Giorgio Armani – Armani Si – Full TV Commercial

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Featuring Cate Blanchett.
see to life see to us see two son see to light heartedness see to seduction see to love seat of freedom you see to myself see Giorgio Armani

23 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani – Armani Si – Full TV Commercial”

  1. Mess cate ilove you i love you i love you
    Face you very glip and glossy
    And orgglamou rous and gladsome and glamour
    face you godlike and glave and irradiat and irritant
    Smile you very nice YOU every flowers in the world
    With my besy washes


  2. I am waiting and longing to meet my Cate….. she is unbelievably beautiful! talented, sexy, beautiful, sweet, brilliant and so humble at the same time!

    Where can I find a woman like that!? Oh where are thee? Come to meeee…..

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