Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review | Shade 3

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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 3

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hi guys today we are going to try the mother of all foundations I can't believe I haven't tried until this point it's because of the expensive price tag I'm talking about the famous famous best foundation Walt I'm playing by like so many people the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation looks like this the classic bottle very beautiful glass here and then like plastic here so on my wrist right now you can see three shades and here we have the giorgio armani luminous silk in the shade number three and then next to it we have makeup forever in y2 15 this is the ultra HD foundation and this is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation in Y 225 which used to be 117 so first before we go anywhere close to the foundation I'm actually going to use an SPF underneath my foundation today just because I am wearing it during the day today and I'm going outside and I don't want to not be protected and it has no SPF claim on the bottle so I don't think it has any SPF so we'll just kind of see how it does on top of SPF so this one I'm using is just I'll derma I got this in Paris you can get this anywhere in Europe very easily and I'm sure you can get it in the States as well just you have to probably look somewhere online I guess I will apply the foundation two ways with the Beauty Blender and a brush although I really don't ever use a brush anymore but we'll just try it out and I'm going to pump just one pump to start with and let's do the right side of my face I'm going to transfer the product onto my face with my finger and then pounce it out start with that much I have a little bit more left but we'll start with there so I have some kind of coverage it's not completely sheer which is good I really don't know that much about this foundation to be honest besides that everyone loves it also have heard that L'Oreal True Match is pretty much an exact dupe and I actually don't like L'Oreal True Match so we'll see I'm going to layer up a little bit here as you can see it definitely evened out the skin tone the color is good brush side I'm going to use the morphe m4 3:9 this is the brush that's also highly raved about so I'm just buffing it in circular motions not too abrasive Li cos I do have dry skin I don't really want to flake up my skin and this brush is incredibly soft anyway so it's not too hard to do yeah so I use about half a pump and you can see I already got a lot of coverage I do feel like it looks a little bit more dry than the Beautyblender side that's why a beauty blender is my preferred method of applying any kind of foundation um except for in some cases some BB creams or tinted moisturizers that has there are special cushions or they recommend using with finger because you have to warm it up so I'm going to just finish it off with layering it with the Beauty Blender because I have decided that personally I like the beauty blender application better I think this is pretty good um to be honest on me it looks like a semi Demi matte finish I do have to say this this foundation does really well on my dryness let's zoom in so here we go all zoomed in I think this is probably about light to medium coverage my face isn't doing too well right now but it's not the worst but you can see like doesn't look that dry up close and you know I can look really dry this is the forehead no patchiness looks pretty good pretty matte as well I mean there's a little bit of Sheen I guess but overall pretty matte I think I like it so I'm gonna finish the rest of my makeup and I'll be back hi guys I'm back with my makeup done um if you happen to be interested in what I used on my face I'll just list everything down below I use a lot of products just because I like using them back to this foundation I really like it so far everything applied on top really well not flaky it's really good and that it's very consistent all over my face some foundations look really good like maybe on the cheeks or on the forehead but like doesn't look good at all on the nose or you know like in between the brows but this one looks good every where here's my face zoomed in you can see the dryness try patchiness isn't that bad you can definitely still see texture on my skin keep in mind I didn't use like a texture evening primer or anything like that but my main concern the dry patchy nests of everything is definitely not a problem here so right now it's about 10:50 5:00 in the morning I would check back later hope it wear as well hi guys it's about 5:30 right now and I'm here for an update everything still looks pretty good so as you can see I'm getting a little bit shiny which I wasn't in the beginning of the day and since I have dry skin personally I don't really mind that you might think that this is too shiny keep in mind I did load up a ton of highlighters but yeah I mean I don't deny I do look pretty shiny I'm probably going to powder a little bit but the foundation is still stayed on pretty well let's zoom in overall still in tact you can see where my bronzer and highlight was supposed to be I'm going to just use a little bit of this Mac powder dust it when I find myself a little bit too oily just because today I'm going to be up all night really like literally all night so that's why I'm doing this typically I wouldn't really because you know it's like the end of my day already so the shine went away right after I powdered that's pretty cool and it's not really like looking bad or anything doesn't look cakey or anything like that I do really like this foundation I really didn't want to like it because it's so expensive but I do think it's a really good one and it may just become my everyday I swear it's that good worth the hype for me I can't believe it usually a tripe a high product especially with foundations they don't really work for me thank you so much for watching let me know if you've tried this foundation before and yeah please like this video and subscribe if you have it and I'll see you guys next time bye

18 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review | Shade 3”

  1. I Pray that you are the same color as I am cause I will order No3…Think 2 is too bright saw it on some vids. I'm pale but the Clinique Linen and Alabaster blend into my skin like nothing.

  2. Oh man, I just bought this foundation the other day! I haven't tried it out yet, it is in today's makeup line-up. I also have dry skin and am in the same shade 3. Just like you say I don't want to like this mainly for pricing, haha, but I also hope it looks as beautiful on me as it does on you!! It has been hard for me to find a foundation in my shade and undertone that ALSO works for dry skin…. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience, it was a helpful video! Just subscribed, can't wait to watch more from you. MUCH LOVE!

  3. How is the consistency? Watery or creamy? I hate watery foundations that's why I'm wondering! 🙂 It's quite expensive so I really hope somebody answers my question before I decide to purchase this thing lol

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