Giorgio Armani Sí Perfume Review!

Reviewing Giorgio Armani’s Si eau de parfum today! Hope you guys enjoy!

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This perfume was sent to me by Notino in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!
hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a perfume review today we are going to be talking about another Giorgio Armani perfume if you have not seen my last one you can go watch me mispronounce the name of it over and over and over again I will throw up a card and link it in the description box down below with today's perfume I can definitely pronounce this one because this is Giorgio Armani's see and if I couldn't pronounce C I just I don't deserve your views so C there we go alright now let us get into reviewing this perfume this perfume came out in a 2013 so it's been around for about four years now and I know that it is a super super popular fragrance every time you go into anywhere that sells perfumes that see like front and center right next flower bomb right next to like Coco Chanel all of those all the girly delicious Universal sense that everybody seems to love so I have the 3.4 outside of this other column this is what the box looks like it is this matte baby pink color that says C on it and inside of this box we've got this beautiful beautiful bottle I love how sleek elegant simple this topper I don't know what to call this shape but it's pretty it kind of does it look kind of like so it'll see on here kind of sort of I don't know this is kind of blob ting and looks like this I appreciate how basic this bottle is and I do want to mention that the spray on this perfume just just watch this okay it got me my face okay so this is the post-assessment and you guys are going to see the most like ugly face scrunch ever okay I didn't realize what my plan was gonna blow it into my face but did you see how aggressive this premise right over here knows okay so you see how aggressive that is yeah that's just went into my eyes so that was fun now my I smell good as for what that really intense spray smells like the top notes of this perfume is cassis the middle notes of this perfume are freesia and mayrose and the base is composed of and brock's and patchouli and woodsy know so when I spray this perfume it is definitely all to see in that first spray it feels very green which is a new type of scent for me I don't think I own anything that smells green as it wears a mask and that for a little bit it definitely starts to pull a little bit of that white floor with the freesia and I guess a tiny bit of that may rose I normally don't like rose in my fragrances if you guys have watched even a single one of my consumer reviews I'm sure that you know this by now I'm not a fan of rooms but this does have a slight rosey miss to it and I'm not offended by it surprisingly maybe it's because it's may Rose may be may Rose is different than just rose rose but I'm okay with the rose in this fragrance and of course the base is what gets me with this perfume with the vanilla and the woodsy notes this is a very soft vanilla it's not super for Mond and gooey and delicious it's just very soft vanilla and that woodsy scent isn't like a fall woodsy scent like fire-place type of woodsy but it's got a greenness to it so maybe like spring woods kind of what everything was blooming this is not like that state seductive warm vanilla gourmand it's definitely kept lighter with the green and floral notes this fragrance is a super popular one as I already mentioned and I can probably put that on the patchouli in it as most fragrances that are pretty much universally loved seem to have to truly in them and are considered a quick truly scent there just must be something about truly that we really enjoy smelling this perfume where is it quite close to the skin it is not going to fill up a room it's just kind of going to be at arm's reach and I would say that it lasts for about six hours of where maybe up to eight which makes this perfume a great choice for somebody who needs me to get through a school or a workday because it is not going to overpower everyone around you and if you have a 9 to 5 job it will last you through your workday as for what season I think this one is suited for I would say maybe spring and fall I feel like it's a little bit too much for summer and a little bit too soft for winter it kind of fits right into those cooler months whether it's cooling off or warming up just somewhere around there and definitely I would say this is more of a it's daytime fragrance just because I feel like it's not loud enough to be considered a nighttime fragrance if you're wearing this you're not trying to stand out and be bold and everybody smell me because I smell like this it's more subdued so I don't think it's considered in that time crazy I feel like this fragrance is for when you want to smell good but also not make like some crazy statement about the fact that you smell good now that I know exactly what this fragrance smells like and knowing how popular it is I realized I don't think I've ever really smelled somebody walking around smells like it but that's probably because it we're so close to the skin so subdued then I don't realize it but there's probably so many people out there that are wearing this and they just say no that they smell good but you know you're just welcomed by and they smell like almost nothing to me which isn't a bad thing very smooth fragrance and it's kind of understating and I feel like it is a very classic and classy scent as for the age range that I would consider it is a good fit for I would say lightly more mature women I don't see anybody in like high school or even like college really appreciating the scent for what it is but as I always say perfume does not have an age a gender a time of year a time of day you can wear whatever you want to wear but if you want a general idea I think this is definitely for somebody maybe in their 40s 50s and on if you guys have a more mature nose and are interested in checking out see I will have a link to know Tina calm in the description box and you can go check it out make purchase it if you like it but I think that it's just about everything that I have to say about a Giorgio Armani's see I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you leave it a nice big thumbs up for me in the comment section down below let me know if you guys speak any other languages and if you do what they are I'm obviously inspired by the name was was perfume I personally learned Russian before I learned English even though I was born here in New York City and I would say that I am mildly fluent in Spanish and I'm currently learning Italian so hopefully soon I will be able to say that I've got four languages under my belt and then maybe we'll add it this one we'll see and if you would like to come up with me on all of my social media platforms I love keeping up with you guys on Instagram Twitter all over the Internet I have links to all of my social media handles in the description box down below and if you're not already subscribed to my channel you totally should I post new videos every Tuesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and I will see you guys in my next video bye

25 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Sí Perfume Review!”

  1. Si is popular for a reason! It’s mass appealing with black currant nectar, airy florals and musky blonde woods. I love Si it has just the right hint of florals that I have been looking for. But it is super fruity and sweet with the cassis and black currant.

  2. Hahaaa I think it's so awesome that you kept that snafu in your video, is sprays you in the face very real and I appreciate that, some of these videos are over edited in an attempt to be perfect, BORRRRING! by the way I'm a makeup artist and your makeup looks beautiful,
    and I like the American flag!

  3. i want to buy this for my wife i give it try but nothing special armani code satin so gooooood thank you julie for thise video i appreciate what you do ,you are one of my best reviewer for women fragrances

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