Highlights from the Fashion Media Awards 2013

The first annual Fashion Media Awards, hosted by The Daily Front Row, honoring top influencers in the fashion industry, took place at Harlow in NYC on Friday, September 6th. Watch the full highlights from the red carpet to the awards show with appearances from Marc Jacobs, Lady Gaga, Jay Mauel, June Ambrose, Heidi Klum and many more!

Watch the full live stream of the Fashion Media Awards:

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welcome to the first annual fashion mediaworks fashion plays a huge part in media plays a huge part in entertainment in general so it's only appropriate i would like to present this award to the lovely jane routine Josie you Callie clothes emily weiss where would we be without them this what's really kind of driving the business today is awesome councilman Steven again think ritzy she I give you Heidi Klum I love to see people be rewarded for doing something great I hope it's the start of a nice annual tradition and we're just getting started you the fashion world has its heroes that are unsung in the greater world will stay passionate about what we do I think it's amazing that the daily took this opportunity to kind of honor them something happens in fashion someone has to put the information out there that's odd so look at a little acknowledgement every now and then it's nice behave with it you know some questioned Giants tonight is just fantastic it's an order and I'm happy to be here I think these people deserve to be honored so I'm really happy to celebrate it with them I think it is really important to honor you know the fashion media the people behind the scenes such an honor to you know be nominated for beauty innovator of the year it's nice to see these great power players really celebrated you know I love almost everybody on the lip for the Heidi Klum lot I'm honored and happy to be here tonight to present the very first ever made honoring the very best in fashion media Heidi Klum I really not doing television when I still love being in fashion to thank you very much Oh women love Joe he has an uncanny sense of what incredible time to be a model and it's an incredible time to be in this industry so thank you for this award welcome to the stage ladygaga I basically wouldn't know anyone in this room if it wasn't for you Stephen gone when your life changes on you or your career changes on you you see who your real friends are and one of my real friends is sitting right there I knew the first night we met Kevin sushi in these village that dagger you would one day be my news to all who support independent publishing in New York City thank you what an amazing group of people thank you again we'll see you next year you

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