Update about how to make “red bottoms” more comfortable!!!!

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well today I'm going to be this is going to be as quick as possible it's not a long drawn-out video so bear with me if I'm talking fast if you have any additional questions outside of what I already stated in the video you can always comment below and I'll be sure to use to you but basically I'm gonna make this quick as possible because it's like really not much to say so basically I don't know where I will close but basically I'm just coming back because I have a little update there it is I got a update on how to make your Christian Louboutin shoes more comfortable so basically that's what this video is about so you saw my other videos if you haven't um I will put the link to the video below and you can just watch that to see exactly what I'm talking about and um basically this is about these big eyes what I did so long sorry sure I was gonna Instagram I follow this girl I don't know if I want to say her name on here because I don't like I don't know if you're able to do that on YouTube or not and I don't know she would even want people knowing her Instagram but however um I followed his girl on Instagram and she has a whole bunch of okra besides whatever she has different styles different colors and I'm like I couldn't understand why somebody will buy so many pairs of these shoe them they're not that comfortable like help me understand so basically she takes her shoe to shoe cobbler and she was okay with um you know telling everybody that so I hit up in her DM and I acted like where's the guy what exactly is this actually gonna make my shoes more comfortable because I don't want to waste no money if it's not gonna make my shoes more comfortable sorry if I'm looking here and there because I have a flip up camera so I'm looking there boo so basically she told me what she do she gets her Hills cut because she gets so Keith which is which are um higher they're 120 and and Mars is only 100 she gets a little sex change and she gets the bottom cover she gets ting stretched so I said okay cool Sokka is really gonna make it more comfortable she said absolutely y'all y'all y'all oh my god when I say this girl was a lifesaver it makes you spending $700 birthday because I felt like I wasted my money on it she wants to be honest at one point I might be hurt I'm never gonna wait up y'all she's the true so basically I took my shoes to the guy he's hearing away and so he's in Smyrna I put his info below and um yeah so I put his info below and if you want to go to him you guys can if you're not in Georgia I don't know I'm his shipping policies and all that type of goods so you can just you know reach out to him well kissing big so first things first I got the he'll set change so this is not the original Realtek I did get some change I don't know if his focus but I did get to change also this is the cover that he put on now it's a little next time I have I have hand sanitizer on that but this is rubber the ones that I had on the ssag was iPad cover so as we were like plastic which made a slippery in certain surfaces this is rubber so not only I don't know if you can see it's a little it gives a little more like platform to the shoe not much where it's noticeable you like oh you're done all ticular shoes nothing like that but it makes it when I say 90% more comfortable I was able to wear these shoes all night feeding her at all and I'll talk on the shirt but she can't really tell that I got in church because it was this has probably been about a month now that I got all this stuff done to it so I got this put on you can tell the difference I got my headset change and I got my shoe stretched I didn't get my hair cut because it's only 100 mm so if I get it cut gonna be chicken nugget like it's gonna be like this there's no need an instant interpreter so I didn't get Mosca so with that being said they were so comfortable on my uh I want every color so what I did was I bought in a little bit I bought another pit I'll build another pit hey but it's not the girls now I'm not quite like I've been doing this because I haven't so sorry Austin's wrong it's a reason 100mm as well and it's patent in the color stop so if I did say it wrong then sorry I said right however I'll do a little unboxing with you so this is the box inner coming mm-hmm no open the box up inside the box pull it up this is inside the box so you have your heel taps is there coming here and um I just have you open it for you come on these are I don't know if you can see these are the hill steps that comes in the box in the side this little key so that's good to keep then you have your dust bag as you already know and then that was like a little movie school that I brought stuff these are finding babies so look and then here these are cut out that is the major difference in these two shoes so these aren't cut out these are and I'ma be honest which I'd never wore them I haven't hit I haven't done any alterations to the yet however I am going to do some these were much more comfortable when I try them on it I it could be I had sexy so it could be because this is cut out it makes it a lot more comfortable and God told me so I don't know how true this is people just say stuff to sell but basically he said this is the so Kate the shorter so Kate Virgin so basically what I did notice the major difference is the hell so this is the hill one the new ones you see our businesses this is the hill on the pagai so if you're looking at it they're the same height however this is a lot thicker so this shows a lot thicker this Hill is a lot skinnier although this Hill is a lot skinnier this shoe just from training always a lot more comfortable than those so I was kind of saying if I have my life to do alterations but I am definitely one do some arts erections on them because I got time to be getting on so many started these are 42 as well I actually go up like a size and a half of mine on these because I don't have time for my feet cheering so this is the other one so I just reached around so these are them together I know some people like stuff like this – I'm not being saying I'm not being like bragging or boasting I'm just showing the shoe because some people like you know the see t-shirt I'll take this out for you really quickly but this is the inside of the shoes this is the front this is violence again these are the hills which is I just feel like these are a lot more sex here so cool so that's the shoe and if um where to put them together you can do your own math about what's different so what I did want to show is you can see the difference in the bottom so this one is not covered this one is covered with the little rubber grip I was able to wear them again all night so I am going to get alterations on slide Rangers gonna come to show you guys that and um update y'all so y'all could be studying with our shooting school so y'all fish strong and not you know be walking like a newborn animal any other so basically that was it that's what I want to come to share with to share with you guys so if you like my video comment below let me know what you like tell me what you don't like tell me what you would like to see and I'll be sure to incorporate it in my future videos so thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my video like life like like like like like my videos give my views up share do whatever you gotta do guys thank you so much for watching all right this is a shameless plug I'm always gonna write for my peoples so the head that I got on today is I don't know if it's in focus or not but this hat is by stoners vintage jeans go when I say it's a man's clothing line but women got a rocket to hit them up like


  1. I can't afford Loubetons but I like looking at them and wishing. Your pink shoes are so pretty. you hardly see women with pink anything anymore. A lady of 101 yrs old still wearing her make up, she was the only one at bingo who didn't need glasses, everyone else had their glasses on. She walked staightter than me. one day when she saw I had a pink spandex top she whispered to me. " Pink makes the boys go wild" I always wondered what she meant by that. But I love pink, red and black. The pink shoes look so sexy with the red on the bottom. I never saw those two colors look so good together. I don't think you were bragging, you were just showing us the shoes I just wish you would have model both pairs for us. I had a pair of Hooker Boots that were just too high for me ,anything higher than four inches is too high for me. I took them to the shoe repair and ask if he could make them shorter by cutting the length of the heel..He said he could cut them half an inch and if he cut more than that because of the platform it would not be even. he said the heel was made the length perfect for the heell and visa versa..Thank you very much for the video. I enjoyed it.

  2. I wanted to watch some reviews on the shoes before I bought a pair. Too many ppl are saying they are uncomfortable. $800 to $1,000 shoes need to be comfortable STRAIGHT OUT THE BOX. There should not be additional expensives for alterations. There are $100 heels that are comfortable. Christian Louboutin is robbing folks. I'll stick to Aldo & Michael Kors ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Omg! Thank you! I have six pair and havenโ€™t worn them because they are so uncomfortable!! My Pigalles arenโ€™t as bad but the others are crucial to my feet! Thanks for sharing! Iโ€™m in Atlanta and will be going to the shoe cobbler tomorrow!!

  4. Hello I wanted to know if you have the guys phone number who did your shoes? When I Google the address you provided doesn't give much info and I'm not on Instagram. Plus don't live in Georgia. I wanted to know what kind of rubber bottom he put on your shoe maybe I can get online or if I knew what it was called I could ask my own cobbler. It looks clear the one mine has was a red rubber.Thank you for your reply

  5. Louboutins

    Angelus Walk on red bottom coat & Restorer


    I love the look of my 7 pairs of Louboutin, but after 3 or 4 time wearing them the red sole under my foot gets damaged, and I have to smothered out the soles and red paint then which is not cheap the alternative is to find a store I ship mine to NYC where they can glue on a not so very pretty red sole protector that is a bit off color and with fedex shipping both ways and insuring $800'to $1200'shoes or boots it gets costly!
    The shoe are made to be gorgeous but in the 140,150 and 160 mm heels are KMDFM shoes and even though I never wear under 4 inch heel for last 25 plus years they are not the most comfortable, which is why I like my platform Louboutin the most! My black Highness 160 are killer! In non plats I like CL 130mm Hot Wave peep toe. In booties the 160 platform CL Miller. In the knee boots the 140mm plats are Bianca in black.
    My only real complaints against Louboutins is that they cost any too much and the Gorgeous Red sole start to look bad after. A very few wearing
    A diy repaint/ dye of the sole or you send to NYC FedEx or USPS and insure them and wait for them to fix the soles or have a not so pretty over sole that is not perfect color or there are DIY clear strips to protect the sole to a degree. I have So Kate, Pigalle, Very Prive and Lady Peep, as well as my red sole boots,Def Booty, and the Botalili tall boots ( knee high)

    Angelus Walk on red bottom coat & Restorer
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    Http:// angelus-walk-on-Red

  6. Love the Pink Shoes! I have the same ones in Pink/Nude and they are more comfortable. I own several Loubs and they are not comfortable, but I love them! They are addictive! I'm Hitting the subscribe button & I hope you do the same for my chanel.

  7. Girl this video is giving me life and hope. I'm about to take my loubs to the cobbler too. Haven't done it yet but I'm already so excited that I bought more loubs, they are coming in the mail soon. Shoot ty for this video

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