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The Google Preferred P-Score ranks among the top 5% of channels on YouTube. And the machine-learning algorithm that powers the P-Score is always learning and improving, which helps us more effectively consider not only how popular a channel is and how passionate its fans are, but also allows us to prioritize based on protection (brand suitability), production value and platform. Watch the ‘P-Score Overview’ to learn more.

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over six years ago we created the preference scored a surface among the most popular channels on YouTube we drew on our best signals that were representative of user behavior such as shares likes and repeat viewership as the algorithm that drives google preferred the preference score was an important step in bringing ratings into the engagement age traditional ratings were a measure only of popularity to this we brought a measure of passion now we can go even further utilizing more signals that are representative of how users consume content today to help us find even more engaging channels and build your brand across YouTube in other words we're reinventing our ratings we need to recognize the improvements to our preference score reel reintroducing it to the world as Peace Corps Peace Corps is a more advanced proprietary algorithm designed to deliver robust channel selection improvements via an array of these five sophisticated signals popularity is driven by watch time a proprietary metric that reveals repeat engaged viewership passion is based on how engaged in audiences with a channel it uses several different kinds of signals to understand how often users interact with content protection continues to focus on content suitability by combining our latest classifiers with an added layer of validation so that Peace Corps outputs are working for your brand platform highlights content that's more frequently watched on large screens such as TV screens by a rapidly growing audience of empowered viewers production includes content that employs sophisticated camera work in cinematic technique and since we can access a multitude of proprietary signals that no third parties can a Peace Corps is also proprietary popular hash protection platform and production all proprietary signals combined to surface among the most engaging in brand appropriate content on YouTube across music beauty and fashion video gaming and other key categories and the Peace Corps is updated regularly so if there's a new star or breakthrough talent that meets brand suitability and other requirements the Peace Corps will automatically include them as part of Google preferred the next time content is refreshed for your brand to stay relevant with audience interests and behavior how do we know these are the right signals to surface suitable content for your brand's because a study examining over 5,000 YouTube campaigns demonstrated that channels with higher P scores or relate to higher brand lift for advertisers around the globe and across devices the right signals to find the best content to build your brain that's Google preferred powered by the new piece core

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