How to do an Ebay listing for Newbies – reselling womens clothes – UK reseller – make money on ebay

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hi-yah um I thought I'd do a quick video mainly for anyone who is quite new to reselling and this is the kind of video I would have loved to have come across when I first started reselling and maybe someone has already made one but certainly when I started about a year and a half ago I kid I didn't come across anything like this so I just hope it'll be helpful I'm not planning on making it very long so hopefully it'll be short and sweet so what I thought I'd do is just outline the basic steps in creating an eBay listing specifically for selling women's clothes because that's the area that I sell most of and so yeah this I've just picked this one because it's quite bright and eye-catching and it also includes some of the elements that I wanted to talk to you about so the first part of your listing is your title and there's various different sort of categories of thought when it comes to how you should do your title so I'll just talk you through how I do my title and you can just play around and come up with what you think works best for you so when I'm doing my title I will always or certainly nine times out of ten start with the brand first now if for example your item has the label cut out or it's just unbranded or you don't you don't really want to draw attention to the brand so say for example if it's a lower end brand but it's a really cool item you might want to not even bother mentioning the brand but in this case Topshop is fairly popular so yes I put that first then for me the very next piece of my title I will include a description of the what the actual item is so here we have a miniskirt now the reason why I decided to do it like this is mainly from sort of past experience so in the past I would put the brand and then I'd pile in all the descriptive words like arty artist party etc I'd pile all that in after the brand and then right at the end I'd put skirt now you can do your own research into this and you can sort of get a feel for what you think works best but when I've looked into it I have found that my listings that have left sort of trousers right at the end sometimes won't come up or certainly won't come as high and in my experience that is because you know if someone's searching prepare of trousers you kind of want to know you know you kind of want the trouser meat to be earlier in the title now you know anyone who's got different experience from me please feel free to add your comments because I definitely am still learning I definitely haven't got everything sussed I'm still making mistakes but this is how I have found this is how this is what works best for me so yeah so I so Topshop miniskirt and then I think you do need to put the color quite high up I might sometimes even put the color before the fact that it's a skirt but yeah it is quite important to get the color sort of up there within the first few key words and then really it's up to you to add in your description of what you think your target audience is going to be searching on again I don't know if I've got this right for this skirt this gets coming to the end of its first month 30-day cycle I've had one offer but it was I wasn't it was too low I wasn't prepared to accept it but yeah we're still in festival season it's a it's not just a miniskirt it's a micro mini it's the kind of thing you might wear to a party but I also like the fact that it sort of looks like sort of abstract paint paint splotches really if I'd have had more room I'd have probably put abstract and it's got some nice zip details which you can't really see from here so these are all my keywords that I've put in next and then for me right at the end I add in the size mainly because if you put your size in it will pick up the numbers quite easily and so when you're searching on your size you don't have to have the size right at the start you don't even really need to include this UK part if you want to save you know if you want to create extra room for keywords but I kind of do usually just because I think it kind of separates that from the rest of the keywords what's missing from this title that I would normally include in my listings is I'd then include a reference code right at the end and I'll I'll often put that in brackets again to keep it separate from the description and my reference code would then refer to a box that I have and that's my filing system so I know where the clothing years when it sells because I just check the reference at the end of the title off with all my boxes okay so I hope that's that bits clear with regards to the the title really title and photos are sort of the most important parts to your eBay listing in my experience yeah as I say you can leave the brand out if you're sort of if the item is sort of more of an interesting piece and it doesn't need the brand to sell it but it if it's not then you will want to put the brand in for sure and so yeah then I think there's a little area of an eBay listing that not everyone has sort of embraced and that's the condition so when you come to listing your writer there be a drop-down menu and you have to include whether it's new with tags new without tags or used there's other I think there's also new with defects but if and if your listing other things like electronics I think there are different categories as well but we're just stick with clothing but then after your condition drop down this room for you to add a little sentence of your own to give extra detail and so wherever possible so 99% of the items that I sell I will only pick up if I feel as though they are in excellent condition but I think it's really important to include that especially since it's so high up in your listing it's one of the first things your buyers going to see so if you're confident that your item is in excellent condition then why not say that if however you've bought something you've been discovered it's got a hole in or whatever reason button missing but you still want to sell it you can use this section here to add that detail in and that I mean I would often include if I was selling something that was sort of below standard I would usually also include it in the title mainly because I don't want to mess my customers around I don't want to attract customers into my shop who think they're going to be looking at something and then only there in a bit later discover after they've read all the way down to the description that don't know actually it's got holes in I've just wasted my time because as far as I'm concerned all that's gonna do is really irritate people now you know I'm not saying that I don't really know what kind of percentage of my customers are repeat visitors to my shop probably not a particularly high percentage but you just want to avoid annoying people and also if you're the item you're selling does have some defects you want to make it really clear early on as far as I'm concerned anyway because you just want to avoid any mistakes you want to avoid anyone buying something that they aren't gonna be happy with so if your item isn't in excellent condition I would absolutely recommend that you include the details of the defects whatever they are in this first sentence up here and so and then I can also now say I actually sell keep my business in a business unit and no one here smokes and we don't keep pets in the unit so I can say with confidence that everything is from a smoking pet free home you know if I was to notice that an item I purchase from a charity shop had lots and lots of pet hairs contained in it which I probably probably wouldn't buy anything like that anyway I yeah I'd either give it away or I would be washing it and making sure all of those hairs were removed so yes and I think that's quite a nice thing to add I've seen other resellers who also say things like buy with confidence so then some have put like a hundred percent positive feedback or you know you can if you wanted to encourage people you could also say you know free returns if you're not 100% happy I haven't included that there just because I don't really want people buying my things and thinking you know I'd like people to not automatically assume they can send it back you know obviously if there is a problem then they can send it back but I'm not particularly that bothered about drawing their attention to it but other resellers definitely do that and it probably does encourage purchases so yeah just so really I just want to see draw bring this to your attention and sort of get you to think about taking advantage of this little sort of part of the listing that is actually you know one of the first things that your potential customer is going to see now when it comes to your feedback obviously it goes that saying you want as high a feedback as possible I have in the past drop down to ninety-nine point eight percent but you know I've I'm hovering around nine listings it's gonna be virtually impossible I think for me to ever get back up to 100% but I do my best and this is something that you can control you know you just do just need to work really hard especially if you only have a few a little bit of feedback you do want to work really hard to maintain your percentage as high as you possibly can I mean I think certainly if there people are seeing sort of 99 percent I don't think it's gonna put many people off if you're then dropping below 99 percent down to 98 percent you might start to find people or possibly become a bit wary but yeah so you know just as high as possible obviously I mean it goes without saying but yeah as high as possible okay so now I'm just going to mention this it's kind of a little bit of trivia but it is quite interesting and certainly if you are starting out you might want to consider your shop name now when I first started out I was selling mainly my handcrafted fused glass items and I haven't changed my name since and I don't you know I'm not that bothered about changing my name I don't particularly think that your shop name is going to make a massive difference however if you can choose something that people are going to remember very easily that might help sales if you are specializing in what you're selling so if you are I can't think of an example but it possibly antiques would be a good example or jewelry somewhere where people might want to repeat visit now this might work for clothings I haven't gone down that route yet you know I'm still experimenting with where I'm taking my business but if you had a name that was easy to remember it might might encourage repeat customers so yeah just something to bear in mind also something to bear in mind which is slightly depressing for me to talk about is I read some research but how year or so ago and it points to the fact that mail sellers on eBay will make more money than female sellers on eBay now obviously there's various different theories as to why that is the case possibly people trust men more than women I'm not even going to go there as to why you know that is the case it's as I say it's a bit depressing that we're still facing that sort of stigma in this day and age but it potentially is just a fact of life so my message to you is you might want to bear that in mind I'm not encouraging women to pretend they're men because they might get more sales by being a man because you know I'm really not happy to suggest that I'm literally just flagging it up for your interest okay so please don't with you know feminism are absolutely up there with the feminists equal rights content but I am also a business woman so just something to flag up for you okay so dropping down to this little tab here this little link here visit shop if for example someone really liked an item that you had for sale but for whatever reason didn't want to particularly buy that one but kind of thought that maybe you are someone to trust or they might have visited your shop before or they might just be having a little meander through eBay and see something for example from talk shop and assumed that you might have other items they can then click on this visit shop tab when they go into that physics shop tab if this is obvious if you're a business seller if you are paying for a shop there will be various categories that they can look at in fact I'll go into mine now mine still has quite a lot of the old so I sell such a fuse grah fused glass craft along with my clothes and my jewelry etc etc so there will then be all these categories that you can create I think it's pretty endless the number of different categories you can create if you want to and so I just encourage you if you are paying for a shop then this has got to be worth doing and if you set it up when you first open your shop set up the categories it just then becomes something that you do every time you do a listing your add your item to the different category and the reason why I'm highlighting this is because as I said if someone for example liked this Sahara dress and thought oh maybe the seller has got other similar dresses which I do but you know they might then have a little browse of your other dresses and they might you know that might then trigger them to buy extra pieces from you I said I don't have as far as I'm aware I don't have a lot of repeat visitors I have a few people might buy more than one item and that's great and I think that is down to having those categories that people can browse so yeah it's just I think it's worth setting up as soon as you open your shop if that's what you decide you want to do is to open a shop bear in mind obviously that it costs quite a lot of money so yeah just something to to bear in mind when you're creating your listing so moving on and just looking at the photographic side of things I'm not going to spend too much time talking about the photos and how you get you know the detail of how I take my photos but suffice to say I use a generally use a white background this at the moment I just have my wall my unit painted white previously I've bought I've used my bedroom which was also painted white had a wooden floor I've invested in a mannequin and I've invested in photographic lights I also depending on how the photo comes out each photo comes out you can also use various different apps on your phone if that's what you're using so photos which can brighten your images up then what the app that I use is called pick tack go and it can give all sorts of different effects but particularly it can just brighten everything up you do have to be careful because sometimes it can wash out your items if they're not strong colors so you do need to be very careful because people don't want to be buying something that is a different color to the photograph so just use it with caution I'd say now in terms of making your photos also look professional and to give sort of different aspects of your item in in a composite picture as you can see here I use an app which is called layout and I think it's by the same makers of Instagram so yeah I definitely recommend that and so as I say you can in this photo I've got a composite of three photos one showing the front of the skirt one showing the back and one showing a close-up of the pattern what's also very popular to do is show different angles but then also show the label particularly for sort of good designer brands that can often help so yeah I'd definitely recommend that app to download and just just play around with different composite pictures different different styles will work for different pieces of clothing but yes I'd say 99% of my listings that I've done since I've moved to my new unit I've all my new listings will contain usually a composite photo as the very first picture and I think that's been working quite well for me yeah so then when it comes down to postage often there is the option for click and Collect at our gas and other stores I've generally been disabling that mainly because I've had a couple of returns because were easy for customers arranged to pick up from click and Collect they only have a few days in which to collect their parcel and if they don't collect it it's automatically sent back which you might be fine with it does give your customers more flexibility in terms of buying their item but I just had a couple of not great experiences so for the time being I mean this is still enabled here but for the time being I'm generally not allowing the click and Collect option but you know you you go with what works for you in terms of postage I have a standard price for the most things unless they're very heavy I send out second class from my post office but lots of other people I know use my Hermes if you have a drop-off point close to you or you might you know their various are the ways of delivering your goods so but I just stick with the standard economy delivery I know other resellers also offer first-class as an option I at the moment I'm not offering that just because I want the option of you know I don't always want to have to go to the post office if that if there are some days when I just can't make it to the post office I want to not I don't want my customers to expect to get their items the very next day and so for whatever reason I can't make it there you know people aren't expecting to receive it the next day more often than not even with second-class delivery they the parcels arrived the next day anyway and like most of my feedback people are saying excellent fast delivery next day delivery and yet I always pretty much always send them out second class so yeah it seems to work well for me and now also I have signed up for and I think most resellers would do this I have signed up for the GSP program on eBay it's really easy really simple thing to do and if someone into an international customer wants to buy something in your shop they can they can buy it and it's shipped to them via eBay I think the shipping costs are fairly high but as the seller it works really well because all we have to do is to send it to the main GSP shipping hub for eBay and then eBay handle it from there and then if if there's any problems all you have to do is get it to the hub if there's any problems from there onwards so for example I once sold a card again to Colombia and it never arrived it wasn't my problem I didn't have to sort our eBay source it all out and dealt with all the customer complaints and yeah it's all handled by them so yeah I definitely definitely recommend signing up to that if you haven't done so already it's definitely I probably sell at least one item a week global shipping program so yeah worth doing and then scrolling down down to item specifics now in the past I've done research on you know how to get your listing heart a high up in rankings etc and one of the areas that they always mention is fill out as many of these listing options as possible so even if you're having to say cotton twice even if you're you know repeating yourself features zip detail accent zips all right personally I think it's worth doing oh another thing I'm meant to mention is try and fill up as many of these photo slots as you can so I think it's 12 they let us have 12 and if at all possible fill up all 12 of those that's something else I read about how to get your listing higher up now in terms of the main description I am really quite lazy and literally all I do is copy the title paste it and then copy the condition and paste it and now other people really go to town and write amazing descriptions about their item and you know if that's what you want to do if you think it's worth your while taking the time to do that and possibly for very high-end items I'd say yeah definitely go for it if you're charging sort of over 100 pounds for a piece or even maybe 75 pounds plus for a piece you know people might expect to be able to read a little bit more than what you put in the title but honestly your photos and your tie so should describe your item and yeah personally I don't really there's not enough hours in the day for me to go into sort of lengthy verbose descriptions I'm sure there'll be a load of other people out there that say the complete opposite to me but I also don't I don't have patience I don't have the time to do it I want to be able to just list on my mobile phone in the evenings if I'm watching TV want to sort of quickly bash out a few listings I really really cannot be bothered to go into great detail obviously you have to make sure that you're very clear about the condition if the condition needs extra description then yeah obviously you need to include it if you're selling things that have sorted so possibly with cosmetics or food or medicines you will probably need to be quite careful about listing ingredients I don't very often sell any of those things but if I did I would be quite careful about listing that all out because you do have to be a little bit careful but that is it really um yeah I I generally do Buy It Now price or make an offer best offer I'm umming and ahhing about whether to stick to that or whether to just switch switch back to just standard buy it now but for the time being it's you know I do get some stupid offers which annoy me you can input sort of figures to say you know what the minimum you'd accept if you want to get rid of people being really annoying and offering two pounds for example but and really for the time that takes to do that on every single listing actually I'll just put up with the annoying offers and yeah just I'll just try and grit my teeth around that and for me I like the flexibility so if I'm having a really bad week in terms of sales I can accept some lower offers just to get some cash flow coming back in if that's you know that's why I feel I want to do so I do like that flexibility and I tend to price my items a couple of pounds higher than the amount I'm I'm happy to accept so that that gives flexibility but then also so if people just see an item want it they can just buy it straight away and just ya know that they you know they might have you know had to spend a couple of pounds extra but you know think they got there before the next person so yes I like that option that works for me so yeah I think I've covered everything that I wanted to cover I was hoping to keep this video really short but I seem to have wattled on again so apologies for that but you know I hope that's helped you newbies out there as I say I know that this kind of video would have really helped me when I was first starting out but yeah if you've got any comments I'd love to hear from you and I hope you having a good week and I will speak to you again soon thanks for listening bye

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  1. Thanks for these great tips. I was watching a YouTuber recently who went to eBay open this year. And they were told that if you want you items showing on google the order you need to have your title is:
    First 70-90 characters

    This is for google not particularly eBay.

  2. Thanks for that. Very helpful. I am worried about using GSP just because I don't understand it. Do you have to pay more for the postage? I really don't get how it works. Any more information from yourself would be appreciated ☺️.

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