How to Get Flat Iron Waves with Celebrity Stylist Andrew Fitzsimons

Learn how to achieve perfect flat iron waves with pro stylist and NatureLab ambassador Andrew Fitzsimons in a few easy steps using NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, Perfect Volume Texture Mist, Perfect Smooth Hair Oil, and a flat iron!

NatureLab Tokyo products are made free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, and other harsh chemicals that not only damage hair, but also the environment.

No animal-delivered ingredients; never animal-tested.

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hey everyone hundreds of Simon's here today I'm gonna share with you an awesome look for everyday flat iron waves after a hair has been washed and dried with nature lab volume shampoo and conditioner we're going to section air into four to six sections now with a flat iron curl the pieces in front away from the face and then curl each section of hair in alternating directions stop before you reach the ends to get that beachy wave look now lightly spritz the nature lab volume texture mist from the middle to the ends of your hair and scrunch your hair as you work the product in finally just add one pump of the smooth hair oil to hands to give hair that healthy glow from middle to ends or spritz a little of the shine oil mist and you're all set

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