How to Measure Men for Suits : Neck Shapes & Suit Jacket Collars

Necks that are long or short will have different collars on a suit jacket to reflect the length. Learn to measure a man’s neck for a suit accurately from a fashion designer in this free fashion tailoring video.

Expert: Lauren Bradley
Bio: Lauren Bradley is a professional fashion designer with many years of experience in various parts of the fashion industry.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
So, when you're speaking with your tailor
or maybe the rental place, where you're going to be renting your suit, or someone that is
designing and creating something special for you, one thing to consider is different neck
shapes that you have, which are going to kind of alter the shoulder style that your garment
is going to be tailored in; your jacket specifically. So, if you have a short neck, you're going
to need a square shoulder, if you have a long neck, you're going to need more of a sloped
shoulder and then if you just have a regular neck, you're going to need just a regular
shoulder. So, there's different ways to measure that, or there's different ways to kind of
point out or notice and take into account, meaning what type of shoulder you want based
on your neck, whatever neck you've been given. And, all the necks are fine. O.k. so, most
of it is going to be from here to here, same as we measured our shoulder seam; but I'll
show it to you on paper, so you can kind of tell the difference and decide what you are
because maybe you might be living with a long neck and you just don't realize that you have
a long neck. Alright, so let's look at the pages. Alright, so here we are, shoulder style
normal and that is, it's just like we measured before that point that goes from here to here.
And, then what we have is a sloping shoulder and as you can see I've showed you here, this
is for like a longer neck, right. If you have a longer neck, kind of bring your shoulders
down like that and that is from here to there. Within that, longer, longer meaning, meaning
this way, you know. And, then finally if you have like a short neck and you're stockier,
it would be squarer from here to here. Same thing. So, maybe these diagrams will help
you figure out whether you are a square neck, or excuse me, a square shoulder, a sloping
shoulder or normal regular.

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