because I was six thousand dollars in New York is really nothing when I first moved there the first or two-day at first more two days I got a ticket for $100 hundred five dollars a street parking ticket and he wrote it in my face and I'm like bro I was upstairs like three minutes my co-workers were my getting out of the window they were like no she's coming down like please alright ik he still did it like I'll walk up there and I was like look bro and then I think about it I'll wait a minute girl you put it up on a black lives matter campaign makes me so you show I'm like wait I am I'm not walking up on you but I'm just saying like can you give me a break I just moved here I contacted from out of state when you didn't care like LAPD they are ratchet they are ruthless by seriously so I'm telling you money bands like it's water in New York and that was another good part about living in New York some apartments especially like certain luxury buildings they will pay for utilities by the site that I found for 1650 it was perfect all of the utilities were paid except for cable and so that was awesome they have all that included so when you're looking on the website I'm going to list them for you in the description spot when you're looking for that on these sites especially Street easy and naked apartment those who were the best choose to look at their rivers idiot they give you up-to-date pictures they give you the next not numbers and names because the buildings and the people the Realtors make sure you look in the small print in all the details like whether parking is included or if not if you're bringing your car on make sure that you're looking at in the area for parking garages if they don't have parking also make sure that you look at weather utilities are included or not so that you can know what to expect to factor in for your finances also stay away from buildings that have restaurants in them I've been told that most of them are the ones that have rats and roaches and stuff because of the Pheo eating it up so um that is another point here um like you know Stephanie got making $70,000 it's cool it really is in New York it is but like I said um you can also every day like first then start there and they move in like places that you know weren't there we're kind of hood in Harlem and in certain areas they were robbed like they were probably four broken into and it's easier to break into those older buildings so you do have to be careful with that also make sure that you get with someone that's actually from New York to tell you what blocks to stay away from and whatever you know I'm saying also you need to look at the gentrified neighborhood New York is really doing what they call ginger potato they're basically rebuilding up old hood and making them more modern now at the same time those people that are from the area are still living there so if it's a good area it's not to be a hood Nick graphic it's just that the buildings would be nicer and hopefully that will attract more I don't know wealthier people hope so just think about that but like I said if you're there you're not you're in your career you have a good salary you can look at getting a roommate but I am going to leave websites that they told me or a roommate but there just wasn't an option for me I'm not really a type of girl I never make the college and it worked but after while it didn't so I just I'm too grown for that I just don't be ruined I'm sorry um I like to do a lot of weird stuff like I like to dance all around my apartment just for just no reason like like a hold of surgical dancer I do a lot of stuff I listen to music and I've come YouTube videos so what if I'm filming this video at 2:00 in the morning like my roommate is going to be upset or if they're playing music or if they're talking on the phone I don't want to have to ask them to stop talking so that I could film that was my issue living with my mom so you know overall my experience in New York was really Pleasant I drove 16 and half hours from Memphis Tennessee to New York so and I did it within I did I think tennis I drove ten hours two and a half hours the first day and then I stayed over in Roanoke Virginia I think and then I did the six hours of into New York and I live in not burdened now to be honest Rockville and like Mount Vernon and there are certain parts of rock technically that Westchester County that are very nice if you watch the video pop New York New Rochelle is an area that a lot of the celebrities live in especially like Peter Gunz and Cisco yo as you look at their neighborhoods those are really nice areas Trump Towers they have one in New Rochelle I actually wanted to stay there but I heard when they had roaches I did one of the wheels just told me that only oh now honey you can um as far as Brooklyn both I really did before Brooklyn as much but they kept trying to give you a label on Flatbush and I know they certain areas of Flatbush is okay certain areas are food so I did the fact that I worked in Bronx I didn't want to have to get up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to get on the train just to make it to work at 7:00 you know I didn't want to have to go through that there's more train stops from Brooklyn than it is from Queens from claims all I would have have taken with the in train and the two or the four train and maybe one bus or walk to work you know but when it's in the rain and my virgin brazilian here i would not play like i cannot i cannot walk anywhere so that's why i'm a vehicle girl I'm really independent I like to go to the grocery store in my car I don't like to you know use public transportation I'm not above it but everyone in New York doesn't do that I mean a lot of them did put some of them out but a lot of them are normal with I without heart there but that's not me so you have to factor that in it's like I said there's barely any parking for anything like I would use to having like plasmas and dollars show you the classes and stuff like that or Vagelos and class mmm you like sometimes you will be on the street walking up to McDonald's and you have to walk up to it like there it's like a storefront type of house or situation where you can't go in McDonald you have to sit there place your order outside and wait I am not that girl I cannot do that I can't do that I like to go inside of establishments or do Drive you know there are some drive-thru was especially clean um there are some protein bra the other some actually um like around 170 sausage Street I can't recall but it is a square by where the Mikey dude I heard they're building a new site to tell you New York was really fun though I really explored it I had a whole two weeks to do it before I started my work my job so it was really nice I'm not going to discourage anyone from moving there but to be honest for the money to shopping in New York you can go to like Dallas or Houston or somewhere else more normal with more space and get way more square footage for your money I'm almost 30 like I don't think that I'm not the type of girl anymore that's used to just living on like being by myself like I want a family I want children I want at least six kids so I'm at the stage I'm trying to get my own home and I cannot see myself doing that interview our city is too small I want to port footage I want a nice yard for my cousins and nieces and nephews all of those to come over so that's why I'm actually moving to Dallas tomorrow so if you guys are watching this by now I have already moved to New York and I've already moved back from New York so I just want to give an update for those of you who have been questioning me and asking me about like you know tips and tricks for New York living over is very expensive if you're playing – ooh BRR everywhere I mean it really is you might as well get a rental car because you all bad so I mean it's different but if are like me being there myself I really wasn't nervous going there I don't know why you're like everyone else would be but I don't listen to your already before years ago so it wasn't like oh my god like I mean if anything it was more of like a culture shock saying so many people like most people you meet from New York are not even from New York they really are a lot of the friends that I have from New York Bay are screaming to get out of New York so a lot of those people are from like other countries you can't assume the people are black but kind of in a start girl I walk this to a black girl or a guy and both and I start speaking English you guys make looks like it's some kind of other language and I was like so you're not black like your other guys so yes and it's a lot of Hispanics there I see why a lot of New Yorkers say that he's bending some black of the same because they really are like they are the same area they look just like this we move accounting okay so yeah that's my experience you guys have any comments or any questions below comment and I will answer as far as my salary starting off I'm going to say I will sign off in New York as a teacher in New York City School District like you know the main NYC School District they only started about 51 or something like that I started off at 57 because I work at a prep school a pair of high middle school that has a high school too so that's why I got more like way more almost like 2,000 but you know so I wanted to say that part too but even if you have a degree in other areas you can consider teaching in New York also because they'll give you a year to get certified and take basic for classes or five and get certified so if you're thinking about that if you want to change your career you can do that or you know you can substitute teach in Jersey or New York living in Jersey was not an option for me because it's $15 okay I forgot to mention that right but the really petty part about New York that I really hate it with the parking situations and the fact that you have to pay to get to each borough except for like Harlem and bran and if you're going on the street way but like if you're trying to get to Queens from Bronson you're going to pay $1 and 5825 each way each way the sixteen dollars like what if I just want to go be I went to Sephora but and I was like man I just checked out $15 K and you have to have cash or either have it set up on your on your own easy pad they don't accept debit card so you're stuck with this ticket I think I have to write I do know one from Jersey now from Jersey is $15 going and I think what about going and coming but definitely going so that was just ridiculous you can't get an easy path and it does cut the discount like 550 within the inner city borrows and then I think 1150 coming from Jersey but that just wasn't worth it if you wanted to like leave and if you have to like come back home for emergency come back that's just too much money it's Teddy money and I think it is a little cheaper in Fort Lee that's where I did kind of look when I figure Hotel over there but I wanted to live in New York so Jersey wasn't an option for me but getting it over from Jeremy was pretty easy but like I said I did work in the Bronx so if you're working or living in Manhattan it may be more congested and different there so I mean Harlem wasn't congested but Manhattan was more so yeah that's pretty it um some good area to live in um I actually heard that one of it West Harlem is better than each item but like there are certain parts of you talking that's poop but I mean if you look at these zip codes and you look at apartment ratings comm they will give you all the scoop on the area you know what the apartments are like even parts of like in would going up towards Bronx if you know northern Manhattan Oberman and whatever Upper West Side going into like like I said Bronx they are doing more renovations in that area and I'm listing but I wanted to say like on what 127 stringent Harlem like they had like the Brooklyn um Brum zone so I did like that and the appliances don't let the appliances fool you a lot of these listings have brand-new appliances stainless steel they look very luxury but once you get inside the building your life horrified and that was my experience I didn't have time to like you dedicate at least two or three days of it but basically a week I actually look for a nice apartment because it takes time sometimes the realtors are out of state or out of business or whatever and it's sometimes it's just hard I did not go with the realtor I did it myself I did use the Realtors to just introduce me to this you know certain listing but you do have to pay a fee if you do have a realtor some of them will say no fee so that's a good thing but if you have the time to research ahead of time before moving now like I did please do that maybe all of the music codes that you need to because that will tell you which areas better and which ones I could which ones I say I've memorized the whole map of New York but there is I could I would need to be lost anymore over there and you can always always borough your on by looking at the bus stop signal the bus signs they'll always have like VX or um Brooklyn is SB I believe or this is a things to do on the quickest but I know Brock bi or Harlem it'll still say Manhattan could be checking in it but you know you can pay attention to the signs and you'll know push for all and all of you New Yorkers please comment eight to because obviously you guys are from there you guys know the city more so commentate my comments in the comment section about any tips for the new people moving to New York and that's it for all the time thank you guys for watching see you guys in my next video moving to Dallas

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  1. I can tell you're a country girl you keep saying "more normal" NY is normal and just wasn't for you! But talking about gentrification as solely good thing? Is not correct. I hope you loved Dallas.

  2. Don't be ashamed of being boogie! You want the best for yourself, that's all that means! I live in the Bronx and when you said you got a hotel here, I almost spat out my food. I was like girl, noooo! Lol!

  3. have your coin and if your more of a person that dont really like a crowd like myself then it can be hard for u because the city is never really dead & im born here and soon as i get a chance I'm out to L.A

  4. finding an apartment is challenging in NY. it seems most everyone finds places by word of mouth or referrals from people who found good apartments. yea but if you want to own a home here one needs money. if you grew up in a house advice your family to wait before selling because it will be worth a lot. real estate is really expensive here.

  5. I'll be moving to NYC this summer too, and I wanted to know if you could give me more detail about the car. Specifically, was it worth it to bring your car to NYC? If so, where do you keep it? and at what cost, if any? I've heard there isn't much parking available for a renter to leave his car throughout the week. I plan to only need my car on the weekends in NYC, but don't know how the parking process works there with renting. Thanks!

  6. i love your personality! ahahah im boujie its okay lmao like slightly boujie but stilll classy ratchet. im looking to relocate to NYC (i was born and raised so im familiar) bc my passion is creative arts, fashion/beauty & im tired of feeling stuck. im 22 and feel like i can move and just start fresh bc where i live ill never get experience bc there is no work that i love out here (upstate ny) i have 2k right now and looking for a roomate(i hate roomies too lmao but im broke) and i feel like its easier to move first bc ive been applying places but they arent calling i feel bc my address? so im still applying but i feel like itll be easier once i actually have an address thats in NYC! im also not tryna live with rats or roaches ughh fml lmaoo. and i also have a car, ugh help me girl. new subbie (:
    i also youtube and blog so having roomates is gonna be diff LOL but tbh idec im ready to hustl! hopefully a job calls me bck, i jst am nt ready to have to drive back and forth for these interviews!

  7. Hey memphis fam!!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ I think it's so inspiring you moved to NY. I moved there this Spring, but left after a few months because the hiring was ssssllllooooowww with the public school system. I taught in Memphis too! How long did it take you to transfer your TN teaching certificate for a NY one?

    Keep up with the vlogs too! I miss the city so much! I plan on moving back in about 4 years once I receive my doctorate in education๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

  8. So I'm from NYC, born and raised in BEDSTUYYYYY! And honestly, I say the only parts of Brooklyn to stay away from is East New York, Brownsville, and Bushwick. Another tip is to not believe that every homeless person, is homeless because I once saw a homeless pregnant woman with some coco Chanel perfume. In conclusion, if you're planning to come to NYC, and take the train. PLEASE PUT ON DEODORANT. Ain't no one got time for your funky tail.

  9. Race and Ethnic group is not the same thing… I am "Black" and I speak another language because my parents are from another country we're just not African American but we are all African people the slave ship just dropped you off in another place.

  10. You are a very bright an responsible young woman . I like how you really did your research and is willing to share and inform someone else. You tickle me about the roaches . I grew up in Cabrini Green projects from 1955 till I got married in 74 . But my parents didn't play that roach thang and most of our friends families didn't either. My children didn't grow up living with them either . Lol I don't do mice , and bugs. Anyway , always be yourself. You will enjoy your life much better. What you don't like and what you do like is part of what makes you , you . I enjoy hearing about your experience . My former sis – n – law is a Highschool teacher in Nevada. She originally taught in Chicago for years. And like you, she learned and is willing to help others .I know this is long , but I really enjoy watching your career . May God continue to bless you.

  11. Everything u experienced apartment hunting in NY is the same I experienced apartment hunting in chicago!! I think it's the southern in us lol. We're used to large Sq ft for great prices lol. I'm glad u had a good experience tho!! Can't wait to see the Dallas vlog!

  12. Thanks for filling us in with this video! I was wondering why you were talking past tense too, until you said you moved. I actually just visited NY (Manhattan area) to visit a friend and because I used to consider moving to NY. And it's crazy you're moving to TX because that was also one of my top choices (preferably Austin area) because I'm a designer and the arts community there is thriving. Thanks for the honesty, I can't wait for the Dallas vlog. I've been saving all year and I'm planning to move for sure at the top of 2018. ๐Ÿ’ž

  13. I live in Philadelphia which is really close to Jersey (practically across the street) and from my understanding Jersey is really cheap. we got across the bridge to get our gas from Jersey because it's cheaper than Philly. Philly is cheap too but if you're looking to move to newyork Jersey is closer to there and I think living in Jersey and working in new york would be a smart idea. They have a lot of nice neighborhoods

  14. I live in San Francisco now. I love the city, but I can't see myself staying here long term either! I'm from Houston originally and I'm used to space and parking. People underestimate how expensive these major cities are…they're great for your career and there's lots to do and see but it all costs $$$$. Yes you can make way more $ in those places but you have to work a lot more to make ends meet. You can make less almost anywhere else and have a better lifestyle

  15. you are a really fun girl to watch and I am happy for you that you are moving and i enjoy watching these kind of videos and you are so beautiful and this video is so fun to watch and I love to see more of your assume videos and i like to see a makeup tutorial or a get ready with me and a how to contour your face and I was wondering if we could talk more sometime and to get to know you and keep up the wonderful work on your videos

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