How to Dress to look Thinner – Women's Fashion Guide

How to Dress to look Thinner – Women’s Fashion Guide- as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

If you have a larger bust and you want to minimize it, you will want to wear tops that have a lower neckline, and also be sure that you wear contrasting colors to your skin. So if you have light skin, wear dark colors. If you have dark skin, light colors will be great. The purpose of wearing contrasting colors in your tops to your skin, is to create a visual separation between your neck and your bust. You know how it is when you wear a high neck top? It looks like your bust starts at your neck. That is something that you want to avoid.

Also, wearing long necklaces, can be kind of unfortunate sometimes because they move around and they might get caught on one girl or the other. Additionally, you want to stay away from high-waisted pants and from wide belts. They create a look that is unflattering. It makes you look like you have a very short waist, so definitely avoid that. You will want to wear tops that fit you properly, but are not clinging. That is absolutely going to emphasize your bust. Do not forget that you have a shape. Do not wear a tent. That is not flattering and it does emphasize your bust.

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