Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters Suit Fabrics 101: Cotton

Russell Scott Lawson, owner of Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters (Cardiff, Wales) continues to give a little information on men’s suit fabrics. This week he talks about cotton. Visit his store for high quality men’s suits, men’s shoes, shirts and so much more. Get expert advice on wedding hire, suit fittings all in a classy comfortable studio located in Morgan Arcade in the Cardiff City Centre.
hi my name's Russell today I'm in to introduce you to another cloth this time we have cotton very popular in summer has a few upsides downsides upsides is quite tough last year a long time especially if mixed with a little bit of elastic we set a brand called MMX here and they will carry a 2% elastic in their cotton and that gives it a lot of stretch while strength and so it stops increasing 100% cotton however will do exactly the opposite I've just done increased tests on that with one hand increase test on this with one hand so 100% cotton after five minutes of where it's pretty tempting with elastic you'll get a much better product

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