Hello everyone!! Wanted to share my recent haul at Givenchy their boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas!

3131 S Las Vegas Blvd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89158
(702) 737-1091

Givenchy Rottweiler Sneakers:

Givenchy Black Star Shirt:

What I Am Wearing:

– Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Barcelona
– Chanel Correcter Perfection in 20
– Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder in Desert
– Gucci Bronzer in Exotic Umber
– Nudestix Brow Pencil in Dirty Blonde
– Nars Audacious Mascara in Moon Black


Disclaimer: I am not paid to mention any of the products in this video. All products shown have been purchased by myself!
so I literally just got off the plane from Vegas and I'm finally here doing a video for you guys um I've just been on the go on the go ever since I left from Vegas and it's just been a really busy workweek but I'm so happy to be back here sharing a new video with you guys if you follow me on Instagram you know what I've been up to in Vegas I was there with nude sticks and I will be in San Francisco this upcoming week when I was when in Vegas I was there for work but there was one store I had to stop by because there's not one here in Los Angeles and that was the Givenchy boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas now Ivana she only has three American stores believe it or not yeah Yvonne she is sold in Barneys New York and Neiman's and even sax with avenue but the experience and I'm saying this now that I've been to the boutique the experience is not even close to the same as going to Asia watching I just have to say a big thank you to Walter who helped me at the Wynn phenomenal guy pure class really showed me everything there is to zoom on she really helped me narrow down what I really wanted to get and he even took me out to the private patio where they take Jiwon she clients they kind of started the champagne there and things like that and there is a gorgeous waterfall with the Givenchy logo on tile and it was just stunning it was probably an experience I would never forget um not really because those things mattered to me but it was just really cool too I don't know it was just so cool to see that and just be like wow like this is pretty nice you know when you have those moments where you just feel like man this was pretty nice eles that moment for me but like I said head over to Instagram and you'll see exactly a lot of photos that I posted from Las Vegas so that you watch you bag I have here is ginormous and I'm not even joking with you it's probably the size of my full half of my body I will just go ahead and hold it up here so you guys can see I have to say my suitcase to bring along to do specifically from the video just to show you guys everything the first thing they gave me with my purchase or one of my purchases was a garment bag now this is the one they use for their couture gown so I'm probably have to shorten it a little bit to fit the item that I did pick up I absolutely love that I have a jeeva she got a bag now just a nice little added little extra touch is that the word I think that's a word or phrase that Walter did for me to keep the item that I picked up nice and safe in my closet there are the men garment bags so I had to settle for this one but I'm not complaining so the first thing I picked up of course they wrapped it with the jiwon she stickers right here and even on the bags they ribbon it up and sticker it down and everything but I was traveling and my things just got ripped apart so it came in like this and the first thing I picked up from Devon she was a men's dress shirt with their signatures star print now this is stitched into the shirt this is a full-on stitching inside the star so the stars go along the collar area and then they also go on the back side of the shirt right here and I love the crisp white lulling of the Djem and I'm going to show you how this looks on me worn because me holding it up is not going to do it justice but the tailoring and the fit of a g1 she dress shirt is worth the price point alone I mean when I put on the shirt I just I was like holy holy crap I need to take this home with me it just fits amazing and I love that I could get a lot of use out of this I can wear this casually I could dress this up with one of my view bond she ties and soon and just go out really nice to an event or something or even to a nice dinner I will say though this shirt looks better untucked and I say that because the way Javon she shirts are cut at how they cut a flair out really perfectly to the point where you really don't want to hide that by tucking it in it looks its best when you button enough all the way to the very top button even the sleeves and let it just form to your body I mean this thing makes you look amazing so I'm really happy I got this dress shirt me but I'm absolutely in love with the Shred I picked up very simple it feels amazing it's just it's pure luxury and I absolutely love so now time for the last item I picked up and I was going to get another pair of these of this exact kind but just a different variety but oh my golly slow down let's see how these ones go and then when you go back to Vegas then you can decide so of course I had to pick up a pair of as you wash your shoes I love how simple and I really hate this word but I love how chic the boxes it's really nice really clean juban cheese Paris and boss right here really nice crisp clean white and let's go ahead and get into the shoes I picked up to take these bad boys off so inside you get the authenticity card of Siwon she right here to it so it comes with not one dust bag but – I kind of like that it comes with two low um the shoes are a little bit chunky so it's nice and they come in their own individual dust bag that say she want she pairs so let's go ahead I guess I should show you me open these right let's go ahead and open these oh I'm so I cannot wait to wear these so say hello to my new dog so I picked up the new the new edition the 2015 got afraid of the year we're in the 2015 version of the G bond sheet Rottweiler skate shoe now I have my on these shoes for quite a long time we're not going to lie to you I've had my on these shoes for and just take off the stuffing I had my on these shoes for a pretty good while and when I saw they did the 2015 version where they made the Rottweiler take up the entire space of the sneaker I absolutely love so this is the new 2015 version and the old ones had HD G right here and now they don't anymore you will see the detailing in here with a tan leather on the end says you wanna she pairs in engraving right there or um you know what I mean screen screen printing however you want to say it and so this is a pure leather shoe this is leather and the inside is leather and of course this is white rubber and I just absolutely love the dog the Rottweiler is so symbolic of Siobhan she and you know it actually looks really good dressed up because when I went to go shopping at the store that day I was quite dressed up that day you know I had trousers on a tucked in shirt bell and everything and when I tried these on I still looked dressy but it just looked it just looked different it looked so diwanji I mean that sounds stupid but it's it's the reality like I like that the juban she skate shoes don't dress down an alpha to that like you could wear a full-on blazer shirt bowtie pocket square slick your hair back real clean and still wear these I mean issues are really really versatile and they really go with everything but I will say I would really only wear this if I'm wearing a full-on solid color outfit so all black or black a really really really dark denim and then these shoes I wouldn't wear this with a printed shirt because you don't want the shoes to clash with what you're wearing so I like these as a pop of that color a pop of design when it comes to Footwear and they're really timeless I mean you wouldn't think a dog on a shoe is timeless but it's such the Givenchy DNA and aesthetic that it just goes with everything so I absolutely love these um I'm so content with my shoe collection right now but I had to have these so I'm I'm absolutely thrilled to have them and I can't wait to I can't wait to wear them with the shirt I picked up and some some black jeans I'm actually waiting for their new jeans they announced that New York Fashion Week not that long ago to be sent out to boutiques because I really want to draw a pair and hopefully pick pair up anyways you guys thank you so much for watching I'm so happy to be back for a little bit only back here for about three to four days and then off to San Francisco I go with nude sticks so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys are doing well if you have any comments or questions or videos you would like to see next please leave them down in the comments below I might do a my favorite shoes or my most worn shoes video but I don't know how popular or in-demand that would be for you guys to see so let me know in the comments down below thank you guys so much for watching and always say until next video I'll see you guys in

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  1. I don’t know why but you seem like the most arrogant person I could think of like when some one would step on your shoe you would spit on them I don’t know you but I just get that feeling whenever you open your mouth

  2. since you are so obsessed with appearance…

    1. did you ever consider using your money fixing your UGLY face????? i mean come on. start with your teeth, nose, skin, gosh everything
    2. all your stuff are pretty, thats what we want to see… NOT YOUR FACE, your ugly face… zoom out!!! givenchy looked really cheap on this one
    3. your make up… COME ON!!!!!

  3. Givenchy spoils you beautifully! I visit Wynn 2x a year Feb & Aug. Next time you visit, enjoy a glass of sauv blanc in the bar right in their garden. It is a New Zealand brand very yummy! I will look out for your associate in Feb when I go. Great haul 😍

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