How I Shop At Goodwill || Thrift Shopping 101 || Come Along With Me to Goodwill

Hey friends. I am taking you along to the goodwill with me to share with you my process for shopping. I hope some of these tips are helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings. XOXO
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good morning everybody welcome back to our Channel and welcome back to another video so I'm gonna do my best to kind of walk you through some things I had quite a lot of people ask me about shopping at Goodwill and how do I find deals and how do I find you know the things that I find and I thought there's no better way for me to share with you how I find the deals then to bring you along with me so I am in the goodwill this morning and I'm looking for a book show let me be clear I'm looking for a bookshop I'm actually looking for multiple book shelves before I have to order them on Amazon because I really need three more book shelves and I need skinny ones not the wide ones I could buy those at Walmart but I need they're really skinny ones because I have limited space in my house I am trying my very best to find a bookshelf in goodwill and not have to spend a whole lot but I thought I would bring you guys along and share a few things that I look for when I'm shopping at Goodwill so if you're just joining our channel hey you guys how y'all doing my name is Shakima nice to see you glad you stopped by I'm a single mom of two girls two boys we have a fur dog and we just inherited a grandma so we live in our very best life we're frugal as we can be we're on a budget I am 100% debt-free with the exception of my home just got to that point in May of 2019 praise God and I still shop thrift I love to thrift it's my therapy it's what I do lots of people do other things I just enjoy it I also work full time as a career development coordinator so I have to dress professionally for my job I come to Goodwill and buy 4 dollars and 89 cent dresses that's how I that's our role so I just wanted to share with you guys just a few tips on how to shop thrift for professional clothing ok so here are two pieces that I pulled this morning one is well this has flowers different colors of flowers it has the ruffles Sonos lead but has the ruffles and then it has a side belt with the loops that you would pull the belt through so it doesn't fall out when you if it comes unravel right so this built goes over well like this right so it goes over in the front and then it also goes over in the back this is probably just below the knee which is my face and then I found this other one which is a traditional shape that I wear normally I wear the cross in the front this has the three-quarter length sleeves that I like also has a belt and I belted it in the front and the back and it comes just right to the knee so a couple things that I look for when I am shopping thrift the first thing I don't look at other names because I am NOT one of those people who knows what name is what and I buy my clothes to wear not to resell so I'm looking for color I'm looking for pattern and I'm looking for wear right so I'm looking for any pills or picks I'm looking for stains but the first thing I look for is color so if it pulls my eyes for some reason I'm gonna pull it off the rack and I love red red is my favorite color so this one actually spoke to me I pulled it off and I thought it looked a little small here but it actually did okay so I said well let me try it because nothing hurts to try it and if it doesn't work you can just leave it right then here I'm also looking for color I'm also seeing this big pin that's somebody stuck in here I guess this dress is a one that opens up noticing if they put that pin in that that's something that opens and you can tell here or I can tell you may not be able to but they've pinned it before so there is a pinhole but this will cover it so I think what you could do is put one of those little snap buttons you could sew in a little snap and then take that pin out which is what I will probably do because this size read it 14 is going home with Shakima today so I'm gonna pull these two dresses I go back to work in about three weeks so these two are going with me and I'll show you the rest of my process okay so here is something that caught my eye and it's because of the color right the color is very vibrant and I like this pattern here at the time I'm into a lot of these crochet let me see so again it's just something that caught my eye it doesn't mean I will pick it up but I do want to look at it then I kind of look to see what the size is that's a size small there is zero way that I'm gonna fit into that so then I'll move on okay the next thing that caught my eye was this green and blue dress but once I look at it it's an extra-large so not my size so I do a quick scan of items before I actually get really invested so I'm just looking is there anything here that catches my eye nope seed stain keep moving do I have an occasion to wear this no keep moving that's how I'm shopping it's like what am I going to use it for how is it going to fit into my wardrobe now this is cute so here's Oh see if I can hang it onto something okay so here's something else I look for right this is a large so I'm gonna pull it out so it doesn't fall off the right but I want to see it but look at the material right this has never been worn this is a brand new absolutely brand-new gorgeous just like a casual dress so I could wear this with a pair of kids it has the pockets on the front that I like it also has the builting that I always tend to get you can tell it's never been washed look at the tag here it has never been washed but it tells you how to wash it and it has never been worn this is brand new so this is going home with me okay this is something that would also catch my eye because of this bow at the front I would look at that I would pull it out and check out that denim but this is not my size but it is a New York and company which is a good brand but it is a size 4 but I would definitely look at that one because I love that bow and then I would say well nope not my size all right now this is cute this is a Danny and Nicole but it's the size of 12 and the reason that I'm looking at this is because I speak I do i minister and I'm all I minister in black if I can unless they have a theme color because black makes me feel smaller and I just appreciate black so I don't know I'm I try to get this because I might go fit into a 12 at some point but it's long it's exactly the length I need it to be and it was worth under my robe just perfectly I might try to porn so I'm looking at color I'm looking at where I'm looking at size I want to know how is this going to fit in my wardrobe and again or speaking this will fit lovely because I do tend to wear black when I speak and I'm going to it's a size 12 which I'm doing for teens right now but I'm gonna try it just to see I'm gonna give the world and is this one because I like the colors and then I love the sleeves so I've looked at color I'm looking at sleeves then I know this it's a little wider than I would like and I look at the size it's a to it it's way bigger than I am so keep moving so that's how I do it I just kind of I pull things I do a quick scan through really really fast okay since this little has been weren't working for me this is my size it's a size large it is a Jenny and Nina Leonard but the first thing I noticed is the wear right it's pretty but there's where his pills which I don't want to deal with and I don't want other people to see if I see it somebody else is gonna see it look down here right so it's worn it has pills then they've written inside of it that may not come off right there's where on the arm so even though it's my size if you I wish you could see it better but it's really it's like somebody put velcro on it and ripped it off so even though it's my size and it's my color and it's very pretty even has this leopard belt because of this right here I would have to pass so I will put that back in and keep it moving and then sometimes you have to make a couple passes through you just have to keep looking because I was in the dressing room and they could have put something out that I missed so I just keep doing a couple pass throughs until I'm done for the day okay let's see oh that's awesome more okay see this is a maxi and sometimes you just need something to wear around or out it's long it's a two-tone but I have to think where would I wear this and you know it's it has pills it's warm so even though it's color pretty I wouldn't take that one and it's the wrong size but I look at this one right and I immediately look at this right this is very pretty it's an easily the size medium but it's not my medium because I'm wider here I would say no she can but no so back that goes but then I would pull this out because I liked this top right here but this is a quarter roid dress it is in a size 14 and it's at Albus but I think this material is kind of played out or it's not what people are wearing in 2019 so I would be a pass on that okay so perfect example now I've been through this row and I've picked off one or two addresses that I wanted to try but you've got to get into the row right you've got to dig in I saw this band and I liked that but here's somewhere right that's just deodorant stains and then when I pull it out I don't like that pink and then here is another pill I'm probably okay you can see it there's another pill so I wouldn't pick that so back in that goes that goes in alright let's see you've got to pull out sizes too big keep going okay too big and then I saw this one which is very pretty but it's too big so I looked at this is very textured it's a wrap dress which is my face but the size is not right then I pulled this one and I've already been through this section and I didn't see this right this still has a tag or where the tag was it's very pretty it looks very vintage but the only problem is it feels like this material is very itchy so I think that's why it was donated it feels like this would be a perfect Christmas dress it's a size 14 even though this looks a little girly I think it will still be pretty but again that's gonna be enough okay here's another that I like this is a cardigan no sleeves but I love the ruffle detail it is from town and it's a size large so I'm looking it's gray it does have a clasp in the front so that's cute in case you don't want to wear it open you can close it but it does have some of the pills so for me even though it's pretty and I love the ruffle detail so that would be a No so it's it's a pick and pull experience you got a pick and pull and see what works for you but I don't spend a lot of time I mean I can tell textured pieces like this is the Kim Rogers and I love this but it's a petite large so I'm not petite I'm just street I'm 3/4 inches over 14 or 1 and 3/4 inches on 5 5 and 3/4 and petite goes up to 5 foot 4 so I just kind of go real quick and if I can I'd give myself a little bit of space so that I can easily just pick pick pick pick and if it's not something that I'm loving I'm gonna keep it moving off another fantastic thing that I love to grab when I met and so I just do a quick thing sure if putting stuff out so I'm tryna do a quick scan of shoes and shoes of just like clothing for me I'm looking for new these are starters these are brand new so some type of a sporty shoes these are brand new this has been one but it looks great on the outside but again nothing I'm looking for it's summer to me ok let's look at these these are Massimo so targets still look pretty good not a lot of wear but not looking for those ok what do I have need up right that's what I'm asking myself these are black house white market and I love these shoes I look at them every time I come because they're awesome look at these just a little peep toe but we're a size six-and-a-half and there's no way all right then I'm gonna look at these these are all strictly comfort and a have memory foam they have a peep toe 70 they will reduce 34:49 somebody just brought them in here with a tape stealing they're a size 7 so this would be a good shoe shoe so I know that would be not the right size but if it were my size those would go home with me today they're a suede with little peep toe they will eat one that I would definitely pull another pair these here if you look at the outside they look amazing right not a lotta wear their mules they are size sevens as well look inside of them they have been worn they do have somewhere in there so that would give me a little bit of holes but I like the outside which still look a very good condition so that's what I look for when I come to Goodwill I'm looking for where I'm looking for I'm not even looking at name brands cuz that's to me unimportant that's not something I shot before but I definitely look for I'm looking at heels that has some a little more wear than I would like but it's still not bad that's a lovely shoe there's a scuff mark there though so you have to be careful and that's a bigger size and when I wear it anyway these as well there is some wear to that heel so you have to be real careful sometimes little shoes aren't the best but I found some gems oh look at these these are those shoes the nurses where there are size 8 they're skid resistant shoes not since 8 there but it says 10 inside so maybe it's a European or something those look like about mom's size think about my size but I don't need skid resistant shoes and it's summer time so a lot of people are urging boots so you can find boots and an offseason let's see these might be ok look at this they have a wing on it not sure why they have wings under there that could be some type of a brand yep there's one under theirs we'll see no clue but suede boots that's probably a pretty good brand okay same here with jeans walk the wash of the gene or is this been washed too much all right you guys so there it is that is just how I shop at the goodwill I do apologize that there was noise in the background they were putting stuff out as I was in there trying to shop and I'm trying to be really quiet because I didn't want to go against their filming policies if they have any but I just wanted to share with you how I do it so just like I was said in the video I look for color and pattern I look for wear I look for pills I look for ease of use or even care how would I wash this is this gonna be dry clean every time and if it is maybe that's not something I can afford so when I'm looking at shoes I'm looking at heels I'm looking at the inside of looking at scuff marks my process is very simple somebody asked me in a group on Facebook how much time do I put in thrift stores 30 minutes max because I just don't have time like that I'm running from taekwondo to church to home to beauty i got all kinds of stuff going on my time is very limited but i go often because there's a goodwill right down from where my kids take Taekwondo so it just makes sense for me to pop in five or 10 minutes look through popped back out and there are times when I go in and I'm not even I'm just trying to waste time or feel my time or do something I'm not looking specifically to buy anything since I've been filming Goodwill videos I have been picking up some pieces so I know a lot of people are like but that's not in your budget that's true but I'm counting some of these as business expenses because I'm filming goodwill hauls for professional dress and all of that and once I go back to work I'll start doing what I wore to work videos again so some of those will be in my YouTube expense because I'm doing videos around those I've just kind of lumped all the things I bought over time just my things like I do need to get a ring light so that some filming the videos would be a little bit better quality so I'm just you know I'm working it as best I can but if I'm gonna shop at Goodwill because that is a portion of this channel then I will be using some funds to film these videos and buy the things that I need so like I said my process that's my process your process could be a little bit different everybody has their own process if you have any questions about shopping at Goodwill please feel free to leave me a comment down below couple things our goodwill does not have we don't have half off days and we don't have color days so I get so jealous sometimes when somebody says oh yeah it was blue ticket day or and our goodwill does not accept gift cards I like somebody sent us a gift card in the mail we could not use it at our goodwill so we found someone who did have a goodwill that they would take a gift card and we just passed it or paid it forward it was no problem we were thankful to get it and if they would have taken it we would have used it you believe that but we couldn't so we just passed it along to a family that could use it at their goodwill and so that was great I'll take any deals and savings that I can get at my goodwill because I do very well so anywho there it is again thank you guys so much for stopping by we hope this video was helpful if it was thumb it up don't forget to hit the red subscribe button and the bells so you don't miss anything till next time bye now

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  1. Thrifting is my therapy, too! Just wait til you reach 55–then you'll be able to get a senior discount on top of the already low prices! Loved following along with you as you shopped…you gave a lot of good advice! I also check zippers and buttons, too, to see if they're loose or broken. I felt your joy when you discovered you fit into the 12!!!

  2. Loved actually watching you in action. I'm in England, but have relatives in Cali..I love Goodwills, they are huge!! Do more of these if you have the time? I know filming will slow you down, and you're so busy, but, if you have time, it would be great 😁 …..did you find the bookcases you hoped for?

  3. Shakema you have a great content in your videos you deserve more views, maybe you need better titles for the videos and better miniature presentation I don’t know but I really enjoy your content. God continue blessing your life.

  4. My main rule about thrifting for myself – if there is at least one thing about the item that I don’t like, then I am not buying it, even if it is a great deal. In the past I bought things that I thought were great, but that one thing prevented me from reaching for that item in the morning. I buy mostly every day clothes and only occasionally something festive, and I shop for my “uniform” usually ( I already know what shape, length, type of fabric, etc will complement me. And only easy care items , no silk:))

  5. Hi Shakema, I been thrifting for years, know all the tips and tricks of this trade but, I can watch and listen to you for hours! I enjoyed this video, you should do this more often. I'm looking forward to the try on soon.

  6. Shakema, I am so taken by your videos. I admire how much care you took at selecting your items. It was clear that you take very good care of your things and honor how they serve you. You are so special!!!!

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