How to Dress in 2018 + 6 New Style Trends (fashion tips)

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Hey guys! Today I will be showing you 6 Major Style Trends To Wear In 2018! Men’s Fashion has definitely came a long way, and next year is going to get even more dope!

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J a d e n S m i t h – F a l l e n
T a d a s h i – D o p e
T w e n t y O n e Pi l o t s – A d d i c t w i t h a p e n

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what is up everyone thank you all so much for tuning in to my channel once again my name is J Jax live for those of you who don't know alright so today I want to show you guys some key pieces and style trends that are definitely making their mark here in late 2017 and these things will definitely be rolling over into 2018 as well so yeah let's just jump right into this you guys with number one number two now we got box cut tops now in my opinion I really feel like the 90s inspired themes are definitely coming in right now so as an example I got this outfit that I wore on I believe it was Tuesday as you guys can see right here I got on the Gori crew jumper from the new fury collection from wings of Liberty it is a limited item however the Box cut fit is definitely what takes this whole look to the next level now this specific jumper is actually made out of Italian heavy weave to cotton so it's very soft very comfortable and definitely breathable the texture is amazing I'm absolutely in love with this jumper I decided to combined it with a camo jogger and some sneakers to simply just finish off the look number 2 athleisure now I'm sure a lot of you don't know athleisure is for the for that those of you who don't know at leisure is basically it's fashionable let it wear active wear there it is so I mean you can wear to the gym of course and look super dope you'd be like the best-looking one there or you can just rock at leisure for everyday activities I personally I mean I go out to eat take my wife out on dates and we're both rockin math leisure I mean just being honest now me personally one of my favorite athleisure brands is actually a brand called morrow you guys may sing Iraq their stuff in older videos but I actually just ordered this full entire outfit from them a couple weeks ago by the way just to let you guys know this video is not sponsored by tomorrow I did ask if they could get you guys a promo code which they were kind enough to do so so if you guys use the promo code rate 15 you will get 15% off of your order at Morecambe I'll be sure to link everything in the description below again it's not sponsored but I do receive a little bit of kickback every time something is purchased using my code just to inform you guys so right here on top I have on this lightweight tech jacket from tomorrow definitely a great jacket that resists water so if you're gonna go on a run outside or whatever that you know this is a great jacket for you personally underneath I have on their basic scooped hem T and as far as the bottoms I have on the latest omoro jogger which are pretty much my go-to pants slash joggers at the moment I even rock these joggers with more classic pieces believe it or not which definitely leads me into my next style trend which is rockin athleisure with more classic pieces yes now this isn't something that you see a lot but if you guys follow me on instagram you will see that I have been doing this a lot lately um I've been just trying to be a little different go a little outside of the box in rock yeah some active wear with more classic pieces so for example right here I am rocking my own Mauro joggers and my Jourdan flies I put on this camel colored sweatshirt from ASOS and then I throw on my new biker jacket from ASOS as well and to finish up the look I actually threw on my new meridian series yo would watch now this thing is brand-new I actually ordered mine in nightfall you guys know me I'm a huge Yoda would watch fans I probably have like 20 of them in my closet right now but in my opinion this new meridian series watch from yo that just came out like last week yeah in my opinion it is definitely the most heavy-duty watch that they have seriously I mean yo just keeps raising the bar every time they release something new now for my fourth outfit I went for a more classic look with a slight edge to it which in my opinion will never go out of style the only thing that really made this look a little bit more modern is just the biker jacket in general is just a new updated version of the biker jacket and as far as the waffle tee underneath it's very just minimal very basic but looks really nice and clean the scuffed up pant and boots definitely give the overall look more rugged feel which I definitely dig so all in all this is a look that should you know definitely carry on for a while to say the least now going back to Street we're rocking hoodies underneath jackets is definitely definitely carrying itself over into 2018 it's just a simple look that doesn't take much thought but when you do it when you combine the hoodie with a jacket it looks sick so again as another example right here I am rocking this desert camo hoodie underneath my distressed denim jacket that I got last year now as far as camo goes camouflage camo pieces are you know military inspired pieces are definitely killing it just like you saw me rockin the camo joggers in the first outfit the desert camo hoodie and the last outfit right here I am actually rocking this heavy duty hooded jacket and black camo from wings of Liberty it's definitely military inspired you can throw it over pretty much anything and it looks great it has a large front pocket which large pockets are definitely making them work right now as well as the mid zippers these two things are becoming a huge trend right now at the moment and so as of now you really can't go wrong with camo especially desert camo and black camo just because it's a little more different a little bit more updated so for those of you who are looking to expand your wardrobe as we enter into mm a camo yeah it's definitely a way to go all right so I hope you guys really dug that now at this moment in time I just want to change direction just a little bit of course as you guys already know I love to end off these videos with them inspirational lifestyle segments but this time around I want to kind of touch base on the subject of you know becoming wealthy I know I usually talk more so on like deeper things but money is something I've never ever actually talked about on this channel so I think it'd be cool just kind of to switch things up a little bit and if you think about it we talk about men's lifestyle in this channel and then this is what we do so um you know making money making a name for yourself and becoming successful definitely goes hand-in-hand with Ann's lifestyle so with that said I really want to break down you know what is a rich man you know what what does it mean to be rich I'm reading this book right now and actually took some notes right here but it talks about you know being a rich person doesn't depend on how much you have or how much you own it depends on how you think and how you behave check it out right here it says 96% of people in the world today focus on what they don't have you know they think if I just had more money I could go out and start my own business if I had more money I could get out of debt I just had more money I could you know spend more time doing the things that I love in life chasing after my passions and dreams and because of this mindset of never having enough there life goes nowhere they just stay stagnant always wishing for more well the rest of the four percent of people look at what they do have and they focus on how they can multiply it even if it's just a small little bit even if they don't have that much money to begin with they always focus on what they do have and how they can multiply so being a rich person at the end of the day it depends on your mindset and so the reason why I'm reading this book right now is because in all honesty I have been living my life like a 96% I mean just to be brutally honest with you guys I'm not gonna lie and I want to start living my life like a 4% err and so that's that's what I'm you know trying to do in my life right now I'm trying to really shift that area of my life my mindset and so it also says this it says that the 96 percentage spend their money first then will maybe save the rest or invest in other things while the rest of the four percenters will look to save invest and tie it first before going out and spending it on themselves so I know this topic is a little bit more different than what I'm usually talking about as far as you know my inspirational messages at the end of these videos however um I'm here to help you guys out on all aspects of life not just one aspect so if you guys want me to continue hitting on this specific subject of money and how to become more wealthy I would definitely love to continue it for you guys just let me know in the comments below and I'm not saying I am the money master and I know everything that needs to be known about money I just definitely want to be one of those four centers I want to shift my mind state and you know apply this 4 percent thinking not just the money but in every area of my life I want to multiply and expand in every area of my life and I hope that you guys would want to join along this journey with me so thank you guys so much for watching today's video I appreciate it so much if you dug it please give it a nice big thumbs up subscribe if you're new hit that notifications button if you want to be informed when I drop my next video until then I will see you guys very soon my name is dray Jax ler sha kah wrap

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