How I got a job in fashion from being at school to college to uni to today! I appreciate this is a very lengthy video so make sure you grab a cuppa and enjoy! I also just wanted to elaborate on what i meant when I said I didn’t want to pick a college course such as beauty, hairdressing, drama etc – I just felt that picking something so “specific” wasn’t a good option for me as I didn’t know 100% what i wanted to do and doing so would have narrowed down my options to a certain field. As always it’s never too late to change your mind and pursue your dreams and I urge you all to chase the career you want 🙂

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me below and i’ll be more than happy to help you!

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hey everyone so I hope you're all ok so today I'm going to be doing HIV video and I figured that I haven't really done that many chitchat videos on my channel and as I get asked a ton of questions on like a regular basis about just little bits and bobs about my life and this that I thought I would sit down and feel the more chitchat video the most frequent question I get asked without a doubt on my Twitter Instagram is how did you get into YouTube and how did you get into fashion as you know or you might not know I were in the fashion industry and I were a merchandiser and I get a lot of people asking me like how did you get that job like what path did you take to get into that sort of field of career so I think it always sit down and just go through everything and just let you in on you know my tips my advice and how I got in to working in fashion so if you want to know how I got here and into fashion then continue watching nope no you know how to start this video because it's not really an easy one do we have a set plan of I'm gonna do this and this I'm gonna end up because I have these teenagers that growing up I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do like the hallway at school I just didn't know what – to the hallway college I didn't know what to do and even at university I still didn't know what to do so for me it's not really a case of doing this and you're gonna get this it's just I think if something's meant to be or meant to be and if you change mind later on if you wanna do a career if you've got the motivation determination and you want something that bad it will find you and you will do it so that's why I want to say first of all what I want to say that if you don't know what you want to do and you're taking a puff at the moment isn't quite right for you then it's never too late to stop and do something you want to do and 12 of you a lot of us never know what we want to do so I just don't want people to feel like you have to know what you want to do because a lot of us don't and you know it took me until like 22 to know what I wanted to do so yeah so I'm gonna start from the beginning and start at school at school I didn't know what I like to do I just didn't have an absolute clue honestly when people used to ask that question what do you wanna do as a career what path do you want to eat what do you want to do it College I used to sit there and panic because I felt like had all this pressure on me to make all these decisions and I didn't know what I wanted to do I started getting to hair and beauty a little bit like in years had in 11 but I wasn't majorly into it I started my make when stuff turn and do my hair slightly but it was nothing where I was like obsessed with it it was just that I've just used to wear makeup just to fit in with the girls and I'm completely honest it wasn't anything that I thought I had a major passion for so immediately hairdressing and Beauty saw at the equation of me it wasn't something I wanted to do as a career I'd always been quite academic at school and really enjoyed English so we're sort of thinking well do I do something with English but again I just didn't know what I wanted to do as a job and so I've got my GCSEs made sure I passed all them Topsy I knew that was going to be really important to get myself a place any college at this point I really feel like your career could go either way so if you go on to a levels then you've got quite a big option you can go on to a number of roots University just go straight into a job I feel that going that way it's quite open and there's loads of doors but then if you tape it over route just going into either hairdressing or beauty or I know plumbing over at that field is it's more sort of narrowed down and direct then that's gonna be a harder route to get out of I hope this makes sense but what I'm trying to say is because I didn't know what I wanted to do the safest option for me to do with my a-levels if I went into beauty then that's it I'm gonna have it to play my beauty not to say that I couldn't end up doing something after but at the time I didn't know I wanted to do that so I wasn't going to just take a degree in beauty because if I hated it then my options are quite closed shouldn't some what I'm sayin so for me it was like if it goes to my a-levels I'm not sort of committing myself to any sort of field of work as such I can go on doing a-levels and then that gives me lucky next two years to think about what I wanted a then I can go to universities that's what it is or just find a job so that's why I sort of picked a levels yet like I said I picked my a-levels because for me that was just the best option I didn't know what I wanted to do so carry on at school and doing further study in we've been like open subjects it just sort of gave me that couple of years to still think about what I wanted to do so when I went to college I picked my options I think I picked IT media English and music terms if you are little why because music I've always been music are not like playing the flute in piano and all that sort of stuff mum got me into your age and so I think I picked that option because I was sort of prescience doing that because I've got my music background because if it was down to me I don't think I would have picked music I think I want to pick something like I don't know like textiles or something like that so anyway they were my four options and then into my second year of college I dropped IT because my teacher was an absolute nightmare and then I ended up doing music English and medium as you can see median English that sort of shows you one sort of path that was gonna lay ahead of me I think because I like really looked English I'd love to write it and media looked media or so much I can't remember why you stood me I think it was like watching films and that but anyway I still really enjoyed that yes so I did my edibles I got my a-levels they weren't particularly good a level because I had quite a few crappy years and while I was at college or so didn't particularly get amazing aid Awards but still I passed and got my a level so then after you do your a levels you then pressured them in nervous step in your life it's not what you do next so as you get into a second year of a levels it's very much like or what are you doing after your eatables where do you want to go what she career and I mean at this time you still what 17 18 at the maximum it's still a very very young age you still not really developed as a person I don't know for me I just didn't know what I wanted to do and you know I sort of really used to beat myself up bad except for when am I going to know what I want to do like how do you know what you want to do for me but knowing what you want to do is getting hands-on experience and thinking well like that but I don't like that but you don't have that going on all you do is you sort of go to school do maths English science then you go to college do some more subjects and that to me something Alateen that's not the real world that isn't going to be your job so I don't know I just feel like school lacks this sort of experience like I feel like in school they should sort of give you like six months of going out it's like different jobs so you can get a feel of like what you want to do and what you don't want to do I don't know I just I feel like something like that's needed because for me I don't know it was just hard to know what I wanted to do but then there was a part of me that felt so pressured to go to university because the college I was at was all for university that's all the other used to preach about like I felt like that was you know laughter you neither didn't really say oh well you could maybe apply for a job or good on this real good on this route or that really was sort of stressed about was university also what university going to go to like what course you're gonna pick that's all that was ever preached to you so I felt like I was in delight immense pressure to go to uni but then there was like something in the back of my mind it was like what am I gonna do it uni anyway I decided to pick journalism because I think I looked frightened the immersion of media so I sort of combined the both in fan journalism so I applied for numerous universities and end up getting into North Hampton University to do journalism so then I packed all my bags and went to North Hampton to do journalism and it just wasn't right for me like I just didn't really like it I don't even know what it was it was combination of moving out being away from home I didn't think the cause was right for me although I sort of enjoyed it I just didn't it wasn't I just couldn't see career at the end of it I think that was the main thing I remember sitting there thinking this is such a tough industry like how am I gonna get a job at the end of this like what job am I gonna do I just I don't know I just didn't really see a future for myself in journalism so I made the decision after about two months at university to drop out it was such a hard decision because part of me felt that I was gonna fail like what was gonna do next in my life I knew that I couldn't carry on staying there and doing a degree in something I didn't like doing while I was there I could actually try and change my course I'm ready to swap to primary teaching I don't even know where I got this from I don't even know where in my head I got primary teacher from I think my parents saw ups I don't want you be teacher so I thought oh yeah I probably will enjoy that so they talked me into that so I was trying to change but I have canactually changed my course it was all full so yeah I couldn't do that so I ended up coming home which was a really hard time for me because like I said I've just come out of college got my a-levels and then gone to university and then sort of dropped out honestly you do have a sense of failure you think what am I going to do like what's next so I came home I managed to get my job back at the supermarket like local leads me and fought right I will save and earn some money this year then figure out what I want to do if surely something that will come to me and I'll apply for University as well and go back and do teach him so I had this year out I started working and I applied to go back to university to do primer teach and that was sort of it like I thought right I've mapped out and I'm gonna be a teacher I'm gonna be a teacher even though deep down something inside of me was like I don't know II want to be a teacher but I don't know I just thought well I'll just be a teacher because it's just like an easy option there's always jobs in teaching and I like a lot I would enjoy it but then there was no bit inside of me that was thinking I don't even really like kids like I do like it's not that I don't like kids but I didn't want to work with kids scheanette what I'm saying but anyway after this year about ended up going to Nottingham Trent University to do I think US education in the early years yeah education and early years so I kept that a uni and after about the first year of uni I started getting like into blogging and I started getting into fashion more I started playing around with makeup then all of a sudden it's like in a gal just started coming out of me and I started really getting like a flavor of fashion and beauty and really enjoying doing that at home and I've soon found myself in another dilemma because I was at uni I've served in primary teaching and I was like this isn't for me I don't want to do it was really really hard I think another factor of realizing that I didn't want to do teaching most people on the course it didn't get me wrong they were lovely people and did meet some really nice friends there but no one was quite like me and I used to go to like Union with full face makeup on my hair dawn like glam like dressing nice and stuff and they were just sort of like you clean jaehyun's just a bit basic and didn't have a lot of common with them because I see they let me into hair makeup and all that sort of stuff I don't know it just wasn't my sort of people you know when you just don't connect with people but that's just how it was so at this time it probably was about my second year of uni so I was in my second year of uni not enjoying it again and start the document where I didn't want to be a teacher but for me it was I I can't quit now I've got to involved in this I've only got a year left of uni so I've got a carry on in the meantime I thought it was only right that I look to something in fashion like something something freelance something else I could add to my CV so in this time I strode across precede brilliant prints there that is such a mouthful pretty pink princess and they were an online bikini company and I seen at the time there was advertising for a blogger so it felt great a look plugin set on my own blog I enjoy writing that every week and this was like a paid job on the side you know it wasn't like loads of money it was just sucked a bit of pocket money I kind of remember how I was getting paid probably like I don't know like 50 quid a month or something but for me like I was it unique I already worked part time job at home so this was just like a nectar top of the month of May and more than anything it was like getting to make more experience on my CV so I started what I got the job I started working for them and doing like but one blog post and week I think it was and it was just really good you know it just was something else I could put on my CV freelance blogger for a fashion company so I had that it's got my CV I carried on the view neighbor look today but transfer fee was in the option I'm not a quitter and I wasn't about to walk out on something that I just spent two years doing I was on track to get who you are and for a degree is better than no degree and I honestly strongly believe that I think that if you are doing a degree at the moment you don't like honestly just persevere and stick it out and get your grade that you need because there's no point being there for two years and then just leave in no matter how much you hate it just get fruit just find that energy in yourself and just get through that final year because anything a degree it's better than walking out two years into it so just stick is it nobody need to say that when you hate something so much believe me I really enjoy it I hate it going to uni but there was a lot of times I never used to go and but yeah I came out with you one and you leave University you feel like you have just walked out into the big wide world but is it school is done your education is done you are into that world and it's really daunting I feel like I wasn't really prepared for it I wasn't you know I wasn't really given much career advice at uni or anything you just I don't you just feel like you chucked out and I think because I was doing a degree in education many years the only sort of career option for me was either teaching or something within the education field I mean obviously I know because I'm on that course I gonna preach that's me but I don't know like even when I explained that it wasn't really about to do I just thought I'd be given some sort of extra advice and guidance but I wasn't anyway so I was like why I'm gonna have supplying potty training now because my degree okay like I said to you I knew deep down that I didn't want to be a teacher here I am finishing uni and I'm not but I'm gonna have to be a teacher because for me I just like I couldn't see what I was gonna do I think for me because I'd left with this degree I thought well that's what I'm gonna have to do then that's what I'm gonna have to do with the rest of my life back I said so I started applying for my teach training classes I thought you know I don't want to be a bomb I don't want to leave uni and end up being like a crappy dead-end job because I thought just really wasn't me I wanted a career I wanted to do some fear more than anything I what it's do fashion and I'll see this was but really apparent to me by the time I left uni but again I was thinking more how am I gonna get into fashion I've not got a fashion degree you know I'm not gonna stand out from anyone I'm never gonna get a job in fashion and it used to get me really really down so I thought I'm just gonna apply for my teacher training I'd rather have a job and a career than nothing I felt so much pressure that I had to continue with teaching I've just done three years you need and although I hated it and deep down I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do I just didn't want to disappoint people but I felt that if I didn't apply if my teacher training and then a lot of people are gonna be like Oh knew you wouldn't do it and I felt a lot of pressure from my parents as well and don't know it was just really hard so I thought well I'll apply for it anyway and then hopefully the meantime I find something else in fashion so Padua teacher training went through the interviews and I went to vote I go I went to dusty you need to do my teach training it was all for the whole day when I was there it just really dawned on me and made me realise how II didn't want to do it I remember being there but the interview was so intense it was oh it was just all for I just was sat there like what am I here for why am I doing this I just knew I didn't want to do it so I had to see IQ test in maths I had to do a test in English and then you had to go into a room and there was like a couple of teachers and I remember you had to pick something out a bag and pretend you was doing a lesson – that year – saw something and I just knew it wasn't what I wanted to do just wasn't me it was really intense that day was I always said I just it made me realize so much why I don't want to do it so yeah I remember just getting back and just looking online just feel like jobs and fashion so I remember just typing into like and the job search pop fashion jobs in Nesta and every day I used and look for jobs most days it was nothing there was any relevance to me and then there was one day that I was looking so I've been looking for right six seven weeks six seven weeks six seven months and nothing it turned up then one day there was this job at Fir on there that was like fashion bloggers I was like what them by clicking on it's my eyes literally up fashion blogger Vanessa obviously less it's not really that most biggest place for fashion it is some manufacturing but only for like websites and stuff it's more Manchester so anyway I was like really excited I clicked on it because I bought fashion blogging that'd be so at my street quick time and it was full time Monday to Friday fashion bloggers I'm in less time doing that social media just a bit of everything like photo shoots I was like I need this job I was so determined to get that job I knew that if I get this job and that's it I can leave teach it I don't have to go down that route and I can just go into my dream filled with work so I really prepared to myself for the interview obviously I had that fashion blogging experience from Pretty Princess on my CV so I was like right that's gonna give me a little push and so I made my CV not really good and yeah and then I went to the interview the interview is not the most briefest interview I've ever had in my life I just thought ask me a bit about myself and I just really liked showing off my pair sides he was really chatty and obviously just shade my passion and enthusiasm for the industry Inc it was about a week later I got a phone call for a second interview and and then I remember like coming for the second interview and the woman and the reception was like you've got the job she was that I think you've got the job I was like here there and I remember sitting there being so excited and went in for the interview and then she still was like God will phone you by the end of the day if you get the job and I remember getting this phone call and it was like you've got the job and honestly I was so excited I was so happy because for me that was I by I managed to get myself a full-time job and I'm not going to be a bore it was minimum wage like it was rubbish I think it was like 7,000 an hour like it wasn't nothing amazing but for me I was like I don't even care that it's like minimum wage because it's my foot in the door sometimes you've got to start from the bottom and white you at the top and that is exactly what I've done about that job and at first it was like so amazing I loved it I was about to UM see it in like a big fashion manufacturing place so outside the in-house design department they had that in-house cutting room had their factory yeah I was actually working for like a fashion company which I just couldn't get over you know it didn't have no didn't have not really any experience and no degree but yeah I'm sat in an office with a fashion job over my head and very quickly the job just didn't turn out what I wanted it to be in my head I was like what all I need to do is get at least his experience and then I can move on and I'll be in such a better position to go to the next place so while I was there I was sort of doing blogging in social media they tried to like step through not on the website and do that and I know you like styling was really fun but it just it wasn't really going anywhere I got the place I was working for wasn't going anywhere so he was quite dead and I wanted to do something and have the progression in a job and I just wasn't getting up there this time I'd been there for around about a year so I felt like I was in quite a good position to move on and look for something else and I ended up actually just walking out and leaving and it got that bad and I'm not going to gonna go in to vote because probably not really for me to say on my youtube channel just in case he's watching and but yeah end up leaving that job actually because I just for I can't actually stay here any longer it just got quite bad there and without going into too much detail and but in this time anyway I've been looking for lazy jobs and I actually applied for that I know to free coming to that pipe I think I've had this so I think I piped to actually know you were free I'd pay for two jobs so I'd have to interview at this point anyway and one of the jobs that didn't get which I was really good at at the time it was a social media marketing job and for a fashion company like an online brand by a well-known online brand actually I remember like being really good I think at that job then I ended up getting this other job which is not actually my job now and at the time I didn't want this job I wanted your job but I didn't get you a job so had to take this job and this job was added as I don't even know what it was habit I sort of like fashion blogging and fashion manager I don't know I can't even remember what the top title was but it was it a fashion company and but I remember when I went to this job interview I just thought hmm can't really see myself working here so the job was for like licensed teas and when I went into the building and when I went in to look at old garments thinking oh my god this is such a change makes I've been working with garments like dress ears and cold shoulder tarps and collapse and like fashion trend fashion like pieces so to go into working with like primitive teas or if I was like is this really gonna be for me I just didn't feel it but anyway I was like I'm gonna have to take this job because I've just left that job so I need a job so if what right I'll take it and the buses seemed really nice before you know it'll be okay I'm jet it was a step up in a bit of a pay rise for me as well so I took the chart so let me just quickly breathe through so is this company that I started working for was a new company so I think for them because it was new they didn't really know they know that it needed me to be there to do these things but they didn't really know what my role was and then like very quickly it became apparent that I was gonna be their merchandisers so yeah so then I started being their merchandise being starts to take off very quickly for the company they started working with a lot of like online brands and stores just to give you a brief overview of what emerging guys raised if you don't so basically you learn that the customer can so I basically run all the cars for all the different high street stores and they'll get online stores so obviously day to day I my job will be like liaison fires and giving delivery dates managing production so from when I get an order of in I'll be seeing it through to the end so I have to go to factories and make sure they're getting on with their choice label orders and approving like production samples making sure butch and sealers have got a moment and order comes in you then take control of that order these really hands-on job and you're always busy you're always getting new orders do you always having to chase up things you know things don't always go right then it's like obviously having to bring people up and give it sir laughing it is really really enjoyable I do really enjoy it get to go to like development meetings with the customers which is also really enjoyable yeah that's how I became a fashion merchandiser it's so strange because I would never ever afford to become a fashion merchandiser I didn't even know what a fashion merchandise was like I don't know a year and a half two years ago and now I'm a fashion merchandise I'm actually a senior fashion merchandise are so yeah it's crazy how you don't know what you want and then also do you just end up into a job I thought I wanted to do social media marketing and then I would say stumbled into merchandising and actually look at more than social media marketing so yeah it is really crazy and trained – two jobs but I do think that sometimes it's the cage just end up falling into a job I know a lot of people was asking for tips and advice and how what they think I would say to people if they want to get into the fashion string and honestly my only tips and advice really is experience always keep a lookout for just like freelance jobs and just keep an eye out for things you really need to grab opportunities if you haven't done a fashion degree or you want to get into a fashion job maybe set up a fashion blog honestly I think blogging really helps you like having a blog and a YouTube channel really strengthen your CV so you don't need to have a fashion degree if you have a successful fashion blog and YouTube channel that will speak so much more than having a degree – because people can see that you're passionate about it people can go on your blog or read it and see how much passion and enthusiasm you've got for something because you're doing that unpaid in just in your own time so it does speak I always think that having a degree is better than having no degree a lot of the jobs that I have gotten to apply for will always say a degree to a to one sundered what degree is it doesn't really matter what a lot of them will say obviously fashions the obviously a fashion job but in general I think if you've got a degree it withstands better than not having a degree so yeah just move university and get a degree and then you can make you run or what you wouldn't do after that I also do want to say that I don't think that having a degree is the be-all and end-all like I think you can still get into the fashion industry without having to go you can still get a really successful job of a having a degree a lot of people think if they haven't got a degree it's the end of the world when really it isn't you can still get a job and work your way up and still loads of opportunities aren't there for you it's just how much she wants and fit and how willing you are to get it I think that's a massive massive part of being successful you've got to show how much you want something and I like I said if you want something that much you will get it so I'm living proof that swings with you everyone said that I wouldn't get a job in fashion I've not got a degree so you're never gonna get a job in fashion and it just goes to show that my freelance plug in and my determination of finding a job and getting interviews and then getting a job that's got me to where I am now so yeah I really hope you've enjoyed this video I hope it's sort of taught you a few things or gave you a bit of advice that you maybe needed to hear and yeah if you have any other questions about careers or anything just leave them down below and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible make sure you like this video if you enjoyed it my social media links will be down below as usual and I shall see you all in my next video okay


  1. Only just seen this video Laura but just wanted to say how much I can relate to everything you said about feeling the pressure to become a teacher. I studied history at uni and that's all anyone said to me 'oh are you going to be a teacher?' 'Oh you should be a teacher?' My parents said I should be a teacher and I like you felt the pressure to not disappoint them.
    I totally agree there is too much pressure on young people to have their whole lives planned out. It's not the end of the world if you havent decided on your future job or you change your mind along the way.
    So glad I came across your video, you made me feel like I'm not the only one who might have gone through feeling like this! X

  2. I'm at Trent! I'm a third year now, and I've just gone mad on fashion and beauty this last year aha, love your videos hun – I do Politics, most plain Jane course going! Slogging through my final year and I can't wait for it to be over xxx

  3. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I've only just realise through doing an apprenticeship which I didn't think I'd enjoy. Watching this makes you realise it's totally normal and realise you aren't the only person who has no idea what to do with your life. Thank you ❤ xxx

  4. Im not the most confident person, after school i knew from the pressure of A levels that i was best in vocational courses because i felt it was MY way. I went in with a friend and chose hairdressing, it was between hairdressing or photography, i went ahead and took the oppurtunity i passed my GCSEs and went on, i got my Level one and im currently on Level 2 diploma, i recently quit my office job because it wasnt for me anymore after a year i wanted to progress with hairdressing. Everybody doubts me and im currently struggling finding a job at this moment but what i will say is as much as i lack confidence I WILL DO IT. IL ACHIEVE – if i can do it so can everybody else! Im glad youve made this video as its pushed my mind set even further! DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY💖💖

  5. I'm 34 & have always wanted a job in fashion … I thought it was impossible (unless I started working in retail) until I saw this video, you've given me some hope. Whether I'll get to where I want to be I don't know but this should help younger girls also. 👍🏼

  6. this has inspired me so much, i graduated uni with a film and english degree and now I am currently stuck working in a school.I hate it, don't get me wrong i love working with the children but, I can't stand it. I rely want to work in fashion or social media and I keep applying to jobs but I just can't seem to get the job. Its so depressing and really is difficult. Thank you for the video xx

  7. You know what I have to hold my hands up with this one – I was really surprised that you do what you do – as I complain everyone judges me and never expects I am well educated and have done what I done – I did the same to you . As your gorgeous and don't take your self too seriously I didn't expect it , you know what … I apologise ! Congrats on your success and may people like us keep surprising the world lol 🤓✌🏼️

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