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I thought I’d do a video review of Shein seeing as every time I mention it I get lots of comments asking about the quality etc.

I hope you enjoy!


Stripe playsuit:
Cherry top:
Gingham dress:
Wrap dress:

Jumpsuit I’m wearing in the video:


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hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're all doing it fabulously today is my battery squeaky um today where was I I'm gonna be doing like a bit of a strange video for me but I thought basically I'm terrible at explaining things I bought a few things from the clothing retailer called she in at the moment and basically every time I wear them or post them on Instagram I've heard so many messages being like how does it fit what's it like so I thought what I would do is show you what I bought and kind of review them and it's like an honest kind of what I've actually thought I've worn and washed them blah blah blah so yeah I thought I would do that and hopefully it will give you like some insight to what it's like ordering from them etc etc first of all the ordering process was pretty standard the website is a bit sort of all over the place they do pinch a lot of images from other brands which I don't agree with because you're not seeing the product you're getting you're seeing the product usually made a hire and sold at a higher price so therefore I don't feel it accurately reflects the quality of what you're going to get so basically I think they should shoot their own images I know obviously there's a lot of kind of drama surrounding these kind of brands because you know it is cheap wholesale sort of like throwaway clothing and you know I don't buy from them a lot and this is the first time ever shot with these guys and I pay for it myself blah blah blah CEO starting to get it out of the way in terms of shipping it did take about a month to get hit maybe just under it but it did take quite a while and it wasn't fast I did choose their like standard shipping which was I think between like 10 and 21 days and it did take the maximum the kind of delay between ordering and shipping was quite big ie it took about two weeks before I got anyone have to say they've posted it but I mean it did all arrive in the end if that's kind of any consolation and but I'm going to show you the few bits I bought only bought four things and just can I tell you how they've worn and washed etc first piece I bought was this little place ooh in Hunter we know why I bought this but it's like a I've kind of obsessed with linen so I think this kind of looked lynnie it's not like a poly-cotton it's just a little short in this red and white stripes got an elasticated waist and then a high neck with a strappy back I've read the reviews and a lot of them said it came up absolutely huge such a size down so I believe I got a small or an extra small I don't think I actually has the size in it because like that very cheaply made they don't even tend to have care labels mm oh wait yeah it does okay I got an extra small the hilarious thing is as well it's a H&M sizing label so they must just buy them like old which I think Salieri's is there's 100% cotton but maybe is actually it's kind of scratch you know if you can hear that anyway I think it's about 12 pounds that was super cheap it is fine it's fine like there's nothing wrong with it the sizing is fine like it came out I'm about uk6 the size extra small fitted fine I really like the back detail if you can see kind of Lipscomb holding up like something from tGI's but yeah it's got like this sort of crossover detail I have worn it about four times just around the pond sorry this top is so boobie wouldn't ya just around the pool and with a bikini underneath it's a little bit sheer so like you have to be careful with knickers and obviously it's got no back so kind of is you can't wear a bra with it which counteracts the fact it's see-through it's washed fine it's you know it is just it is what it is it's very cheaply made a little throw on play suit kind of the sort of quality get in Primark the source stitching and finishing maybe isn't as good as Primark never thought I'd say that but yeah I mean it stayed the same size which is something it hasn't shrunk the white has gone a little bit off white so I don't know if that's the dye that's run between the red it has it gone slightly pink tone basically but you know I mean as is it's fine for what I wear it for I like holidays and whatnot and to be honest it will probably get downgraded to pajamas after summer so for what it was it's fine basically with Sheen as well I think when you spend 40 pounds you get free shipping and I was at like 37 or something so I added this t-shirt into my bag not because I really wanted it but I just wanted to see what it was like and basically it's a copy of the Gani or I never know how to pronounce it but this t-shirt basically this says Cherry Bomb on it retails the proper one for a forty five pounds of thing and I believe this was eight so I thought you know what I'm gonna give it go a t-shirts a t-shirt like obviously I'm not really one for dupes you'll have seen that I like to save up and buy things and I just thought I'd give it a go and this is awful no I'm just gonna put it out there it's horrible it's it's just disgusting Fabri it's that horrible cotton way you like your fingers get caught on it all the time and you know what I mean that's a really weird thing to say it's just like sweaty and nasty and everyone at once and washed it and it's much fine I just don't like it like I wouldn't really worry where because obviously isn't the proper brand of what it should be and it's just a complete rip of it but like all the side seams of puckered in the wash and it's like it doesn't stretch even though it's supposed to be Jersey and it's just that awful fabric that literally you drip with sweat when you wear like I can't describe it you kind of know what I mean if you've ever bought like a t-shirt from like a market or something like that you know I mean like not even like Primark level like below like it's just not it's not nice at all like the actual print is fine it hasn't damaged in the wash but it's just awful I wouldn't even wear embed it's just that nasty horrible Jersey and you know that's not even me being a snob I would happily wear t-shirts from Primark whatever else this just is not nice come on to my favourite item now which was this little gingham dress it is adorable I love this I think it was about 10 pounds 12 pounds and basically I bought it so my defuses for I wan like easy to go summer outfits it's got these cute little frilled sleeves then it goes down into like a smock dress and then the back has this little tie I'm gonna start I loved it like I just said I absolutely loved it all at once I pop the picture in of what I posted on Instagram you can't really see the length in it but it was a good length for me like short I'm about 5 7 so it was on the shorter side and but still fine I've never washed it once more out and also for a bit sure you know you know you're conscious of it all day and fine-ish still washed it again on 30 and I think it does so you can wash it up to 40 again fake H&M label 100% cotton yeah it says you can wash up to 40 you can't it's not hundreds they call it a hundred percent point con I can tell you that right this second and it's just shrunk it's so short now like beyond wearable which I'm so sad about because I just think it adorable um and yeah it's just not worry about as a dress anymore which is so sad and I mean it's not even worth we'll bring another one because I know it's gonna happen again so I think what I'm gonna do is cut the bottom off and hem it and just have it it's like a little t-shirt top thing to just sort of like cut it across here and have it as a top but even still like you know you obviously if you buy something you're going spoked it to shrink especially for watching it 10 degrees lower than what it tells you to so other than that like you know I really did like this and I'm a bit sad that that's happened quality wise it's fine but obviously it shrunk so therefore it's not like it the last item is a dress that I've seen exactly the same of in Topshop again this was kind of like on a whim like I wonder what it will look like on and it's got these sort of big Flutie sleeves and then it wraps across like so and it has this tie bell and then this flippy hem I think the top shot one was about 45 pounds I think this one was 13 just thought I'd give it a go again it states it's 100% cotton it isn't it's a bit sort of scratchy and whatever it's basically a polyester mix which is fine like you know I'm not being a fabric snob and if it's got a label on it just say 100% polyester yeah okay well it is and I haven't washed that one because every time I go to work it just looks horrible on it just feels really cheap and nasty and when you tie it it gapes and you know like every time you move it's like swishing across I've got sorry it's like a little white lace bra it's not like a proper bra bra um but yeah and it's just not very nice on I have taken it on both my whole days some of my phone just went off in order to wear and not ended up wearing it just because I just think it looks nasty on I have seen the top shot one on to be fair fits fairly similarly it's just not really for me but yeah I think I don't really know what to do with it I mean I won't once so I think for like a tenner I'll keep it where and put me sell it on for the same like you know like seven or eight quid so yeah overall I wasn't the best thing to buy but also not the worst they were the four pieces that I bought from she in I'm sure it used to be called she inside I mean I could be wrong either way they're the four things I bought and hopefully just like an honest upfront review in terms of what I recommend buying from them yes I would recommend that you try and stick to the things that they state are 100% cotton which as I've just said it doesn't tend to necessarily be true however cotton should wash better than all the poly cotton and not be as irritant on your skin or else avoid their t-shirts no just not even worth time and bear in mind you know it probably isn't made under the nicest conditions I wouldn't recommend it as like a an a sauce you know like popping on and buying things every single day and if you do that then fine um but yeah so overall like you know maybe for a couple of trendnard pieces I bought them just to investigate and also just grab a few easy to throw on summer pieces which to be honest they have been pretty much sand the t-shirt so yes I think they're forty pounds all in including shipping at the end of the world would I buy them from them again potentially wouldn't buy winter wear wouldn't buy knitwear and things no coats so yeah that's my two cents on it I hope it's kind of vaguely useful because I know a lot of people sort of concerned about mine from these brands beforehand and be it is all legit unfortunately some of the items have shrunk and they don't work so well but I mean at the end of the day you're paying very little for them so it's kind of to be expected but yeah I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next one bye guys

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  1. I've bought from them once before and I have to say never again because the quality and fit was so poor some items you would be XS and others L. But the returns is what put me completely off, it took me weeks to organise delivery back to them and it cost me £20 to post it back to them, I did get a full refund thankfully but lost £20 on return shipping.

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