How These Pop Stars Looked Before And After Plastic Surgery

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In a perfect world, all anyone would need for pop stardom would be genuine talent and hard work. But, instead, we expect celebrities to look perfect, leading many stars to undergo dramatic transformations in an effort to become the total package. These stars all appear to have gone under the knife, but some have yet to admit it. Still, the proof is in the pudding…or the implants, new nose, or freshly plumped cheeks…

Iggy Azalea’s nose and beyond | 0:25
Janet Jackson’s nose | 1:14
Ashley Tisdale’s deviated septum | 2:00
Kelly Rowland’s implants | 2:55
Gwen Stefani’s possible procedures | 3:30
Tay-Tay’s new boo-tay? | 4:23
Adele’s new nose? | 5:00

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In a perfect world, all anyone would need
for pop stardom would be genuine talent and hard work. But, instead, we expect celebrities to look
perfect, leading many stars to undergo dramatic transformations in an effort to become the
total package. These stars all appear to have gone under
the knife, but some have yet to admit it. Still, the proof is in the pudding…or the
implants, new nose, or freshly plumped cheeks. Iggy Azalea's nose and beyond A 5'10" blond bombshell with a gorgeous face,
Iggy Azalea was rockin' a hot bod, even before she got any work done. "This is a picture of me getting Thermage
on my face." But unlike other stars, the Aussie rapper
was open about her procedures, revealing on The Ellen DeGeneres show, "I think it's a personal choice. […] I changed my nose and I got boobs." Azalea's surgeon detailed her procedures to
People, revealing that she was able to perform at the AMA's just four days after her "flash-recovery"
breast augmentation. "And I liked having a hand-full of boobs…And
other times you wish that you…had a little bit more to work with.” But many speculate that she also got plastic
surgery to create her famous booty, which The Sun noted has grown significantly more
bootylicious over the years, but Azalea denies having any work done on her backside. Janet Jackson's nose She admits to having had a nose job when she
was a teen, but Janet Jackson's pretty cagey about other procedures she may have had. "If I've been fortunate enough to impact others,
it's only because I myself have been greatly impacted by positive people.” She told Extra, "When I was 16 I changed my nose. Would I do it again? I don't know. I've seen a lot of women that have been pulled
and snatched, and it's not too cute." But experts believe Jackson may have gone
under the knife more than she's willing to confess. Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman hasn't
treated Jackson, but told Page Six in 2017 that Jackson's nose is in bad shape after
too many tweaks, saying, "It appears that there is some nasal collapse. […] This may be the result of multiple previous
surgical procedures." Ashley Tisdale's deviated septum She rose to fame as Sharpay in the High School
Musical movies. And after the success of High School Musical
2 in 2007, Ashley Tisdale went under the knife. "As much as I love Gabriella, I'm just too
big of a Sharpay fan. I just think there's like so much fun in playing
the villain." She was upfront about her nose job, telling
People, "Growing up I always knew I had a deviated
septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing." The Disney star insisted that she didn't want
her young fans to get the wrong idea about self-esteem and body image from knowing she
had surgery. She told the mag, "I did this to help my health. […] I just want to be honest because my
fans are everything to me." "We all strive to be perfect, and I think
with Instagram and Pinterest, you see all these beautiful pictures all the time, and
you can strive to be that at all times…but it's just not really realistic.” After her nose job, it was speculated that
Tisdale had a second rhinoplasty procedure, which she strongly denied. Kelly Rowland's implants Former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland,
says her implants made her much more confident in her body, telling Shape, "I wanted to get breast implants when I was
18, but my mom and Beyoncé's mom told me to really think about it first. I took their advice and waited 10 years." Rowland finally got her implants in 2008 and
was thrilled with how the surgery turned out, telling People, "I simply went from an A-cup to a B-cup. I didn't want to have double Ds and be a little
bitty size 2 — that would look nuts!" "I feel overwhelmingly blessed, you know what
I mean? Like, to the point to where you just wake
up every day with so much gratitude.” Gwen Stefani's possible procedures She looks amazing for a woman who's almost
50, but experts speculate Gwen Stefani's had some help maintaining her stunning looks. "I was really anti-fashion, and anti, like,
mall. I mean, I grew up in Orange County.” Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told
Radar Online, "Gwen appears to have done Botox. But she's also had her already luscious lips
plumped up to perfection. Aside from that, she's just most likely had
a series of chemical peels." However, another cosmetic specialist thinks
Stefani went even further, telling the site, "It looks […] like Gwen also has undergone
Ultratherapy, which is a non-surgical face lift and neck lift." Whatever she has or hasn't had done, we're
pretty sure she's got the bankroll to back it up. "It's so powerful when you find music that,
you know, really speaks to you and helps you discover and uncover who you are.” Tay-Tay's new boo-tay? Though she's denied it, it's been speculated
that Taylor Swift has had both breast and butt implants, giving her a much fuller figure
than she had when she first broke into the mainstream. Dr. Schulman told Page Six of the singer, "Recent photos seem to show a fuller chest
and more cleavage. […] I suspect that she has had a surgical
breast augmentation, taking her from a small A cup to a B cup." After Swift showed off a fuller derriere in
spring 2016, experts speculated whether she had silicone butt implants, a Brazilian butt
lift, or simply wore padded underwear, according to Radar Online. "I look good in a pant.” “Okay.” “I'm not saying I look good, I’m saying
it's decent.” Adele's new nose? When she first emerged in the music world,
Adele was much less polished than she is today. And experts believe that in addition to losing
some weight and getting a great stylist, Adele may have also gone under the knife for a nose
job. "I like to try and be a little bit, not give
everything away all the time so that I can surprise people with things sometimes.” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria
told Hollywood Life, "The tip of Adele's nose is definitely more
defined, which would suggest that she had a tip rhinoplasty." For her part, Adele has expressed being averse
to plastic surgery in general, especially in regards to fighting the aging process. She told Time in 2015, "I don't want to have plastic surgery. I'm going to look like this forever. Deal with it. Once you deal with it, you feel more calm
about it."

35 thoughts on “How These Pop Stars Looked Before And After Plastic Surgery”

  1. I remember when boob jobs were taboo and women always denied them. Now it's the butt job that's taboo, but the funny thing is both surgeries are very obvious. Brazillian buttlifts have a very specific look to it and you can tell when someone has it done. I dont know why people lie when it's so obvious…. like the Kardashian/Jenner's. I dont even care if people get plastic surgery, but I hate liars. If you do it, own it.

  2. So you assume Taylor went under the knife because she has a little more meat on her body then what she use to look like, c'mon now. Your body does change you know, and she was a teenager when she first got into the music industry. Just because she got some titties and a booty now doesn't mean she changed herself.

  3. I think celebrities get paid sometimes to do surgery, maybe second hand by they managers, so the clinics can market they work and get more customers from insecure people. And managers also have it esier to push the line "you need to in order to work" if they see that all the A list stars do it. Even though most dont do it, they never talk about all those who didnt do it.. This video is kinda pushing that agenda too. Example in the video, Kelly Rowland said she got more confident with a boob job. Maybe she should see a therapist instead, because confidence comes from within. The narrative also said that Stefani looked good for a woman in her 50s… Kinda rude to our mothers…

  4. They all look beautiful before the plastic surgery!! Such a shame they don't appreciate what god has given them!! Some people who are deformed or have been through horrific accidents etc you can understand why they choose to have plastic surgery but because you don't like the look of your nose, eyes, other body part's is like slapping the face of not only your parents but also your creater 😟😟😟

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