How to get a job in Australia is a question every student has before coming to Australia. In furtherance to our other videos on getting a job in Australia this is a complete guide that helps you to find work in Australia.

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A lot of international students in Australia are not aware of tips to find jobs and that’s why this videos provides you with 6 tips to find job that helps you make your life easier while you are studying.

If you are a student studying in Sydney, or Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, these are the tips that are going to come to you handy when you look for jobs.

International students are told a lot of things that might not be true about Australia when they are in their home country, this is an attempt to help you know real scenario so that you can have the best experience possible.


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welcome to Melbourne hi guys we're back with another video and in this video I'm gonna tell you guys how exactly you can get a job in Australia if your coming here is an international suited also at the end of the video I'm gonna tell you that a lot of people to uber and ubereats how'd they do that how do they manage to make hundred two hundred and fifty dollars every day and how do those students manage their education at the same time check it out if you are new to this channel don't forget to subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification belt so you get notification every time you upload a video just for you guys also if you don't know we have a blog called Melbourne Viacom if you want to contact you can contact us there also we have all the information about Australia all the blogs everything written there that is real people's experience we are trying to get to you so check out our blog tell us how you find it give us more information or suggestion that you want us to create blog and videos write in the comment section or write in the comment section on our blog now if you have been following this channel since a long time you would know that we have made couple of videos which increases your employability in Australia this video is a comprehensive video on how exactly to get a job in Australia if you want to watch other videos we will write the link in the description below so you can check those out so let's dive into the video going to number one number one would be obviously making sure that you have a perfect CV and when you are applying for proper jobs you always write a different cover letter for every job that you're applying now what is a cover letter a cover letter is two paragraphs which explains why you are perfect for this job in which you will explain that this is your experience that will be in paragraph R and you will tell the employee you are the right person they should get this job so one you have a cover letter other we have the link here you can check how to write a perfect CV so you have a perfect CD and then you're applying to jobs so apply to these jobs the first folder which is the most famous here would be Singh Kham Torre you if you want to apply to other portals there supporters called value and jorah dot-com delay now let me tell you one thing you're not gonna get a job in first ten jobs that you are going to apply it's obviously gonna take time I know one of my best friends who applied for 498 jobs and who is working right now in one of the biggest companies of the world but it almost took five hundred emails and that's not just sending emails it's about reading every day the most famous and the most common email that you will start receiving would be thank you for your application we have received a lot of applications and this time your application has been unsuccessful you get tons of emails like this get used to it there is no point to get disheartened or anything like that because what we want is a job that really makes us grow that really makes us grow in career and as a person and that's what we have to do that's all if without getting tired just keep applying write down the best cover letter that you can update your see me the best you can and just keep applying to the job that you want brings to point number two that is mobile applications we're in a 21st century and in this 21st century everything is on our smart phones now I'm sure you must be familiar with swiping right and swiping left but there is an application called found brain if you like the job you're swipe right if you don't like the job you're just wiped left there are a lot of applications where you have to download all you're gonna do is just put your bio about you your work experience what would you like to do and you can search for thousands of job just on your phone screen there are also a couple of more applications like a Tasker or Gumtree jobs I have mentioned about gum tree in a lot of my videos you when you come here you have to go and check out gum tree comm dolly you even if you want to buy something sell something or finding a job this website is going to come out really handy for you number three water entering now this is very important you might think that I don't want to work when somebody doesn't give me money I mean I don't have time for that first of all this is very important so don't undermine this and second of all and it is you're just applying for jobs right now volunteering could be the next best thing for you now what I mean by volunteering and very to find the support every University has a job board not only on seek indeed and Jorah but also your university would have job photo wearing not only jobs would be posted but a lot of volunteering opportunity would be posted now I'm sure it might not pay you but it will be very handy in your CV there are a lot of pressures who complete their graduation directly moved for their post graduation now these pressures do not have any experience in Australia experience is put as very high rank so if you have experience your probability of getting a job increases significantly it is understood you don't have work experience doesn't mean that you'll not get a job but if you do volunteering there are main three benefits first is that your communication skills would increase significantly second is that you make a lot of friends and then you make a lot of friends your employability will increase because they might refer someone who has a job and the most important is that in your CV it will look good that you care about the society you want to work something better you are a person that an employer wants to hire so these are the things that will look good because of doing well entering so if you get an opportunity check out your jobs folder talk to your student body every university has that and they have a lot of events where you can volunteer and get those opportunities going to point number four now this is very unusual I know a couple of people who have got the job so the majority of people have not gotten jobs doesn't mean that you don't have to try what this point is go out henagar series talk to managers and you might get a job a lot of people do this they have bunch of CDs with it what they do is that whenever they go out they hand out series to the managers talk to them present themselves well so if they need employee if they need somebody to handle the desk or sell the clothes or anything like that as a retailer they might hire them they're in there right if you are not hired than in there then you might get a call because everything all the information will be written on your seat just make sure that if you do this you always talk to the manager you're dressed well and most importantly you present yourself well moving on to networking networking is extremely important no matter which part of the world you come from majority of the jobs always get through references how will you get the references when you're in the country because you don't know anyone that will happen because you start doing volunteering you start meeting new people and making new friends once you start doing this you will get a job because a lot of people's will start recommending you a lot of people will tell you if they know anyone who is looking for a job so don't shy away from talking to people don't shy away from making new friends don't worry whether you're good at English or not because a lot of people don't talk to other people because they are not good at English so talk to people make new friends tell them that you're looking for a job tell them that these are your qualities present yourself well and 100% I can guarantee you if you're good at networking jobs is the first thing that you'll get coming to the most important part of this video if you want to do uber or ubereats can you do it how can you do it and how much money you can make now just to let you know a lot of my friends are doing uber eats and they are making a hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars every day but which means a lot of hard work doing deliveries food deliveries because they are doing uber eats in scorching heat even when it's cold or when it's raining on their bicycle bike or their car so what is this ubereats ubereats is just food delivery system you have to pick up a parcel from a restaurant and then you'll get an address on your application you have to go and drop that parcel now that parcel is obviously food because you pick up food from the restaurant might get around $6 to $10 per delivery now you can't do this in car on your motorcycle or your bicycle bicycle is very difficult I myself I tried when I came here first I couldn't do it more than two weeks because it takes a lot of seminar and I personally don't like winter a lot that's why and it was very cold weather that's why I stopped doing it but a lot of people are doing that a lot of people are doing on the motorcycles and making a lot of money there so you can look at that option also if you want to do uber you at least need one year old Australian license your license from your country is not valid for uber also you need a car which is just ten years old so basically on today's date all the car that are older than 2008 cannot be work as uber so taking in the employment shouldn't be a huge issue so if you look hard for jobs if you want to do delivery jobs many jobs as waitress/waiter is retailer anything that you want to do you might get jobs just don't stop working hard don't stop to apply jobs don't get disheartened and 100% you land a job the job that you want hope all the information was pretty helpful for you guys good luck for the job hunting thank you so much for watching the full video don't forget to go to our blog its Melbourne white dot-com give us a huge thumbs up if you found this video helpful share this video hit the subscribe button turn on the notification now and welcome to Melbourne

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  1. Hi .. I am a pharma selling employee who has been working in pharma since 12 years which < 8 years are manager responsibility nothing but team manager having MBA ( Marketing & HR ) Qualification . Can you pl suggest how to start my journey to get a job in australia ( sydney or melborne ) ?

  2. Hi there
    Very nice video bro.
    I am from India. Can I get job through Placement Services. I have contacted a few . They mentioned that they have tie-ups in many companies.They are saying that company will provide me accomodation .
    They are asking me 27,500 rs for medical checkup before VISA and after VISA rest of the amount will be cut from salary.
    Will it be right to go ahead ?

    Looking forward for your reply
    [email protected]

  3. Hi Bro,I am from India…I have a 10 years rich experience in Supply chain Management/Warehousing/Logistics in Telecom & Retail Industry…So can I get a Job in Australia????

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