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I’ll be going for a summer internship in a month or so, and have been spending way too much time thinking about some of the possible work wear outfits and how i can dress for work. So here are some of my suggestions and outfit ideas for what to wear to work, for those of you who will too be working or interning during the upcoming summer!

Hope you liked these outfits! Let me know what kind of dress code you have at work!

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someday soon arriving and that means a lot of us either internship hunting job hunting or if you're one of the lucky ones that have already gotten a job thinking about what to wear on your first day here are some of my suggestions the first outfit is a classic sticking to an all-black ensemble it's a fail-safe option it is perfect for most office interviews or jobs wearing a blazer in the color lining or having subtle details such as feats that a bit wild I mentioned videography sticking through a black and white color doesn't have to make an outfit boring and let me pop fit by mixing sheets of black white angry over opting for a dress with a unique cut and existing color blocking if you're up for it and a hint of color by cuffing the seeds of your blazer neutral stone just mean black and white a new cream beige and brown hazards can also look polished and see instead of a structured blazer I threw on a setter over the slouchy color top for a comfortable yet it's not tears over for those of us who have a little more freedom with our outfits introducing colors and patterns can be done by opting for more muted shades and understated patterns one example includes this dusty purple top ingredients that I have on layering a cardigan with lapels or Hardware can also give the outfit more character this final outfit suggestion is for the lucky ones who have casual Fridays are able to dress down when they go to wear your favorite pair of jeans with pointers LEDs and an oversized colored shirt for our relaxed tomboy style if you happen to have a last-minute meeting throw on your trusty blazer and there you have an instant semi-formal oxi I hope you got some inspiration let me know what just cause you have and which of these outfits will work for you thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next one bye

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  1. This is such a cute and practical video idea! I love that first one so much!! You also should show me where these cool shoot locations are when I visit SG (; That fourth outfit is absolutely lovely on you! And I really dig the watch in outfit 5!! N

  2. All the outfits look good on you! I make the same videos and it would really mean a lot if you checked the out. Subscribed, hope you'll sub back? let's support one another!

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