H&M MEN'S CLOTHING HAUL?! – November 2015 | Brooks Holt


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H&M MEN’S CLOTHING HAUL?! – November 2015 | Brooks Holt

Brooks Holt

all right what's up guys so this is gonna be a whole video never doubled things before I've watched a couple of them I've never done one before if you ever seen you look up a little above the latest cuz i'm looking at the viewfinder I'm have to get used to look into that and not looking at myself to be finer throw my best anyway so I want to H&M and through the blog like i said i was like this might be worth doing a separate thing so I got stuff and I'm totally using my bed it's a table so there you go oh yeah let's see what I guy has some cool stuff I'm actually looking for Doc you put these on there now well sir I got these like not gym shorts yes it likes white shorts I guess but they have this really cool skull and crossbones on it says create and destroy oh they look pretty sweet and a pretty soft too so I grab those a lot of stuff was actually really cheap also which is nice about H&M we always joked at H&M stands for hit or miss and I thought it was a Miss I went in the earlier and then went back and it was a hit and I got some stuff so let's grab about it anyone that knows me personally knows I saw this and I had to get in it's a freaking Mickey Mouse shirt with a bunch of different facial expressions on it he got happy you got sad you got sleepy I saw this thing and I'm like yep I'm gonna give this and I will probably wear it tomorrow so we'll see about that keep looking to be funded okay oh yeah oh yeah I've always said I want to get like a super baggy v-neck if I never found it so super baggy be Nick and also you can never have enough black v necks fun fact this is like your little life lesson for the day dudes and never have too many black be next just saying so put that gender come as I could say that I'm just gonna continue to prove my point another cheap this is a regular plain black v-neck really this shirt oh my gosh each other did y'all see the bag does you okay next I got this I just I saw him like oh this looks kind of cool Delta and it's like the softest shirt I've ever felt and just another son a black v neck it's like a dark gray v-neck but you know it's close but if you could feel this thing it's like this is weird isn't it just weird but it's really it's really soft I got my fail two pairs of pots or two pairs of pants I got it it's just a blue pair there's the skinny there's like super skinny jeans because all i have is one pair of like blue jeans and they're kind of baggy on me even though they're labeled is skinny so all i need to get another pair of blue jeans so i got those and then i also got these were also they're both twenty dollars so not that expensive either relatively speaking for the psycho pants and they're really comfortable and then like this dark gray pair same fit all that stuff and the reason i got both of these i think especially for this blue pair i think i'm going to take like the nicest of scissors just kind of cut some holes in like the likes of them just to make them look a little bit different i'll like the look of like skinny like super skinny blue jeans too much but if I cut some holes in them just kind of throw it off logo i like that such as they were so cheat for twenty dollars I was like you know what I've said I wanted to do this for a while I'm gonna get um it's cut the legs open and where I'm like that plus nice little air conditioning not gonna be a little draft up there will i see you to go and be the way that's what I got from eight to noon if you like this stuff let me know like I'm gonna I planted this with like gadgets and toys probably because I like toys and a bunch of cool stuff like that and then if I ever do go shopping I really don't do it often it all to be honest is the first time I've got clothes in a while except when my parents were in town and they bought it for me but it's been a while other than that so if you want to see more stuff like this let me know leave me a comment give a thumbs up do something to let me know be the way guys I hope you enjoyed this if you came here from the vlog be sure to keep going watch the rest of the vlog for the day if you came here just for this thank you so much for watching again so I can subscribe button do something be awesome have a great day and I will see you all in the next video later guys I like that this is the play so it's really good stuff for something I can see that you do what they got your beanies man look at it's like beanie heaven for you think it's so big that's my

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