How to Get a Fashion Internship in New York City

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hey hey youtube thanks for coming back to my channel I know it's been a while but here I am so I just got done with my junior year of Parsons and let me tell you it was quite a journey it was a bit tough but I made it we all made it it's good yeah so summer is here and I have been interning and hasn't really busy but I'm trying to get back into the flow of creating videos and making new content and hopefully this summer will be a good one so as you can see I am in a new place so currently I'm living in the Lower East Side and Wow it's pretty great the hunt for this apartment was quite a journey but maybe we will get to that next time today I'll be talking to you about internships let's get to it for those of you guys who have kind of picked up here and there for my videos I have an interning at various places so actually freshman year I worked at a small company called Weezer Laguna and for that one I was actually introduced to my friend so number one important thing of internships once you get into college networking is very important and it's not as difficult as you might think it might be basically within your school itself is a very wide variety of networks that you can have so especially in persons freshman year is very very important in terms of just meeting everyone like it might just happen naturally without you forcing yourself that I'm just making this connection for the industry and for my future that's not it at all it's all basically any like connections any friendships that you make zero whatever you need to say hi in your classroom and just stay connected to the people around you and that will actually benefit you later on in the future the freshman year in Parsons is when it's the general studies for design so you're kind of put into classrooms with people of different majors so when you get into your majors maybe you are needing to do a photoshoot for one of your questions or your garments and maybe you need a photographer then you can maybe refer back to want to be a photographer friends that you have made in freshman year it's a benefit for both of you guys so just keeping in touch with everyone around you is really important I think so number two is especially for Parsons I actually just made sure that I use the resources that I had meaning the online websites for our Career Service and one people just kind of ignore that part but I think school has a spur reason and people you know are connected to the school itself they answer and want to get students especially from Parsons for the fashion industry so they know that it is a pretty good school and they are always looking for design students from Parsons itself – so they like to recruit from here so if you try to get in touch with some of the companies that are on the online website for the career services if you go on the village and just browse through in the fashion designing internship section you should be able to find a few and generally for internships I always say just apply as many as you can as possible like more than you think you need you just basically need the same resume and change up the cover letter here and there for specific companies and so it's not too hard and generally some of the internships really look for online portfolio submission so just have a couple of your words from like previous works and things like that and current works in a PDF file maybe about like seven to ten pages or I mean less or more I don't really know no one really knows the exact answers question because each company has their own different style so just display your best works in a small digital portfolio file that's easy for them to view I think that it's one of the main things even if your work is great if it's hard for them to access it right away or if it's too complicated to them basically it's inconveniencing them therefore decreasing your chances of consideration so basically for your portfolio just be smart with it make sure the file is as small as possible just compress it and just display exactly the only things that you want to display but also very important that you try to show some processed photos or not just displaying the end result but being able to show your thought process through like some prophets photos or illustration for things like that I think that's very important for them to see and Parsons is very particular in showing design process too so I hope you know throughout school you will be able to learn about that more but yes this is the general idea before I go forward I want to tell you the timeline that you should have generally freshmen here not a lot of people in any turn and I know that oftentimes when you jump into school it's kind of something very exciting everyone typed up so you want to start right away it's not necessary that you have an internship first year as well a lot of places don't hold for freshman interns for me through my connection with my friends I was able to start working for a small company and I learned a lot through there um so just depending on how crunched your time is I think it's important also that you would just to the city life that to the school life as well freshman year so I'm it's okay if you hold off but don't overwhelm yourself don't pressure yourself with getting like an internship opportunity because freshman year that might not have been sophomore year in mind I happen either but I think throughout the years maybe during Fashion Week or so they have a lot of volunteer inquiries for their fashion shows I just kind of volunteer a post or just a general volunteer as well so I would take off communities like that so any opportunity you can get in even like a day of volunteering I would totally do so even having like any other hobbies or activities on your resume is you know really helpful and a lot of people want to see the other extracurricular activities that you do outside of the fashion industry again this also depends so your resume what may look different from everyone else's or am i similar but I think what's important is showing that you're proactive and just that you're taking opportunities here and there like you were able to show your personality through your resume is important but let's move on another thing that's important for you to do from what I had mentioned before taking full advantage of the opportunities that the school is giving you to resources but aside from that when I told you to apply to as many internship opportunities as possible I would also just look into other sites like Indies calm I definitely got maybe two of my job you know one job through there and it's actually really helpful if I am Vee decom or you can just um go directly into the website of the companies that you want to work for it scroll down to the career section and click that and they might have like an internship you know email that you can send to or they might be very secretive about these emails so whatever email that you can get trying to just email through there and you know I think just trying your best to not think that it's too awkward or to you know to worried about what is okay or not yourself to be introducing yourself being very polite and respectful and all your genuine interest in the company itself before you apply I would I suggest used to know a little about the company itself a little more see exactly their style why you're interested and yeah and your general experiences and things like that just write up a short concise but interesting email they should hopefully be able to reach out to you but yeah my general rule of thumb is don't be shy don't be timid just reach out to them and just be polite respective and the worst case scenario that you can get is they don't reply to you yeah just be smart about it I think you guys will be able to do well as long as you research ahead of time and just think no one expects insurance to know everything they don't expect you to know a lot and they know that you're not perfect they know that you are you guys are still students so it's okay if you mess up share in there but the main thing is just be dedicated and just be willing to learn and you will be so loved by your supervisors honestly and oh okay so here's another point so whether that whether the company you are working for is a small company or a big company I think it's very very important that you try to throughout your four years in college to try out both small company and big company internships and whether that's in your interest or not I think before you head out into the real industry once you graduate it's so important for you to know how the system works in a big helper are a small company because they're totally different and the people of the test that you do on a daily basis is different each department is different but yeah it's just really important for you to have a well-rounded view of the fashion companies the industry itself and how its run what factories they work with how the different departments um communicate with each other and yeah so I think you really shouldn't be picky with what you go for of course you should have standards you should be working at a company that treats you well you know have labor rights make sure everything is ok but you should not be you know putting yourself so high up there you're still an engineer you have to be willing to work and if you're there if they if the company has hired you they hired you for a reason they need you to work and really do your part for the company so have your standards basically but do not be picky especially in the industry right now it's very hard for people to get internships and career opportunities so the more you can get the better it is I believe and but be smart about it throughout school it's going to be a little tough especially once you enter junior year it's going to be a lot of work especially in parchment for fashion design so just know yourself and know how much you can handle and don't overwork yourself but really keep pushing forward and seeing what opportunity is out there and it'll really benefit you in the future yeah just be proactive and dedicated and hardworking and you will be able to be on the right path to a good career in to the fashion industry itself so yeah I think that is it for now I hopefully did not miss anything but I don't have any notes with me so I'll just kind of rambling on as I do it all my videos with any other questions or comments or requests for another video please let me know down below and I will try my best to get back to you guys especially now that it's summer oh thank you guys so much for watching and please give a thumb subscribe and yeah have a wonderful day enjoy your day guys enjoy your summers and yeah

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  1. Hi Tiffany, I'm a junior in high school and I'm very interested in fashion design. The problem is that I can't draw or sew. Do you have any tips for that? Thank you

  2. Hey Tiffany! Thanks for the informative video and congrats on finishing your junior year! I am going to attend Parsons this coming Fall as a Fashion Design student! I also plan to make videos on YouTube about my experience in New York City! May I know what program and camera you use? Also, I hope I see you around!! 😁😁

  3. Can you do a video on what your portfolio was like applying to Parsons? I am applying this November and Im not sure what kind if art I should put in it if I plan on majoring in Fashion.

  4. Hey its amazing to see you post! I watched your videos when I was trying to decide what school to get into for fashion design. I applied to the AAS program and I got accepted! So I'll be starting this fall. Im pumped to see what the future holds and thanks for your contribution in video content regarding Parsons!

  5. thank you very much this is very helpful, I'm a fashion student am currently studying in milan, but i want to work at new York so bad.. good luck on your future in fashion 🙂 hope to come across you one day

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