Heath's Job at Starbucks- A MH/EAH stop motion

When Heath has to get a job at Starbucks, the customers suffer from his inexperience as a barista.


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this is the worst date ever I need to sit down before I faint oh he is that you I heard distressed wailing from my room oh do I look alright to you oh no why don't I come sit down so why are you so upset well I just went to the bank and they told me I maxed out all five of my credit cards and I only have a little bit of money left in my bank account which means I'm almost broke again what but didn't you just get a ton of inheritance money after your uncle passed away well yeah but that was a few weeks ago and being Heath ain't cheap since then I've totaled my g-wagen bought a new g wagon total fat g wagon then bought another g wagon I've gone on approximately 58 shopping sprees at the glue G store and I went to the mall earlier today and bought this new Dolce and Gabanna romper even though my credit cards are maxed out I mean what was I supposed to do not buy it it's limited edition oh wow okay then well maybe if you want to keep buying expensive things you should get a job so you don't go broke again huh as if Heath burns does not work do I look like a peasant to you don't be so judgmental working can be fun if you find a job you like Yeah right what job could possibly be fun well what kind of things do you like well I love high-end Couture of course but I can never work where I shop I'm a VIP customer and I'm not gonna stoop as low as to becoming a salesperson I like purses shoes coffee stop that's it I know you could work at Starbucks well I suppose that could work but only because I love their frappuccinos but I don't know anything about how to get a job how about I come with you to the Starbucks right now and I can help you fill out a job application oh whatever let's go before I change my mind hello what can I get started for you guys I'm here for my shift excuse me Oh what he means is he'd like to apply for a job oh well today's your lucky day because we happen to be hiring right now I'm actually the manager and if you'd like I can go ahead and conduct your interview while you're here what do you mean I have to interview I don't just automatically get the job what kind of rig system is this Oh Heath you have to interview for any job to show whether or not you're qualified but you know Starbucks inside and out you got this fine then let's get the stupid interview over with all right then follow me all right sir tell me a bit about yourself and why you want to work at Starbucks excuse me I'm the Heath burns and I don't want this stupid job at all but if I don't start making some money I'll go broke again and I won't be able to buy anymore couture fashion okay then next question do you enjoy working in customer service how would you handle a difficult customer yeah I freaking hate working with people and if a customer dared to disrespect me I'd kick their butt and expose them on social media all right I think we're gonna have to cut this short final question what experience do you have as a barista experience do I look like a working class citizen to you until now I've just survived off of my trust fund okay Heath I think you've shown me all I need to know about you today frankly you are rude immature unexperienced and your aren't even passionate about this job there's no way on earth I would ever hire you to represent this store Oh are you kidding me here how about you hire me if I just give you $100 right now excuse me this is so offensive do I look like I take bribes okay then let's make that $1,000 okay fine you won me over you tell anybody about this and you're done for and remember I'm still your manager so I can still fire you at any time that's more like it now time to brag about my new job good news your friend got the job sure he's not the most qualified candidate but I've decided to give him a chance that's right losers he is the newest barista on the block oMG that's great Heath I knew you could do it well time to go show off my new career choice on Instagram see you tomorrow for your first shift and don't be late all right losers it's time for my first day at my new job Heath is going to be working with real live people this sounds like a recipe for disaster how did you get a job in the first place Heath you have no experience and you're a terrible person I don't have time to stand here and listen to you guys hate on me I have frappuccinos to make well I normally hate buying overpriced frappe Oh whatever's but I may just have to stop by and pay my friend a visit at his new job agreed I'm already imagining all the pranking possibilities great you're here I was thinking you could work the drive-through window all you have to do is take orders and make the drinks I'll be at the cash register if you need help fine welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you today hi I'd like a Vince even illah latte please okay now pull up to the next window or whatever that'll be $5 here ah nothing like that first satisfied customer I am such a good barista excuse me I just went through the drive-thru and I did not get the drink I ordered well too bad because we don't do refunds it's not my fault you don't like the drink you are being extremely rude sir you gave me the wrong drink in the drive-through and I'd like to speak to a manager now what seems to be the problem ma'am I'm the manager here this stupid customer is trying to get me fired because she doesn't like her drink what that is not what happened I ordered a latte and he gave me what tastes like watered-down coffee grounds Heath did you give this lady the wrong drink I just gave her what all the drinks are made of I don't know why she's flipping out what are you talking about well all the drinks have the same recipe duh you have got to be kidding me ma'am I'm so sorry I'd be happy to replace your drink free of charge actually I'd just like a refund please and maybe next time you should hire baristas that have phasic common sense of course ma'am here you go I'm so sorry you had a bad experience today and I won't be coming back are you serious Heath you just lost us a longtime customer I hope you don't actually think that all of the drinks have the same recipe from now on I'll make the drinks and you just take the orders hopefully you won't find a way to mess that up too welcome to Starbucks what'd I get you yes is that you oh great yes Jackson it's me I got a freaking job here now just tell me your order oh great I'd like a grande iced coffee with soy milk please please make sure it's soy milk because I have a very very very deadly allergy to Dairy all right I'll get that iced coffee started and you ring them up at the next window wait give me one more chance to make the right drink it's just iced coffee how hard could it be fine but this is your last chance ha let's see how allergic to dairy you really are Jackson hey yes you remembered the soy milk right totally there is definitely no dairy in here and it's on the house just for you Wow thank you so much I'm so glad we're buddies see you later ha what a loser he doesn't suspect a thing oh I just love me I am such a diva ha ha hey put away your phone and start taking orders you're already failing miserably at your job Oh hashtag it this sucks hashtag loser boss welcome to Starbucks what can I get for you well hello there Heath I think I'll just have a venti eliminator all right now go ahead and start filming okay you're good to go hello youtube today I will be pulling a classic prank on my nemesis Heath at his new job no let's just give this bottle of soda a good shake all right people it's go time okay Abbi here's your 50 hey you turn on your phone and look at the news now wa breaking news I'm Breyer with Channel eleven news here at the local hospital with resident Jackson Jekyll who has miraculously survived a massive car crash on the interstate today it's reported that Jackson suffered a serious allergic reaction while driving and ran his moped into a truck causing a pile up of multiple vehicles so far over 10 fatalities have been reported due to the accident today Jackson Jekyll was extremely lucky to survive the initial crash and is being treated here at the hospital for the allergic reaction that caused the accident and now for an exclusive interview with Jackson himself so Jackson do you have any input on the crash today and do you know what caused your debilitating allergic reaction oh I'm so upset I can't believe innocent people were killed because of the accident earlier today how was it Starbucks and my best friend Heath gave me my coffee I think it had dairy in it which I'm definitely allergic to well you heard it here first Heath burns is now suspect in the multiple vehicle car crash that killed over 10 people today we've inserted a picture from Heath's Instagram profile here if you see this man please call the police with additional information that's all we have for you today I'm Breyer see you next time on Channel 11 News Jackson is such a snitch all I wanted to do was play a prank I didn't know he'd go off and kill 10 people seriously he's tampering with the customers order you're fired forget the thousand dollars you gave me just get out whatever I quit anyway I freaking hate working I'll just wait for another relative to die and leave me their inheritance bye

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