How To Fashion Design presents a new DVD based program that teaches you how to design your own clothes.
hello I'm fashion designer Bob Martin award-winning graduate with an American and British bachelor's degree in fashion design I have attained experience with some of the industry's top designers and have also freelance design myself but along with designing I've taught and mentored fashion design students at a university in London England I'm also the creator of this program how to fashion design I know from experience what it takes to become an incredible fashion designer it requires a person to be outstanding in several different areas that's why I developed this unique step-by-step easy to fall a DVD program that will train you in fashion design in the competitive field of fashion skill is power do you lack confidence in your work or fear that people will see your designs as failures how to fashion design with Bob Martin will give you the confidence you need to design original collections and communicate them to your potential clients are you asking yourself how can I learn fashion design or who can teach me do I have to attend college to learn fashion design I can't afford college tuition so how can I study fashion if these questions describe you then how to fashion design with Bob Martin is your answer actually there are a lot of successful designers who never even attended University most of them started designing early on and found other means to learn design whether it be through experience an internship where they knew somebody who could help them this gave a lot of those designers a jump on the competition proving basically that it's never too early to begin your fashion design career how to fashion design with Bob Martin teaches the three core elements of fashion design fashion drawing design process and garment construction well this is not just another lesson on how to sew it's actually much more than that it's about learning how a garment is constructed and what actually makes it work the knowledge here will help students develop their own design it may be drawing lessons but it's not only about making pretty drawings I also help the student understand how garments and the human figure relate to each other this is a valuable skill in this industry people tell me every day that they have great ideas what they don't understand is that those ideas need refined and perfected I also ask them how will they cope when an idea isn't available this section teaches the process to develop those ideas and create new ones it's amazing to me how one seed of inspiration can grow into entire collection just as you've seen here tonight this DVD program is unique because it offers much more than just simply DVDs each student designer receives my professionally designed pattern for each new lesson my team and I have also created an online resource center at house of fashion design com this is packed full of additional downloads tips videos contacts and much more all the complement of program filling in any gaps students also have the opportunity to join an online interactive studio where they can communicate with other designers in the program learn and be inspired from each other I visit there as well and it gives me the opportunity to connect personally with the students my timeline moves in a sequence that was sharp and expand a student's skill you see they can work at their own pace and when it fits their schedule and that's not always possible for the those students who attend University you can get started the very moment it arrives open your designers package sit down at your sewing machine and watch the DVD it's that easy starting at the basics I will give you a strong foundation that we will build on in future lessons and I'll also give you everything you need to get started on the right path you will acquire the work and experience you need to fill your portfolio and distinguish yourself from others in the field of fashion design my goal and my desire is to see everyone succeed but most importantly love what they do I believe that there's a single moment when a door opens and greets the future let this be the moment for you you

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